Briggs AU lag, bad lag.

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  1. Sky_collapsed BL

    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this post, so mods, move it if need be.

    Anyway, there's some horrendous lag on Briggs AU as of late, been like it for a few days.

    Had bad hit detection, died behind cover etc.

    When will the lag be fixed? It's certainly not my connection before anyone tries brining that up, my friends are having same problems.

    Briggs AU is in dire need of some good TLC to fix things up as it is getting very tiring all these bad hit detection dying behind cover etc.

    Please fix it.
  2. StJimmy93

    Seems to be linked to the difficulties logging into the Briggs server.
  3. Sky_collapsed BL

  4. Kid Gloves

    My advice:

    Play on a different server. Briggs is 'not a high priority' for SOE to fix. :(
  5. Sky_collapsed BL

    Wouldn't that require making a new player though? And unlocking everything all over again.

    They are currently doing maintenance on briggs, so am hopeful that things will get better.
  6. KnightCole

    Ya know, another cause of the noticeable increase in lag on all servers? It coincides with the noticeable increase in suspicious and cheaty behaviour. All those outside programs loading in with the game bogging down the server and game even more. Notice it didnt used to be so horrid, but overtime, it increases. More and more people come to hte game, find out they suck and go for the easy way out and DL those lags more, game becomes more and more unfun...people quit, game dies.
  7. Kid Gloves

    Briggs is having it's own special problems, due to issues with the connection between the game server and the player data server. It's resulting in login times that often exceed 5 minutes and can exceed 10, and also causing some mega hitching / lag spikes in-game due to the game essentially stalling as the game server tries to communicate with the player data server and fails.

    It's a nasty problem, and it's got to do with a combination of changes to the way the player data stuff is handled (coinciding with the death screen changes, which makes some sense) - and the simple fact that some idiot went and put the Pacific Ocean between the game server and the player data server.

    So while there is probably some impact from what you're describing, the situation specifically with Briggs is:

    1) really bad, to the extent that the server is haemorrhaging players
    2) unique to Briggs

    But it's not something SOE can simply wave a magic wand at to fix - I'm fairly sure SOE doesn't like that Briggs is losing its community, and they're no doubt aware they're going to have a bit of work to do to bring people back once the problem goes away.
  8. Sky_collapsed BL

    Interesting. I knew Briggs had issues, but damn.

    Yeah, login issues are starting to infuriate me, you'd think with it been an AU server they'd have the server in Sydney or Melbourne or something.

    I'd be laughing with joy if they had the server in Melbourne since I get around 30ms to Melbourne servers.

    Anyway they seriously need to sort out the login issues and than the hit detection/lag and random lag spikes.

    Oh, I'm having login issues as of now and I was going to bring that up in 30 minutes if it was still happening but thanks good Sir, you explained the problems better than what I would have.

    If I knew Briggs was such a bad server before making my Character I would have selected a dffferent server, but now that I've invested over hundred hours into my Briggs char I'm not going to bother grinding for those unlocks again so if Briggs dies than I'll probably not bother playing the game.

    I still get some good battles on Briggs but it takes longer than it used to, on or near release date for Briggs AU It was very speedy finding good battles to join, but nowadays I find it takes around 20-30 minutes to get a good battle going.
  9. F1na1

    Briggs is kaput.
    Just waiting for the community to rise up again.
  10. RHYS4190

    we had nearly 1000 players at one point during the long week end not to shabby. as for population this game got enough going on to be entertaining with low numbers it really not that different from any other FPS

    I doubt briggs is a low priority, though it will get fixed when it get fixed and there probuly still working on it.
  11. Kid Gloves

    Briggs server is in Sydney.

    Briggs is having problems right now, but this is not a normal state of affairs. It'll be solvable, and once solved it'll go back to the way it was - and all will be fine.
  12. Sky_collapsed BL

    Ahh I see..

    Well the lag and login issues have very annoying.

    Dunno when the login issues will be fixed so they don't occur. I wanted to play tonight but the login issue was super annoying and diminished my desires of playing.
  13. Paperlamp

    Briggs is just gonna be the first server to go it seems like. I'm sure SOE is aware of the situation but it may not be viable/profitable to even repair it at this point. Seems it's been a long time players have been complaining about it right? A month at least?

    Logged in to test out some straight pull bolt, saw lots of low level ex-Briggs players playing weird hours on Connery lol. I knew they were Briggs because they said they were in chat. :]
  14. F1na1

    we have an incursion on connery right now, about 15 briggs players curb stomping
  15. Sky_collapsed BL

    Nooo, it can't die, than I'd have to get all my unlocks again.

    And I ain't paying for them, I have better things to spend money on like a new gaming rig or even a new motorbike.
  16. DiabolicalDerper

    I don't know if anyone else has been finding this but on Briggs everyone seems to play on Indar almost all of the time which can get freakishly boring. This doesn't seem to be a problem on the other servers but I am not sure, it might be. I watch a lot of planetside 2 content on Youtube and the videos tend to show people are playing on Esimer and Amerish a lot of the time (on the other servers of course) which is sad because you look at Esimer and Amerish on Briggs and see the biggest battle on either continent has maybe 12 players in total. I was wondering if there is a way that SOE could encourage the players on Briggs to play on Esimer, Amerish and eventually Hossin when it comes out?

    If you have any suggestions leave them bellow.

    (If players DO actually play on Amerish and Esimer on Briggs and I am just on at the wrong time please let me know)
  17. Pikachu

    Briggs should have map rotation.
  18. DevDevBooday

    Briggs needs players before it starts spreading them around. The login issues have already reduced our pop by a third.

    They need to fix login, then hopefully players will return.

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  19. iXaNx

    LoL some part of me thinks SOE is trying to kill briggs to reduce costs, be it they leave or merge into connery
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  20. DiabolicalDerper

    Agreed. I have been noticing the login issues as well, really badly in fact and they are a pain in the ***. I contacted them about the continent population issues a while ago when the login issues weren't around and they said and I quote "Tell people you will give them cookies if they play on Briggs!"