[Suggestion] BR 100 Cert Retroactive?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Johannes Kaiser, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Johannes Kaiser

    Okay, so in today's update it was made so that every rank-up in BR (up to 100, likely not counting reset ranks) rewards 100 Certs.
    Now this has been done up to BR 15 before, and it was not retroactive. Which was annoying for basically everyone I knew, because we were "cheated" out of 1500 Certs (granted, not terribly much, but hey, it adds up) simple because we have been playing for a longer time.
    So what I am asking is this: PLEASE devs, make this now retroactive. Because if you don't, it is probably going to piss off a lot of people, for opposed to 1500 Certs, 10.000 is actually a lot that you'd be "cheating" people out of. And PS2 relies a lot on veteran players, so hacking them off might not be a good idea.
    Planetside 2 is a good game and it is fun to play, but for me personally now not having this extra gain for newer people retroactively applying to everyone else as well would tarnish my opinion, and I am normally a very forgiving person when it comes to game flaws. Having to work for every Cert while knowing newer players will get 10k of those litte buggers for free just by virtue of coming late to the party would be a constantly nagging piece of knowledge.

    And please do not take this as a threat, it is absolutely not intended to be one. The opposite, rather. It is a request coupled with a warning prediction.
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  2. FateJH

    I don't think it's a problem. As a veteran, you should know that earning certification points through legitimate means is a trivial matter.

    If you wanted to make this retroactive for anyone, BR30 should be compensated its appropriate amount. The amount of experience needed to get to BR30 is 715875. The number of certifications without bonuses during that time would be 2863 (715875 / 250 = 2863.5) , which is also close to the number of bonus certification points one would be granted by that level (100 x 29 = 2900). You would have worked to earn nearly the same amount of certs as you have been freely given.
  3. JibbaJabba

    When I began:
    No certs for ribbons/achievements.
    No certs for vehicle damage, just kills, no assists.
    No certs for air damage, just kills, no assists.
    No extra certs for headshots, ending streaks, vengeance, any of that.
    No certs from alerts.
    No boosts - at all.

    We gonna retroactive that too?

    Yeah, I think not. You had a fair deal when you earned your BR, same as I did.

    I'm running two ASP100s, An 80-90, couple 50-60s, couple sub-30s. I'm perfectly fine if I get nothing further.

    This is for the noobs. They need it. The game is mid life and doesn't have as many years remaining as it did at the start. Noobs need a jumpstart to get them access to all the "toys".

    I would rather they just 1.5x cert gain across the board. Possibly 2x.

    I can only speak for myself, but this not being retroactively applied does not make me bitter.
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  4. Campagne

    10000 certs is a lot even to a veteran.

    As a BR100-something on my main I don't really need the certs per se, but there are many things I still have yet to unlock as there is just more content than I have grind playtime.

    If I just recreated my character he'd be stronger and more will kitted out even though it would be easier than ever to get back to the same level. Why should I be punished for playing the game from the beginning? It's one thing to help new players and another to screw the veterans supporting the game. Is it not enough to have terrible new-player-retention, now we must further attempt to drive off the veteran players will this sort of thing?

    I'm a very long-term oriented player where I like to achieve "big picture" long-term goals even if the end results are pretty insignificant. I don't even know what I'd actually do with 10,000 certs right off the top of my head but I'd absolutely want them and would only be stronger for having them to invest in my character's weaknesses. 10,000 certs isn't even enough to unlock everything on one class or a single vehicle!
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  5. Demigan

    I can only agree to give certs back to players based on their level. A newbie should still get some certs, but a veteran should know enough and have enough not to need it anymore.

    I would think that up to 10.000 certs you still are working at upgrading and picking stuff. So my idea is as follows:

    Anyone below BR 49 (which is the BR that passes the 10.000 cert line) will receive certs retro-actively. However they will receive it based on how much they still need to 10.000 certs, so that someone BR 48 won't get a ton of certs while the BR 49 is looking enviously about having leveled just too soon and getting nothing anymore.

