Bring back the beta night!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Seaker Drone, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Seaker Drone

    I know I am not alone out there!
    Make headlights and flashlights viable again!
    Make tracers light up the sky like in beta (That is the number 1 reason I joined this game was the night fights/ tracers flying).
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  2. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Agreed, completely.
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  3. Chicken Wings

    I don't think anyone would be against this. *holds breath until someone is against this*
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  4. Yogzototh

    The night combat used to be gorgeous.

    Whoever made the decision to change the night effects should be hit in the nuts repeatedly until he realises how wrong he was. I am pretty sure it did not come from the community, did it?
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  5. D-Spirith

    And let the NC soldiers blaze with light!
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  6. Bibibla

    Unfair for new player who didn't cert into IR/NV on all their vehicule and weapon, and don't play Vanu either.

    At least, flashlight has a drawback.

    If high luminosity was detrimental to NV, why not : blinding an NV user with a flashlight would be quite interesting... (no flashlight beats flashlight, flashlight beat NV, NV beats no flashlights)

    But NV can even be used in broad daylight!

    And in the end, IR would own everything. I can't think of a drawback.
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  7. Drago55577

    Daylight. The infra red coming off of hot ground would screw with IR, i guess?

    Also, agree with OP.
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  8. Skypebble

    I agree, we need the real dark nights again. And IR should ONLY be usable at night! I don't understand why they keep it like this.
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  9. Lovepump

    Yes, with the help of my MAX flamethrower! ;)

    Think of if, to view The Crown from a distance at night. You see tracers going in and out from that Tower of Darkness when suddenly a drop pod flash down as a small comet on top of it. Soon the chat is filled with outraged "W-T-F!111" and then you can see all these tiny lights running around the tower followed by an occasional belch of flames that produces even more tiny lights that turn the whole scenery into one giant, animated xmas tree.

    It will be glorious.
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  10. Mstin

    I'm pretty bummed about the lightening of night.
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  11. tdawgz

    Nights now are completely laughable, having darker nights would make the game 100% better. +1
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  12. gzero

    I want this.
    Night in this game has the potential for amazing moments and stories, imagine you and your squad rolling out a a sunday in Amerish; upon entering the valley-like mounts you get ambushed by those damned sneaky Vannu hiding in the nooks of the rocks, you know how these things end.:)
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  13. Alien51

    Anyone have video or pics of the Beta Night?
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  14. gzero

    This was actually edited to be alittle brighter because youtube's compression can sometimes make things look utterly BLACK.
    To get a better feel I reckon watching at 720p or 1080p
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  15. Seaker Drone

    Wow it is nice to see some really strong support here!
    If we keep this up SOE may actually bring back night.

    I to have yet to find someone who does not want the beta night back.
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  16. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Truth be told,

    I don't believe you'll find many opposed to such. There are some technical gripes from a minority regarding night, but in all honesty...the only individuals at a disadvantage are those who want to experience night in all its glory. So...might as well exploit the engine and go all out with nights, and let individuals decide how they want to experience the game during these points themselves.

    Lets take this game as far as we can.
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  17. ArmchairWarrior

    I agree with this wholeheartedly
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  18. Otulien

    The beautiful night in the trailers is what brought me into the game. Shame that it wasn't there we I got into it.

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  19. Chicken Wings

    *is blue from holding breath*
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  20. Siveon

    Night-time should be truly dark, flashlights are a joke in this game just like headlights.
    Night-Vision should should be blinding during day-time.

    Infantry should have regular NV. (should not see through smoke)
    Vehicles should be the ones using IRNV.
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