Bring back GU07 Missile Trajectory

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  1. TheBloodEagle


    For the longest time G2G Lock-On missiles would go directly to target no matter how you aimed, but after GU07 Lock-Ons received a new & interesting mechanic where the missile would fly a few meters where you aimed and then track & turn towards target. This brought into the mix a new tactical approach to how you could hit a target, and dare I say, added some level of skill (or rather planning, coordination, prudence) to Lock-Ons. But now, in GU08, this has been removed almost entirely.

    I've been a avid user of the default launcher (ML-7 for TR) since beta and don't currently own a G2G launcher. I was waiting for this kind of change/mechanic for a long time and was excited to finally have something more refreshing, even if lock-ons have a stigma. But I was worried it would be changed and it has, although I almost heard no one talk about this cool change, which even allowed for top-down attacks.

    I feel like this should be put back into GU08 because of the recent tank buffs. Tanks needed this buff for a long time. But I believe this mechanic would have worked out perfectly with the buffs and added a good calculated & thoughtful way to engage those targets (on an individual level).
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  2. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Yes please, it was the only thing that made the lock-on launchers even remotely fun. I still don't understand why they'd introduce a new, engaging mechanic only to later implement a dumbed down version.
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  3. TheBloodEagle

    Some people are mentioning that the missiles now guide themselves over the landscape automatically. I have not been able to test it on moving vehicles myself, only VR. Can someone confirm? I feel like, if true, this further creates a stigma about the potential of the G2G missiles. I don't like that the missile does even more work on its own, if true. I'm hoping we can bring back the GU07 trajectory, which was a lot more satisfying to use.
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  4. Jalek

    I thought it was a different mechanic for the ES launchers, like the Hawk, Grounder, Nemesis, etc.
    At least it sold a couple of HA bundles I would've otherwise skipped until I played with them in VR.
    More redundant weapons, back to the decimator for higher damage when shooting rocks.
  5. The Fizz

    they change it because people complain here on the forums and they listen to the complaints.
  6. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Well, I'm not so sure that's accurate in this case because it seems like most people didn't even know the lock-on's were funtioning this way. I myself don't remember ever seeing any complaints about the lock-on changes. In fact, the only threads I saw mentioning the change were created just after the patch went live and those were just to say "Hey, this is new.". After that, nothing.
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  7. Llaf

    I've been noticing this as well. I've had several striker rockets hit a target that I thought I had no chance of hitting, but the missiles looked like they detected the terrain and avoided it to reach the target.
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  8. mooman1080

    I believe it was changed because if you locked onto a tank, then fired upwards above the tank, the rocket would loop back around and hit the tank's rear armor.
  9. MangoPunch

    Pretty much this.

    We've wanted missiles to glide a bit before arcing towards the target since beta, but in GU07 it was a bit much. Now it's virtually the way it was before 07. It should really be about halfway between what it is now and how it was in GU07.
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  10. DrSNAFU

    What a ham-fisted way of fixing that exploit. Why not just have the launcher lose lock if you angle away too much? You shouldn't be able to fire way up and get the missiles to do that, but curving them a little would certainly add nuance to the lock on launchers.
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  11. Rubius

    I like the change, because the GU07 trajectory was broken. I would take cover behind a big rock and would still get destroyed by TR missile launchers. Do you honestly think it's fair to be able to hit people through walls with missiles?
  12. St0mpy

    I dunno is it fair enough to compare it to Phoenix launchers which are far more useful for hiding behind a rock hitting people completely out of LoS?
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  13. TheBloodEagle

    Oh neat, when I tested it a bunch of times in VR, if I did it dead on without purposely trying to hit the rear it would usually just hit the very top armor. It didn't quite curve back to hit like in your video. Either way, with the tank buffs, specially to rear armor (not really worth attacking from the rear anymore), this mechanic wouldn't have done much, but the functionality was more fun & thought out. Plus with the inclusion of the Harasser & more vehicles generally around now (because of buffs), I think this mechanic would of been perfect to leave in to at least test and see if it needed to be removed or not. Right now was the perfect opportunity for this mechanic to be worthwhile. At this point, for an individual, the Decimator is the better choice and/or default, just to do more damage to make a difference to a vehicle without having to be attached to the hip to 10 other people. But the non-ESL's had a chance to do their duty in some capacity while still being satisfying. It's a shame. I'd really love for the mechanic to come back, even if, as you mentioned, it's a half-way between GU07 & 08.
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  14. Jalek

    Now if you aim away with a lock, it looks like the rocket goes out the side of the launcher in a straight line at the target. Awesome.
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  15. TheBloodEagle

    Yesterday, I had a weird moment when testing the Anni where it spazzed out on the ground next to me instead of going to target. Still hoping to get the GU07 mechanic back.
  16. Knarfis

    I completely agree with this tread. I tested this out with my G2A launcher. Never seen or knew of a rocket being able to turn as fast as it does right out the launcher then slowly turn while chasing an ESF. This change makes no sense. Furthermore, before the change I was able to anticipate the upcoming obstacle(s) my rocket would have to deal with while chasing its target, therefore I would allow the rocket enough room to maneuver around those objects. Either allow us to have the previous mechanics (which are more on par with reality) or allow our rockets to turn and maneuver as they do right out of the launcher for the duration of its flight.

    I can understand the reasoning for changing this for the ground lock on's per the video posted above, but what was the point for changing the Air to Air rocket mechanics. This just not make any sense.

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  17. Zaik

    uh, you guys DO know you were always able to do that, it just didn't have that short straight flight before tracking the target, right?

    I remember back when I used the crow I would lock on, look straight up, jump, and then fire to get the missile to not fly directly into the ground.
  18. TheBloodEagle

    That isn't what we are talking about though. What you were doing is a workaround, which still is subpar to how it worked in GU07. What I'm talking about is actual launcher mechanics, where the projectile would fly exactly where you aimed a couple meters, at least 15m, and then turn towards your locked target.

    I have a feeling most people had no idea about the GU07 missile trajectory change because the main focus was on ESL's.

    I think it would of worked within reason especially now that the Harassers are in. I just wish it was still in because now was the right time to test this mechanic. Seems like most had no idea about it pre-GU08.
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  19. Tanelorn

    +1 internets for OP. I made a thread on this in the bugs forum. Hard to describe verbally but the illustration says it all.
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  20. Duvenel

    Edit - Post no longer relevant