Brainstorm to make NSO's more attractive.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Demigan, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. BigG

    I didn't feel like reading the whole thread and so I am sorry if someone said this already, but let them have access to faction specific gear when playing on that faction. This is mainly the only reason I didn't roll one as a subscriber. If they could use the gear of whatever faction they were playing at that time, even vehicles, I would reroll my main as a bot in a heartbeat.

    I understand if they choose not to do that because some people like rolling them as a "challenge" mode character though.
  2. GotBuds

    Agree. NSO should have reduced nanite costs, or at minimum a higher nanite acquisition rate.

    Really think the lack of empire specific weapons to be a real draw back to the whole thing. If the premise of the NSO is to enhance underpoped factions, not sure how you are going to be of any enhancement when all you can do is gun or drive light vehicles. You really aren't adding much value to the battlefield without that factions full complement of tools and equipment. Hell, give NSO reduced price on faction specific weapons and upgrades, it's not like the NSO is going to ever get 100% use out of any 1 weapon or vehicle.

    Let them be functioning parts of the battle regardless what faction they are on. It's what they are there for.
  3. Sgarv

    Having played as an NSO for the past few days, I haven't really noticed any outnumbering. In fact, on Emerald at least, the pops are usually 32-34% for each faction and rarely deviate from those numbers. The "underpop" faction I get placed on is basically random most of the time and has no bearing on gameplay. Not having any gimmicky faction weapons is a little disappointing but it's definitely not a deal breaker for me at least.
    The only thing that really stings is the lack of MBTs and ESFs. I don't know if Daybreak is going to eventually add those things but it's kind of lame having to resort to using a piddly little Lightning for armored fights or.... nothing? for air fights. If they added NS-specific vehicles then there'd be no problems. I think being able to play as a robot makes it already worth it, though.
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  4. Luna12

    This is a bug and should be mostly fixed by now. As of today you should have access to most of your common pool weapons. If any are still missing you should send a bug report.

    NSO should be able to trigger new events.

    I second the idea of the Bionics Implant IF IT IS STANDARD.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    maxes with gorgons and bursters

    also time to add some general NS weapons to maxes .. maybe a furytype and a halberdtype ...
  7. SilentSueRia

    I did send a bug report in.
    I am still missing my Engineering Turrets, ANT Weapons, Sunderer Weapons, Flash and Harasser Weapons, Constructions Modules, Turrets, Support Buildings, Structure Buildings.
  8. SilentSueRia

    I even listed the problem as a problem with items purchased and for some reason the rep changed it to "unrecognized charges." An incorrect support ticket category change like that gives me reason to believe that there is CSR malicious.
  9. Hegeteus

    Fix the bugs, for starters. Their cloak for example doesn't work, which is pretty bad on an outnumbered faction
  10. xxIMadHwKIxx

    make queues for NSOs Optional...

    either skip the queue and get assigned to the underpop faction or accept the queue and stay in the faction you last played... with the regular non-member queue.. we are Robots, thats already a Member benefit.

    also.. yes, we need more vareiety... the stock NS weapons are okayish but there needs to be more equivalents to their NC/TR/VS counterparts.

    not to mention NS specific ESF, MBT and MAX...

  11. Lucius Trio

    Making them more modular would help -- maybe give them extra implant slots to offset their ability to use faction specific weaponry?

    That way, every battle requires you make take the right implants for the right situation...
  12. Gotcha

    I can't find a fun thing to do with my NS op.... I cant even use guns on my Gal. They do ZERO damage. I have received ZERO Implants
    even when the faction I'm fighting for wins the alerts. I can't pull a silo to make a forward base. The harassers can't equip the best weapons??? This guy is like fighting with one hand tied behind my back the entire time. I thought this was about helping low pop factions. But it seems they just want us to feed kills to higher pop factions because how am I supposed to make the certs to upgrade anything this way. Every tool you need has been removed from the playbook and why? Why did they do it? What is the point!!! I don't even get exp for repping my own vehicles most of the time. I like strategy play, not much for spending entire days point clicking at enemy fighters. Once in a while I like to
    orbital strike or set up a blockade in the road. Maybe I want to battle Gal it up sometimes and defend my gal by repping and shooting the guns on top. This is stupid. I cant even help with a point hold by pulling a MAX. The cert gain is horrible now so I cant rep friendly Max. It will take 10x longer to get the certs
    I need to even be useful as infantry.
  13. Ratsle

    How about just give playing NSO a base of like +50% exp. There should be some incentive for being placed on the lowest pop ever map.
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  14. Peebuddy

    I'm surprised just how many robots I'm seeing, despite them just being introduced they seem to me only appealing to the lone wolf infantry spammer type of player. Even then lone wolfing often required an obscene amount of certs to pull off properly, which the new robot overlords are lacking.

    Is it funny though to have robots fighting for you for like a solid hour then someone goes 'Wololololo' and to my surprise my roombas start to attack me, then after a few more minutes they're back on my side again. It's kind of disorienting.

    But atm I don't really see the benefit of choosing a NSO over an alt, when announced I really thought they would be like a universal soldier where you could dump all your time and certs into at the expense of needing a subscription and forcing you on the lowest faction. Sounded like a fair exchange, but what we got is kind of lack luster.
  15. M17K02

    I play NSO since they were released and haven't played any other character since. Yes, maybe I am one of the few who enjoy playing the outnumbered faction(which is in my case Vanu 80% of the time) but I have been in the winning faction plenty of times since I started my NSO-Character. There are plenty of NS weapons to keep me entertained but those ESFs and MBTs for NS-Players need to be implemented soon.

    Also I get teamkilled a hell a lot of times. Maybe do something with the coloring to make it more obvious which faction the NSO player currently belongs to.
  16. Eternaloptimist

    I like this idea, or even just the idea of giving them more robot-relevant starter implants. That said, my NSOPs toon is now at BR20 so I will have missed out unless I wipe it and start over.

    My motivations for playing NSOPs are that it is a free new character slot and running NS weapons exclusively is different and a little bit challenging. I don't much care that it is a robot tbh but as it is, then maybe something with a little difference would be nice.
  17. Scrundle

    I have to do a spit-take whenever someone tells me the NSOs are under-equipped; NS15M2
  18. PlanetBound

    A hat shaped like a cone would look good.
  19. breeje

    they are supposed to be robots not ?

    take the headshot multiplier away and put something on there chest that gives the same damage as the headshots, just to make them a bit different
    make them run a little bit faster or slower, jump higher, remove the pain fields and instead make there screen go bananas like a EMP or so, let them carry more ammo and no medkits, give them more shield, a special weapon just for them to use, let them jump on walls, give them a new damage and health model

    everything i mentioned is a proposal to make them more robotic and different, i know a lot of game balancing and coding but it would make them interesting enough to play with them and get a all acces
  20. Purp

    Ops need a long range bolt action sniper rifle...
    Still can't participate in cortium events...

    But most importantly, we need to be able to form clans. It is so lonely out there being a machine!

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