Briggs Server Just Crashed and is Now Unavailable

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BeyondNInja, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. BeyondNInja

    Does this mean its being fixed, or is it finally being put out of its misery?
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  2. BeyondNInja

    UPDATE: The forums now say "Investigating a potential issue on the Briggs server".

    We know the problems exist, can we please transition to the "Fixing a well-documented and game-breaking issue with the Briggs server and preparing to compensate our loyal subscribers who haven't received the 'premium' service they pay for for several months" phase?
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  3. RadarX

    We are currently looking into an issue with Briggs. Thanks for being patient with us!
  4. Destroyer7000

    Could we have an ETA, or is the problem unknown?

    Thanks for working on it as fast as you always do!

  5. BeyondNInja

    Thankyou for your prompt response Radar.

    I guess I'm just frustrated that I decided to subscribe just before Briggs hit its worst month performance and login-wise in over a year.

    Loginside only bothers us because we care enough about the game to want to play it.
    Start worrying when we stop complaining because then you'll know that the AUS/NZ/SEA players have given up on Planetside.
  6. redshirt

    lol /facepalm
  7. Mooge

    Still can't login to Briggs although it appears up and populated. Any news?