Briggs is broken again - what a shock!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ian_M, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Ian_M

    Cannot login. When waiting was disconnected.
    That never happens on Briggs
    (Well its Sarcasm)
    Will the server ever be fixed.
    Anyone else with the same issue?
    Just went to and 0% packet loss.
  2. Swarmnog

    Yeah, cant get in now in earlier tonight though somehow
    The server has been super fiddly for me in the last week, usually having to wait a couple of minutes before it would finally log in
  3. DyslexicSpartan

    It only happens at the end of the alert because all of the 4th faction players switch side. Try to get into briggs in about 10 mins and you should get in straight away
  4. theholeyone

    Not just Alerts, it's been about 5minutes anytime after 730 AEST all week, and currently our whole squad is having 10mins+ login times.

    This is the time for tech support.
  5. wtflol123

    omfg i just got on and cant play because of this login. this happens at least HALF of the times, and it's being happening ever since i started playing a few month ago. why are they busy nerfing stuff and making a new continent when it's issues like this that needs to be fixed?
  6. Rougey

    Wooooo been trying to log in since 8pm, no dice!

    I wish I didn't buy my goddamn membership in six month blocks. I've played less and less of the game of late, all because of this. Somebody better pull their blood finger out - this is worse than Briggs was on release.
  7. redshirt

    Yea also having insane login times STILL O_<
  8. Purg

    Same here - this has been happening for months now, prime time and either very long login times or no login is just going to kill the game in Australia.
  9. redshirt

    grrr 15 minutes to get in. Less than 2 minutes in game disconnect.
  10. Rougey

    GOT IN!

  11. AlmostTerrible

    I got in eventually. After a full 5 minutes waiting...

    Then I get disconnected after 3 minutes of fighting a max. Awesome.
  12. Blackinvictus

    Noticed its been bad about the last week. I figured it was tied to alerts and 4th factioners.

    I thought maybe I was in some kid of que but from what I can see above, subscribers are having just as long wait for log in times.

    Man I sure wish I could only b*tch about population inbalance like the old days. Now its crashing, stuttering fps drops and these GD log in times. Sigh...