Briggs sever downtime 12/1

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Hey guys, Briggs is down for the count 12/1 7:00pm/ pacific time. Will let you guys know when it's back up. Thanks!
  2. ProperBo

    Thanks for the heads up. Good luck on fixing it!
  3. Forky-05

  4. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Well thats freaking great the only time i have spare time time to play on a weekend and its ******* down again! I cant believe this crap!
  5. DJSEAN00

    Whats wrong with it
  6. Maxi'sProteinPowder

  7. Blackbook

    If you'd of paid for this game someone somewhere might give a crap....

    what a nümpty
  8. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    dick face ive already smashed $150 on this you jerk so wake the **** up you troll and **** off! You non paying pricks might as well start another thread and talk crap over there
  9. Terkoz

    And this smarty pants comment might have meant something if a large percentage of the players hadn't spent $40+ already to play this game.

    That being said I'm not upset with them. These things happen and they are already working on the problem.
  10. Trignite

    I bought a boost, does that give me permission to be mad? I don't really care if its just a short while but i hope its back up soon.
  11. GrumpyArse

    I can log in, no problem there, but I get disconnected after about 3 mins roughly.. on Briggs
  12. DJSEAN00

    fix the ******* game
  13. Aussie

    2 minutes exactly