Bring back the beta night!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Seaker Drone, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. TheRighteous

    Bump. C'mon they have to notice this soon.
  2. -Synapse-

    Dark nights would add a lot of atmosphere to continents like Hossin.
  3. Yarden

    Posting to support beta nights!
  4. Brayton

    Hossin would be an ambush fest.
  5. Rime

    Did we get an official reply on this so far?
    Speaking of which, where did all the clouds go? I remember in beta you could crawl from 1 place to another pretty safe while moonlight was blocked by a cloud at night.
  6. TheMonkey

    Hossin is pretty dark, especially at night. I even saw someone using a flashlight.
  7. Kilmeister

    Yes! Adding a very dark night would add so much more variety to this game. A simple change that would add so much more variety to all forms of combat and could even result in using different tactics than daytime combat.

    As it stands now, the "night" is just for atmosphere. It doesn't affect the actual combat or add any tactical choices in any way.
  8. Doc Jim

    It might just be my change in hardware, but for the last week or so, I haven't been able to see a lot at night...

    That might have been me.
  9. Zombekas

    Would be ****** up during mornings when the sun is shining right through my window, no thanks...
  10. daniel696

    I have a sugestion, the night doesn't need to be totaly dark at all time, the night is very dark after 8 9 pm, the FULLY dark night could be just for 1 or 2 hours, doesn't need to be all the time. This already would be nice :(
  11. DarkWingGB

  12. Aecius

    I fully agree with darker nights!

    As a further suggestion (I have no idea if it has been mentioned in the 50+ pages of posts, I haven't read all of them for obvious reasons, just the first 10 or so and the final few.) What if spending time in a light or dark area further enhanced the in game gamma/brightness slightly. So for example a person entering the night from an illuminated building (or after having a flashlight shining in their eyes) would suffer from night blindness, turning it into a regular "Darker night" after 30 or so seconds adapting. Similarly a person entering a bright area after having trudged through the darkness would find the lights to be very bright at first, until their eyes adjust to the regular day vision. This would be quite similar to what you experience with sudden changes in light in real life, and would add further tactical options, provided it can be implemented in a way that is not too system intensive.
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  13. FIN Faravid

    Would be wonderful.
  14. Iosef Stalin

    Play in ur closet
  15. FIN Faravid

    Like I.Stalin said, play in your closet. Also, why are not playing at night like true geek?
  16. TheHeadbandHero

    Would love to see Beta nights. Each faction could have some rad light shows with those firework launchers. :D
  17. XxNightwalk

    thanks to the beta night we could re experience a true night of strugle against the enemy and have fun

    and besides, it's just beutiful to see rockets illuminating the battlefield and it would also make flashlights usefull

    PS i'm french so sorry for the bad spelling
  18. TheMercator

    I found the problem why many think they wouldnt see anything when nights become darker: Dark textures. Right now there are many dark-colored rocks and so where the VS are nearly invisible. even in the brightest day.
  19. Spude


    Planetside 2 felt so much better during beta now it feels bit boring.
  20. TheHeadbandHero

    Fell off the first page I see. Don't worry, I'll bump you back up so all may see your glory.
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