Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghosy01, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Ghosy01

  2. Ghosy01

    nvm i logged in after 10 tries
  3. MykeMichail

    I can't get in...
  4. LameFox

    Must be the login server because briggs itself is up. Maybe that new thing they added which we have to pay tax on is 'helping' or something.
  5. Sen7ryGun84

    Hi SOE! Its me, Sen7ryGun. I just dropped by to let you know I'm paying you money every month out of the goodness of my heart and it would be really nice if you FIXED YOUR F*CKING GAME.

    That is all.
  6. Shasbot

    It worked for me after 5 minutes or so of "LOGGING IN..."
  7. Ghosy01

    i tried 15 times to get it to wrok
  8. Sen7ryGun84

    Bump for justice. This has been going on for days now.
  9. Finnegann

    Yeah sorry, this is getting really old really fast. It's fine during the day, gets to this time of night and it goes screwey. Half the time it takes so long to log in you end up getting disconnected from the server. Shouldn't have to log in, go away and watch tv and come back periodically to see if you've managed to log in to briggs or got disconnected instead.
  10. ACE McFACE

    This issue shouldn't exist.

    That's the most negative thing I've said on these forums.
  11. SgtBreastroker

    I can get in, it just stays on "Logging In" for about 5 minutes before actually loading my game.

    Briggs has been acting very weird since the stealth update.
  12. TrashManCan

    You lot keep breaking Briggs. Try and be nice to it!
  13. Evil Monkey

    I believe Briggs is on Telstra.

    Why is everyone so confused as to why it breaks?