    A BR 32 with 3444 certs will receive 100 certs for each level (assuming he didn't get anything for the first 15 levels to make the explanation easier). So he receives 3200 certs extra to a total of 6644 certs.
    A BR 40 with 6193 certs will go over the 10.000 cert threshold if he receives 100 certs per level, so instead of 4000 certs he'll receive 3807 certs... Bringing his total certs up to exactly 10.000 certs. This way you give newbies the boost they need to cert stuff while veterans who don't really need it anymore (but could want some more) still need to work for their certs.
  6. AllRoundGoodGuy

    You could spend 10k on some implants and hope you get something good? For me personally, I don't have an exceptional yet, (Haven't really tried though tbh) but it could be something to spend on.
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  7. AlcyoneSerene

    Heard some infantry guns became more expensive over time, which although doesn't offset the listed lack of rewards depending on play-time, is still something. Making 100C/BR is also easy to quantify, but trying to sort through all those changes isn't. I mean, BR120 players were stuck at that rank for probably a long time before ASP finally came along. Same with implant crafting, no doubt a lot of gambling went into that until the system finally came out. There's been lack of rewards and recognition, and something simple like retroactive BR grant would be a little in the right direction for long-term players.
  8. adamts01

    If I were in their shoes I wouldn't do it. We all like free stuff, but these retroactive certs won't make anyone stay, but the extra 100 per rank will absolutely keep some new players from leaving due to the grind.
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  9. vonRichtschuetz

    While 10K Certs at once looks like a huge number, it's only an equivalent of around a 13% bonus compared to the 75K Certs you earn just by XP up to 100 anyway.

    Active players most likely made more than those 10K Certs on top of their usual gain just during the two double XP NSO launch weeks.

    It's helpful to new players and it's a motivation to keep leveling.
  10. Skraggz

    They are just certs mate, I'm not mad... got 12k certs without a clue on what I want to unlock.
  11. FoX13

    I expect it to be retroactive, a bit disappointed...
  12. Brewergamer

    I was hoping it was retroactive, sucks that it isn't. They should change that.
  13. Johannes Kaiser

    With the current way of lockboxing implants, there is no such thing as too many Certs. At least for those who don't play 3 hours every single day. I have 1 exceptional and about 50% of the rest even unlocked, and the ****** boxes only ever give me the same cr@p over and over again.
    And while veteran players don't strictly HAVE to have those additional 10k, it straight up feels like being punished for being a long time supporter of this game, plain and simple. Because we get left out of goodies that are freshly implemented.
    And no, @JibbaJabba, ribbons and all that stuff does not have to be reatroactive, you can still easily earn those, but there is no going back in BR for our long-played characters. And I know you were sarcastic, but I still take it at face value, because that's what I do.
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  14. Sindroms

    I wouldn't mind.
    While I have nothing much to unlock anymore ability wise, I'd totally dump the extra certs into a gun or two that I would have otherwise not bought.

    And hey, if they are good and are NS, I would totally snatch one up for DBC for that account-wide usage later.
  15. SteelMantis

    I'm fine with not getting the extra certs myself.

    The less of a gap gearwise between older and newer players the better.
  16. HeptagonRus

    Thank you for bringing this again, I posted here a very similar post a week ago and even created a Support ticket before that. Hopefully if more people will remind devs, it may become retroactive this time. My personal opinion - such step will increase money income, not decrease.
  17. f0d

    i have a fair few asp characters (3? i think) and others that are close enough to 100 and once you get to 75+ i find it hard to actually spend all the certs, i usually dump them into things i never use
    let the new player have this - we dont need it imo
  18. Johannes Kaiser

    Player retention for new players with more Certs is ideal, because they usually get owned pretty hard.
    Not giving old players the same treatment as a simple matter of fairness will drive some of them away.
    Simple as that.

    And I repeat: With those bloody lootboxed implants, "too many Certs" is an oxymoron.
  19. Johannes Kaiser

    Bump here. Might not be seen, but that shouldn't prevent it from being visible up top.

    Kinda like demonstrations, come to think of it....people do it knowing full well they'll likely be ignored, but they do it anyway to show their opinion and at least do something .

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