Briggs is Broken for me...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TheHolyCow123, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. TheHolyCow123

    So...I've been trying to log in on Briggs for ~1hour

    My Situation:
    > Open Planetside
    > 15+ Minutes is spent trying to "Log In"
    > Then, the game just closes by itself...

    This has happened to me three times in a row...
    So now...I'll just go play something else!

    But seriously, PLZ FIX!~
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  2. F1na1

    same for me man. 5 login attempts with same result.
  3. redshirt

    Yea im on my 5th attempt now, been trying for just over an hour. gg SOE
  4. siresteelhell

    running again now (was on log screen for 20 mins) laggy tho
  5. F1na1

    i cant even login. SOE is amazing, i love them sooooo much
  6. Voodum

    3 attempts to log in tonight (all around 5-10 mins with crash to desktop). Got in on the 4th attempt (also 5-10 minute wait), played for 10 minutes then game froze and crashed again. Must have kicked adorable kittens for a living in a past life to and paying for it now :confused:
  7. DevDevBooday


    Another casualty in the struggle with Briggs!

    End this suffering SOE, we need you, we pay you and we arent a priority?

    Why hath thou forsaken us?
  8. GenDesperado

    so I pay my sub but cant use my server. I can get into us connroy server in less than 2 seconds. but briggs takes 15mins SOE are you ever going to fix this or are you wantning to piss us off so we go to BF4 come on
  9. Itorbeh

    For the love of f*%#ing god, fix this ****.

    Half of last year the game didn't work while my yearly subscription went to waste (you guys STILL refuse to admit you have a problem with some 570GTX cards) Upgraded to a 290X..

    Didn't get notice of my yearly sub being renewed, nearly screwed over my christmass time...

    This whole year logging into Briggs has been mission impossible....

    Fix the crap already, I honestly don't care what the hell you guys have to do (new server host, move it to New Zealand if it means we can log in and play smoothly if you have to). Just stop dragging this log in crap longer than it has to.
  10. Sahbahkah

    Yeah Im about over this, been member since release and just want to go to another server. Weapons purchased with certs should transfer and id be out
  11. lesserbob

    I dont like doomsaying and threats...but FFS!

    Apparently (according to SOE) it has low population. But still, I sit in this login screen, never connect and (apparently) crash before connecting. Again and again and again....

    Well, not again. Im going to go an play something else now, Im a bit over watching a login screen for an hour.

    I dont want this to be a "fix it or I will never play again" threat. I will play again, when you fix whatever the hell is wrong with Briggs!. But genuinely, Im not going to waste my gameplay time looking at a login sreen. Seems pretty bad.
  12. Celeris

    Not sure how you managed it, but this supposed "fix" you bought Briggs down to implement, has made things WORSE. Next week you muppets will turn around and tell us "Briggs pops are now too low, so we're going to roll you guys into <insert server name here>". Proving that all along that this was a calculated plan by you evil bastards to get out of having to maintain an Australian server.

    FU SoE, FU
  13. Li3ber87

    Yep, whatever you guys did the other day when you took Briggs down for maintenance just broke things even more. On my fourth attempt to log in atm, most I ever had to put up with before was three. Revert those changes if possible please, this is ridiculous :s

    P.S. 5th attempt now, about to reach the 50 minutes mark
  14. Forkyar24

    join the club, usa servers are doing the same thing
  15. Itorbeh

    Just reporting back to say that I was briefly able to play at 4:30 am for about ten minutes before I had to go to sleep.. don't know how much time I wasted hoping to get in.

    Almost fell into doing the same thing again today hoping the quickfix was working.. It's not.
    Don't roll the server until you fix it and see what the actual population would be like if people could log in, I promise you there is probably a hundred people out there who don't complain for every one that does.... the others are just doing what I should have done and jumped into something else --_--
  16. KO-tic

    SOE's attitude towards this problem is disgusting me

    It like they dont care anymore

    especially after radar said I quote "not a priority"

    ~SOE is up there with EA~
  17. Miskaton

    Every person I've spoken to is reporting 2-5+ minute login times and multiple crashes during the login process. The situation has severely worsened over the past few days. I would now consider Briggs borderline impossible to log in to during prime time, whereas up until about a week ago it was merely obtusely difficult (you could generally get on during prime time after half an hour or so of trying).
  18. JumbaJuice

    Compensation for the missed dailies would be appreciated. Then compensation again for the frustration and ******** we're constantly going through just to play a game.
  19. GotCerts