Briggs server already dead

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunshooter, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. gunshooter

    For the first week or so it was mostly great, in primetime every battle at a tech plant/amp station/bio lab was populated.

    But recently it's just been awful. I have seen major base captures during primetime (6pm-12am) with 5 people unopposed. 90% of the time when I hot drop into a major base that's being attacked, there's like 5-10 enemies there. I just hot dropped into a tech plant a little after midnight, there was maybe 10 NC there vs me and 1 other person and they captured a ******* tech plant with 10 people total.

    We have 5v5 Bio lab deathmatches and 2v2 Tech plant captures. I'm not even making this **** up. Briggs is practically a ghost town in comparison to the other servers I play on, even our Crown stalemates (which is usually where everyone on the server is at) have like 100 people total. Maybe once or twice a day is there an actual battle, it's pathetic.
  2. Raziel2047

    yup briggs is so dead. Guess counting on australians to fill the server is a mistake. They should have put the server somewhere else instead. Oh well time to hop back in to the US server :p
  3. Mohd Faris

    Maybe all Australian players is sleeping [IMG]
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  4. gunshooter

    Maybe they are now but they weren't at the times I was playing earlier today.

    The American servers have more players off-peak than Briggs has on primetime, probably by like 5x.
  5. Mrcod

    For a good time join Connery.
  6. Pwnstarr

    University finals
  7. NevilClavain

    Same thing seems to be happening on Waterson and that's a US server. I may be wrong but it seems really empty. Some big groups from time to time move from continent to continent but it's nowhere near full. There used to be wait times to get on and I actually prefer that to an empty server.
  8. breezy808

    Yeah Connery has a lot of action just don't play NC on it for the love of god your frustration level will increase dramatically
  9. Apina

    For the love of God, we need megaservers! (Elder Scroll Online)
  10. Thagyr

    I see enough battles on Briggs to keep me happy and it is the only server I play on. If you compare Australian servers to Americans than obviously we would have less people compared to them. They got 15 times the population of Australia and their gaming population barely sleeps (Least the ones I keep meeting).

    Plus the whole Briggs Server shenanigans probably don't help much.
  11. Duckforceone

    how can briggs be dead?

    when my aussie friends in my outfit are playing, the server is quite full....
  12. Dragonzord86

    actually, briggs is fine. It has alot of people playing, daily.
  13. gunshooter

    Yes i'm sure you have a great time zerging empty bases with your outfit and taking undefended bio labs and tech plants. However some of us actually want BATTLES. There are not the advertised huge battles on Briggs with any sort of regularity.
  14. Babylon Rocker

    this this and this, the server structure that ps2 has may work for a traditional mmo but obviously not for ps2, but i guess its too late for SOE to switch now :(
  15. zverofaust

    Wait wait wait

    You're telling me that a server dedicated to a continent with a mere 22 million people

    Is less populated

    that a server dedicated to a continent with 500 million people????.

    no this can't be right this doesn't make sense

    protip: maybe if australia didn't exist on the complete opposite side of the world from literally the rest of civilized humanity you guys wouldn't have these problems (along with your ****** global internet)

    this is not SOE's fault or the game's fault, what do you expect them to do? ship you 200 million americans to live in australia and pad out your server population?