Briggs dies again

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DJSEAN00, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Decker001

  2. Flacker

    The server down is the reward! Does the staff know about the outage by the way?
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  3. SpottyGekko

    It may be cold comfort, but the 2 original EU servers (Miller and Woodman) are having plenty of issues as well.

    Just got the system message "Server shutting down in 0:10 seconds. Reason: Invalid string". I had enough time to read the message and laugh, and then we were disconnected :D
  4. STABB

    I know that SOE is working hard to fix this but you have to think that SOE is starting to say W T F is going on with Aussie ISP's.

    Plus the fact that I had this guy lined up and was about to kill him, it could have been the shot of the century if only....... Personally I blame the Dropbears they have always been jealous of the fact we play online games and they have to stay in the trees

    But I'm hanging in there I'm sure they will get it all sorted out sooner or later I just hope its sooner.
  5. Baelfour

    Every game has teething issues, this one seems to have a lot of promise. I'm sticking with it.
  6. MykeMichail

    Wondering who was there when TR/Vanu/NC all managed to converge on the same sector.

    I was in Teamspeak with a bunch of my NC allies and 1 guy from Vanu, and he goes "I've got a massive armored column headed there. See you there". Then I said to my squad "Oh wow that's so many tanks. I can see them moving in from the north.

    Then I realised that the Vanu should've been coming in from the south, walked over a hill and... holy crap.

    NC was in the middle of Vanu and TR all converging on the same spot.

    Epicness followed.
  7. Hilander

    Server is down again, yes. But they're working through it. I would be far more inclined to start getting annoyed right about now if SOE's communication wasn't so damn brilliant. They've really got me on side it's more like a 'we're in this together' type atmosphere than a 'damn SOE is screwing us!' type thing.

    The game is awesome. SOE is on side. These server teething issues will soon be a thing of the past.
  8. Hilander

    Anyone in yet?
  9. AltMelodium

    Yes, but pretty much instant d/c
  10. Minkie

    It was up for a few minutes, then died again.
  11. Hilander

    Ok I just got in and as soon as I did an announcement went out that in 5 minutes the server would shut down for another 2-3 minutes for a quick update which would improve performance.

    So the upshot is, we should be ready to rumble in 10 minutes.
  12. daveee

    yeah, hopefully it wount be for too long
  13. Hilander

  14. Mazzio


    3 minutes before the server restart @ NC warpgate. GALAXY PILE
  15. boarface

  16. Mazzio


    You can never have enough pictures of this thing!