BR 10's are more useful than BR 100's. Change my mind

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  1. Statboy

    Right now in the current meta, I would rather take a squad of low BR's into battle than high BR's. Currently high BR's try to farm certs, and maintain stats like a high KDR. This method of fighting leads to not taking risks, staying so far away from the fight that enemies can respawn and get back into the fight before it matters that you killed them, and running when you dont have a decided advantage.

    Low BR players bumrush the point, spray, die, respawn, repeat.

    And this actually is an effective tactic for capturing bases. We have near instant respawn timers, abusing that and dying in glorious battle is more effective than farming and maintaining your KDR, for the stated goal of the game. Which is conquering bases and continents.

    TL;DR low KDR players are more effective at capturing bases.
  2. InexoraVC

    I'm BR 100. I focus on objectives and I like to jump into the crowd and seed chaos.
    KDR is an evil.
    And I think I'm more useful than BR 10's.
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  3. Campagne

    BR100s know how to support even if they don't

    BR10s want to support but don't know how.

    Nothing happens but at least one tried.
  4. Clone117

    Withe current state of things having vastly superior numbers will always win the day.. The only exceptions are bullet dodging ninjas which single handidly occupy two or more full squads attention. Its a nightmare. Ppl will actively cheer when said individual is killed once.. Only to be anhilated upon their return. You know now that i think about it more ive only really experienced this while fighting vs.
  5. DarkStarAnubis

    It terms of attitude (not capabilities) there is some truth.

    Low BR take a lot more risks, die countless times without remorse and in the grand scale of things and by sheer force of numbers they contribute to shift gradually the fight toward the control point(s).

    However that's just one side of the coin. Behind the mindless rush of players dying over and over again to gain 5 meters of ground (textbook example: Biolab battles) there are individuals or small teams taking unexpected routes and reaching the points from other directions.

    Those are almost never low BR. And their small intervention can play a very big role.

    There is an interesting video (rather old) of Renz0r on YouTube about the fact PS2 meta encourages an individualistic/opportunistic behavior ("farming") as opposed to work for a greater good.
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  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Same here. If I die 10 times on the way to the point, it's still mission accomplished when getting there. But I have indeed learned over time to take a few less risks, because who doesn't die doesn't require the Medic to walk over (so they can deal with other people) or does not have to wait for respawn and walk again (thus saving precious time). And I think that is at least a bit more effective than not minding at all. :)
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  7. InexoraVC

    The most problem is the unwillingness or the absense of necessary knowledge to complete objectives. At least capture/defend.
    Remember how many time you've seen a bunch of friendlies standing near to the building with a capture point inside and pew-pewing enemies ? While the timer is ticking...
    Instead of rushing in, get to the point and make a solid foothold for further actions !
    That is why squads of veterans or objective oriented players is needed and they infulence the alerts the most.
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  8. Statboy

    I hear a few of you guys saying "im high BR, and i dont play that way" which im sure is true. It seems to be the exception rather than the rule, when a high BR plays the objective and supports. In game I just dont see it, when I look around at those taking a point with me they are almost always low BR, while I can always find a high BR on a sniper perch not effecting the outcome of the battle.
  9. Werkitten

    The beginner's reasoning is quite simple: "a group of people are running in this direction, they probably know what to do, I'll run in the same direction." And it works.

    The impact of voice chat, in my opinion, is lower than usually thought. The commander can't adequately evaluate the actions of each soldier and the guide, in fact, is reduced to delivering the desired number of players to one location. A mark on the map is sufficient for this purpose.
  10. Statboy

    Back when I would lead squads and platoons, I would tell the new guys "Dont worry about using a specific weapon or class, pull whatever you enjoy, because thats going to be what your most effective with". Then I would tell one of high BR friends, we need that armor column gone to advance, or I need one AA max up (cause 1 AA max will scare of 10 ESF's). I remember capping every base and locking continents as the only full Platoon doing this.
  11. Alkasirn

    I figure it's just more of a play style thing. It's easy to find experienced players who are very aggressive about capturing the point (see: this thread), it's also easy to find brand new players who play more cautiously and try not to bring attention to themselves. Only difference is what they enjoy.

    Though I do agree, it seems as players get more experience with PS2 some combination of the following three things happen:
    1. They use their improved understanding of the game to become more effective at the play style they already enjoy
    2. They change their play style, most likely to save their KDR for whatever reason
    3. They just up and quit, quite frankly
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  12. DarkStarAnubis

    Unfortunately, and that has been said so many times KDR is detrimental to teamwork.

    To reach an high KDR influences the playstyle unless you are godlike (I met a few of those people, not hackers but really really good and gifted players).

    And the higher the KDR, the more difficult is to maintain it on the long term so it is a kind of vicious circle.

    I am the first one to admit that without KDR I would play differently, take far more risks and ironically I would enjoy the game much more.

