Briggs 10 min login

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matious, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Matious

    Please fix.


    If fixing it is too hard at least have the god damn common courtesy to offer some sort of recompense to the people who have full subs - and cannot log into the game they are paying for.
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  2. BeyondNInja

    I second this.
    I am nearing the end of my sub and every single night this long weekend I eventually gave up trying to log in at primetime.
    Some compensation would definitely be in order given a) how long this has been going on Briggs, including 2 "Premium" double XP weekends and b) that primetime is the only time when Briggs actually has enough players to be considered "Planetside"
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  3. JumbaJuice

    Spending 10-20 minutes waiting for a log in, then the client crashes. I only have the patience to try this twice before doing something else.

    Here i thought Titanfall was a waste of money... At least i can get into a game in less than 2 minutes.
  4. JP-Player

    Please fix......

    It takes more than five minutes in order to log in from Japan.:(
  5. Li3ber87

    RIP Briggs unless this is fixed REALLY soon. It was a #$%! ghost town during primetime tonight, basically one moderately sized fight per enemy faction on indar only. It's so sad to see this login issue pretty much killing this game for us Aussies and our neighbours. We had an outfit mate's friend trying the game for the first time on our teamspeak tonight. He spent over ten minutes logging in only to play a laggier-than-usual game with stuff all going on pretty much anywhere. His exact words were "Sorry mate but this is stupid. Seeya guys" :(
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  6. redshirt

    Its getting pretty damn silly. Wasted an hour of my limited free time this evening trying to login.
  7. DeviilGiirl

    Several nights in a row when I've tried to log in, each time it ends up saying "logging in..." for about 10-15 min then the game crashes. This happens like 3-4 times in a row before I even get ingame. This is ********.
    Not only that, but when I DO get to play my game crashes every single time I switch continent.
    I certainly won't be paying anymore for this game..
  8. iXaNx

    Tried logging in for 5 times , crashed all the way like no tomorrow ! the anger lingers around the neighbourhood
  9. Rougey

    cancelling my sub, GG SOE
  10. F1na1

    its a pitty even the hardcore briggs guys are saying F U SOE
  11. KO-tic

    Log in time used to be like 5 mins

    NOW IT'S like 15