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  1. D-Spirith

    Greetings planetsiders and SOE crew.

    From the moment when the game has been launched i kept wondering what you get when you reach BR 100. I could only guess and imagine all possible benefits of this goal. Like some sort of special equipment, or perhaps a special camo like we had in PS1 after reaching BR25. Maybe there will be granted some additional miscs like glasses or headsets like we also had in PS1. Well, atleast something special and very specific for br100 that may distinguish you from others.
    But the thing is, i asked a guy that recently got br 100. He said exactly this: "You dont get a **** ". So you basicly just get a new title... Is that true? I would not be mad if that was true, but i would be dissapointed.

    So the questions are:
    Will there be any motivators to reach the goal?
    And will there be any satisfaction after reaching the goal?

    Your customer and planetsider.
  2. Justicia

    You shouldn't get anything for it, because farming xp shouldn't be your goal.
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  3. Morpholine

    Leveling isn't the point to this game, merely an adjunct.

    Those who fail to realize this are going to have a bad time.

    Also: BR 100 nets you a shiny new title and decal, which you can then use to measure your epeen.
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  4. QuantumMechanic

    Well, in PS1 when you reached BR40 you got ALL certs in the entire game. Which was a pretty good prize since getting to BR40 literally took years.

    As we've seen, you can reach BR100 in PS1 in 5 or 6 weeks. So, a shoulder decal would suffice I think :p
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    Yeah, the goal shouldn't be for everyone to exploit or hack so they can get BR100 as fast as possible.

    Yes the first BR100 is a Exploiter/hacker, and he was banned for it.
  6. TheEvilBlight

    He's still here...

    That said, farming the newbs on launch day puts you far ahead of anyone else who comes after, because there are no newbs to farm anymore. They left or they learned, but mostly they left. One could probably cert a fair amount into everything and with enough station cash own every gun and attachment?
  7. Morpholine

    Certifications do not stop coming in when you hit the level cap, people.
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  8. D-Spirith

    I am not talking about farming XP. I am talking about br100. Aslo i have 2 kills with a liberator if that might be a note for you. : )

    Ofcourse it is not. We play as an organised team and quiet enjoy it.
    But there still must be a satisfaction after earning br100, as for me.

    Considering a small precent of people that already got br100 - yes.
    But if i consider my "way of gaming", it will take me about 4 or even more months to reach br100.
    Btw it took me about 6 months to get br25 in PS1. : )
  9. Justicia

    If you get something worthwhile at BR100 then going quickly to BR100 is a goal, which leads to xp farming. Level shouldn't (and doesn't) matter. Shoulder decal is more than enough.
  10. QuantumMechanic

    The grind to BR40 in PS1 was crazy. It took just as long to go from BR39 to BR40 as it took to go from BR1 to BR39.
  11. D-Spirith

    It is not always like that my friend. It is not always a rush to the goal like you mentioned, for some people it may take 6 weeks, and for others it may take a year or so.
  12. D-Spirith

    I stoped at br28, then university, then job. Could not take this madness. :D
  13. QuantumMechanic

    Yeah I never got even close myself.
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  14. Metsuro


    Leveling is the most important part of ps2's overall scheme. WIthout certs you get no functionality. You can do something, but someone will do that something better then you. You'd just be an extra body for the zerg.
  15. Morpholine

    Certs could still come in for every 250 points earned, and we could completely remove the arbitrary battle rank system, and this game would be virtually unchanged.

    Rank/level has no real meaning in this game. Those exclusively chasing levels are likely to ruin their play experience.
  16. inigma

    BR100 means you've graduated farming school, and are now ready to actually play the game as it was meant to be played.
  17. DEDMON

    Not really since Cert farming continues.
  18. Morpholine

    Time to start using Gearcheck to find a raid able to carry you through the Lord Vanu fight. Must obtain his rare-drop Beamer +6, after all!
  19. Metsuro

    Every BR you gain 1 cert. Endleslly grinding certs with no way to measure progression would be boring. Therefore levels are added as the measure of time spent grinding certs. It gives you a carrot to chase... "Oh man I want to see that number get bigger!"

    Its common in any form of game that doesn't hand everything to you at the start. You need some sense that what your are doing is adding up for something.
  20. D-Spirith

    Just curious, do you state the same opinion about people that get br 100 after playing about a year?