    Maybe people should make a petition to get rid of KDR and Death counters and replace it with a kill counter (giving a general idea about the experience gained by the player) and KPM (giving a general idea of how good/efficient the player is).
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  13. InexoraVC

    Just don't look at your KDR.

    I don't care about KDR at all and it gives me a fun. I can afford to be killed 6 times before I C4 enemy sundie. Or I can circle around making killstreaks and then easily get a knife and attack an enemy MAX.
    Say to yourself "I dont care about KDR".
    Or play for a few years to get bored of your KDR concern :)
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  14. Johannes Kaiser

    Only time I cared really about KDR was when my overall KDR hit 1.0 after learning learning learning.
    Because that meant to me that I was no longer keeping the allied Medics busy moreso than the enemy's. :)

    Also to those people who just need to stroke their KDR I recommend running with a friend who plays your pocket medic. Did that a few years back in a big Biolab fight, because my buddy wanted to test Medic and I was working on auraxing my LMGs. Think after half an hour or so I was on 76 kills and 2 deaths, and that was very much with my usual playstyle, best summed up like this:
    (Please skip to 32 seconds, seems like timestamps in links don't work here.)
    Maybe that gets you to play for objective, too, instead of hiding in the shrubbery to ambush unaware people.
  15. McToast

    One "farming" BR100 can keep 10 new BR10s respawning. I'd say he's doing his job and he's doing it well.

    KDR on the other hand is - in my opinion - no indicator of skill because KDR comparison is usually apples and oranges. A solo player will usually have a lower KDR than somebody who plays in organised platoons, simply because he doesn't get rezzed all the time. Infantry scores lower than vehicles in terms of KDR. I usually have about 2,5-3 KDR as non-sniping/non-MAX infantry while having about 4 KDR overall because of vehicle play. Just don't bother with it, it makes the game more enjoyable.
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  16. Werkitten

    If you are fighting vehicles against vehicles, on the contrary, your KDR will be lower than that of the infantry. Very often, the driver manages to leave the car before it is destroyed. I have had cases when I destroyed 5-6 units of enemy equipment in one go, but did not get a single kill.

    If you need a more accurate assessment of performance, the average experience value would be better, but even this is not a completely correct assessment .

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to ignore KDR because it is often a condition for joining the outfit. Also, for some reason many people think the average value is greater than the KDR unit, which is mathematically impossible (it is easy to calculate that, excluding suicides KDR average player in any game will always be one, but when you consider suicide a little below one).

    Also, KDR support classes are always lower than pure combat classes, but this in no way means that they are less useful.
  17. Johannes Kaiser

    Never heard of that before, although it sounds like something some poeple may do...why tho? In a (theoretically) objective-based game KDR says nothing about a player's usefulness. Sure, if you get that guy to hose down everything approaching the point, that's nice, but with noone actually dealing with the point, Sunderers etc, this kill-count-contribution is just a pointless scream in an endless void. Amplified if the person is one of the crowd who run like frak in order to evade even thze slightest chance of dying, because then they are like a gate guard leaving their post with door open.
  18. InexoraVC

    Don't ever join such an outfit. You won't have fun - they will jump from base to base just to farm not to complete objectives.
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  19. Werkitten

    This may only apply to the part of the community that belongs to my country. Before the "escalation" in the outfits of its main faction in the outfits I know, it met the requirements of the CDR by at least 1.5 or even 2. the Update changed the situation, due to the need to farm resources.
    I was very disappointed at the time because my KDR did not exceed 0.5. He was especially reduced when he tried to master the ESF and participated in every air alert for training. Now it is often about 1.4 per session, but the total will be low for a very long time, the number of deaths during the experiment period was really huge. And it will probably happen again if I can get a PC that can provide a greater rendering distance, because then I will take up ESF again. If the game doesn't die sooner, of course.

    In fact, it is not very difficult to keep KDR above 1. it is enough not to take risks and try anything new.

    As a result, I first found myself in a large casual outfit, but I didn't see any difference there with playing solo and created my own one-person outfit. The same as in the big outfit, but now I can use the resources myself. And coordination with other units was not so difficult, it is enough not to go where there is too much advantage in the forces of your faction. Quite often, there are key places in the battle where even one player on the vehicle can have an impact, for example if destroy sunderer.

    PS. In General, I have long noticed that often the attitude to games is too serious and the entertainment process is treated as a professional sport, not wanting to take those who are already at the start can not show a high result. I've never liked it, not just in video games. For example, during fencing training, I took everyone to my section, including those with poor health. In my opinion, if you are a really good coach - you can achieve results with a person of any initial level, although it may be longer and more difficult.
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  20. Statboy

    This is my point, the near insta-spawn we currently have rewards risk taking. If even 1 in 5 lives succeeds then the risk is worth it. Conversely not taking risks leads to losing bases and unsuccessful capture attempts. Give me the newb with the attitude of "I'll die gloriously in battle" over the veteran who doesn't want to take risks because of his precious KDR. Low KDR gameplay is currently superior gameplay and wins bases and alerts.

    #Proud of my 0.5 KDR
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