Bring back the beta night!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Seaker Drone, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Eric Smith

    Frankly, the only problem I have with Night Fights is that I'd have to start dropping some certs into the NV scopes for my vehicles. The real night fights were lots of fun.

    As for why it was removed, I believe it was two-fold. First, I believe one of the reasons they removed it was because they felt it was too difficult for new players to adjust to, especially when some of the problems of night could be offset through the judicious use of Certs to get the right scope for their guns and vehicles. The advantage that an experienced player could leverage against a noob at night was just too much.

    The second reason was technical; I believe that through the use of contrast and gamma settings some people were able to "cheat" to make the night far less dark and thus be able to see far better than other players who left their settings alone.
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  2. Naithe

    Wouldn't it be possible to make it vary? if every night was that dark its too much, but if you made it like it is now, on a cloudless night, but dark as in the OP's video, on a cloudy night, woudln't that be great. =O

    Also flash lights should shine further then. =O (it would be balanced out by how much it makes you stand out.)
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  3. KlyptoK

    There's a difference between active and passive darkness.

    Active darkness just turns your screen grey no matter how much you pump up your gamma.
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  4. Darkaurora

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  5. Seaker Drone

    We just have to keep spreading the word! The support that everyone is showing for nights to return to Beta nights is amazing! I never would have expected this!

    Keep spreading the word everyone! Link this post to forums, tweets, youtube, facebook, reddit, everything! Let us get back our beta night!

    Some tips and thoughts that people bring up.
    1 - Vanu dark colors, just add glow to all the armor (of all factions) within a specified render distance of say 20-50 ish meters
    2 - Have the Beta darkness be the middle of the night cycle, so that it would only last for half the night (at least).
    3 - Or have night cycles be continent placement dependant; ie while esamir is night, amerish and indar would be day/ twighlight.
    4 - Re brighten the tracer fire from all projectiles, not only would people shoot at the orgin but would add that realism that comes with night battles.
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  6. Killer Llama

    I did not get to be in the dark nights in Beta but would love a real darkness. Please make nights darker.
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  7. dsiOne

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  8. Yatindra

    Agree with op. This really needs to happen. Night time game play looked stunning in beta.
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  9. pnkdth

    Beta nights is what made night fights feel epic. Tracers in the skies, explosions briefly illuminating the night, it added that X factor and made the world feel more real. It felt immersive. Please, bring it back.
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  10. Marked4Death

    I would support a darker night if:
    1. Gamma / monitor workarounds for it were made useless as described above
    2. Q was disabled at night
    3. NV was disabled at night
    Even if SOE worked around the gamma issue so people were forced into a more open playing field, using mandatory NV and playing shoot the taco doesn't interest me at all.

    For those saying they want darker nights and don't care about people using higher gamma to get around it, you can already:
    1. In game brightness to 0% (it's more of a contrast thing than brightness don't be scared to turn it down)
    2. Monitor brightness and gamma down, contrast up
    3. Video card settings brightness and gamma down, contrast up
  11. Lovepump

  12. KlyptoK

    I'm very impressed with how many views this thread has in just a few days...

    Meaning it might mean that it means something worth meaning.
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  13. sLoP0101

    Bump, +1. I also enjoyed the Beta night much more. Would be nice to see a reply from SOE.
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  14. Emotitron

    I think night vision was kind of created... for night. There just needs to be a downside to using it. For example explosions and very close muzzle flash could cause temporary blindness.

    And turning down your monitor doesn't make for night... it just makes you blind and a sitting duck. Proper night means no ambient lighting and nothing but artificial light sources. You can't fake that.
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  15. Emotitron

    Make a basic NV that is like 50 certs... bam. Problem solved. The cheat thing comes down to what vid cards can and can't be told to do. If they can tell the vid card to make everything below R15 G15 B15 into pure black, no amount of gamma adjusting would bring up the lights.
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  16. Eric Smith

    Anything that cost certs is going to be a barrier for new players who either don't know about the upgrade, don't have the certs to spend on it, or are put off by being forced to spend certs on something so essential. What they could do is just give everyone flashlights for free (does anybody buy them anyway?), so new players at least have something.
  17. Emotitron

    Maybe a default flashlight mount? I get the reasons, but what terrible reasons to nerf a potentially awesome part of the game.
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  18. Barana

    I'd go for the free flashlights. It makes sense as they're probably the cheapest of the attachments to create, and you really don't need much training to use one, so it'd make sense if it was a "standard-issue" piece of gear. It creates a natural progression too, once you've gotten enough certs, you go from a big shoot-me sign to a more covert form of NV (the scopes) which have a chance to blind you should you look at a bright light source.

    As an additional tier, there could be an "NV Goggles" Uni-cert that gives you the ability to turn NV on and off without replacing your scope/gun sight, but as a tradeoff, is more susceptible to the light-blinding because of the larger lens surface area (or something like that). It could also take up a slot in the loadout (possibly be an attachment to the helmet slot?)
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  19. Marked4Death

    That might help. I guess it comes down to what you want to get out of night fighting. For me I'd like be able to run round a bit more stealthily. If night fighting goes from somewhat dark (now) to super dark, so really everyone is just playing in high contrast B&W or black and green, then things are worse, not better IMHO.
  20. dsiOne

    Suggestions for NV: Make it more realistic, NV actually requires some light to work, so if, say, you destroy the lights inside a building making it pitch black, your NVs still won't work (unless someone turns on their flashlight). Make it noisy and fuzzy like real NV, edges should be less sharp and apparent than without NV. Large quick changes in brightness (say, a flashlight flashing on and off, or an explosion in your face) should burn into the screen for a portion of a second. (every bright thing is like a flashbang on the part of the screen it shone on, duration dependent on intensity and time on screen, muzzle flash = scale of milliseconds each, staring at a flare/flashlight = seconds, glancing at either, fraction of a second)

    NV should only really shine when there is a combination of intelligent usage on the wearer's side, and a lack of defensive tactics on the enemy's side, they're a tool, not an advantage. Flares, head/flashlights and complete pitch black darkness should be your worst enemy as an NV user. But if you're sneaking around with flash suppressed weapons in the moonlight, you should be able to see pretty clearly for a good distance, and able to sit and sift through the noise to see very far away.

    Combined with anti-gamma/brightness exploits like this: [IMG]

    You end up with deep and varied gameplay at night. Do we not take flares and instead use NV and flash suppressors to take our enemy by surprise; or do we fire flares and shine flashlights to blind their NV while we move in? When we take out the generator (and the lights go off), some parts of the interior (underground/windowless) will become pitch black, impossible to see even with NVs on without some form of light source, making the generator even more important at night. Add some form of soft lighting placed by players, like chemlights or something, and you add the dynamic of "lay down just enough for our NV to work, or keep it as dark as possible to negate their NV", things like that.

    Also, IMO, all these things should have their own charges (and recharge during the day or at equipment stations), on the range of tens of minutes, but still there. Making prolonged assaults harder at night without good support/hackers.
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