Briggs after action report

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  1. Killahertz

    Made a forum account just to express my thanks for the effort SOE have put into addressing the login problems on Briggs. Good job, guys!
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  2. Gleerok

    Thats transparency!
  3. Gleerok

    Well, at least after that sstorm they posted one huger open letter anyways :p, I see that as a very positive thing.
  4. DarkVoidBoy

    Just in case it hasn't already been looked at: verify the reliable transport you built in properly deals with packets arriving out of order. If it isn't dealing with that properly, it's going to have very similar symptoms to "normal" (never made it there) packet loss, but all the usual packet/interface/connection counters won't show lower numbers compared to the transmit side. Apply a similar train of thought if you're using a jitter buffer or similar mechanism.

    Excellent communication; keep it up.
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  5. Psyten

    Thank You
  6. Forkyar24

    that is not their problem, you cant force players to play on 1 empire just so you can get what your self entitled self wants in this case even pop, good luck with that buddy.
  7. NovaAustralis

    Now THIS is way better than "we're having technical issues".
  8. Wgtnoptom

    Me too - and I'm from New Zealand with the same issues that really impacted on my enjoying PS2. A much happier Kiwi now!!!
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  9. Dr. Curiosity

    Agreed. While I know that it's sometimes hard to stop and explain just what's going on when you're elbows-deep in networking code spanning multiple timezones, and revelations in diagnosis can come in fits and starts, I think the playerbase would have appreciated a bit more detailed information a bit earlier. It might have helped to keep a lid on the issue before it boiled over into harsh language and subscription cancellations.

    That said, mad props to everyone involved in fixing the problem, and in doing the best they could to keep Briggs alive. You are much appreciated.
  10. GotCerts

    *Sheds tears of joy*
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  11. Kid Gloves

    From what I could see, Briggs is looking good!

    Had some nice sized fights, including some visitors from Connery returning the favour from last weekend - and from what I could tell things were pretty solid!

    I'm not sure if the population spike was returning players or just Connery folks pushing the numbers up - but it was refreshing and welcome.
  12. VedaBug

    Yeah agreed! today's the first time in forever I've actually see VS win an alert (2 no less!)
  13. AshFunnyboi

    I really want to thank u for having no more Loginside for the Briggs Server A really big thank u :)
  14. Vivicector

    Well, I am happy that Briggs players have their painful issue solved more or less.

    Also, I hope that a practice of detailed throughout and honest messages will persist. You know, feedback from the company on whats going on is really helping.
  15. iXaNx

    Double EXP went derp after a server crash i think
  16. SgtStarbuck

    nice work guys!, happy to see what have you done for briggs seems good. never had any serious issue since the last update, i hope it keep good until later time!:)

    let's keep the good game on briggs!
  17. gualty

    It is for post like this one that i always call myself a "Proud" SOE customers.
    And i don't even play on Briggs.
    Me and many others will never stop appreciate your care for this game and his players.
    Keep it up.
    Best wishes.
  18. Crankit

    That's the honesty that we deserve. It's a shame it took so long for it to come out, but thankfully it has, and those that count, understand. Well done, I'll give PS2 another good hit if you can keep this up ... and I'll maintain my membership as I have to date.
  19. QQlazors

    A lot of people say Planetside 2 is dying. They are WRONG. And this is why. SOE just further proved that they care. Thank you.
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  20. DieHard2Live3

    Now, THIS is what I like to see.

    Absolute transparency about the issue Briggs players were faced, from the CTO himself.

    Keep it up, SOE. More of this on other technical issues and my trust in you will be restored.