BR 1 cannot warp to Koltyr: "Must be BR 15 or lower"

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  1. MisterGaming

    Hey guys,

    I don't know if this is a bug or something, but it's a bit weird.
    I created three new Characters a week or so ago on which I planned to test new weapons and such. I spawn on any of the four big continents and when I try to warp to Koltyr from any warpgate, the message you would expect when you reached Battle Rank 15 shows up: "Must be Battle Rank 15 or lower."
    The strange thing though is me being BR 1 on all three characters and none of them is able to connect to Koltyr.
    Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Taemien

    Its by account.

    If you have a BR15+ on the account, it counts. Try a brand new account.
  3. TheFlamingLemon

    If you have a BR 15+ character on the account, absolutely do not try a brand new account. That protection is there for a reason - to keep experienced players off of koltyr where they will drive new players away from the game by preying on those those who don't yet know how to effectively play planetside 2. They're there so they can learn game mechanics in a less punishing environment. If you have a character past BR 15, you've already gone through that process. Just stay on the four continents it puts you on.
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  4. Taemien

    You're entitled to your opinion, but realize that's all it is.

    There's nothing wrong with a couple of guys getting together and helping a bro out that just started playing. And there's nothing wrong with a high BR who's taken a break for a few months to use it as a means of getting their bearings. That's why we can make free accounts.

    If you disagree, advocate for paid accounts. Its the only way to stop/mitigate it. Besides, new players aren't new once they become vets. And they will become vets eventually.
  5. TheFlamingLemon

    If you're helping a new player, that new player can simply leave koltyr, a returning veteran still has a distinct advantage over new players, paid accounts are still an awful idea, and new players will be vets long after leaving koltyr (sorry if I didn't understand your meaning on that last one but idk how them becoming vets eventually means that making a smurf for koltyr is okay.)
  6. Riksos

    That's weird, It's already been stopped/mitigated and there are free accounts, which seems to be in direct contradiction to what you just said.

    I do have a paid account, and I fully support a tutorial island that veterans can't play on.

    If you want to "help a bro out", your "bro" can come to Indar, Hossin, Esamir, or Amerish.
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  7. Azawarau

    Was that a recent change? When i made my alts i spent a few minutes on Koltyr and left

    But that was ages ago
  8. Taemien

    Because they'll eventually have to fight better players. The idea of Koltyr as a noob isle is both patronizing and harmful. It gives a false sense of security. Though it provides a nice low key environment to show someone the ropes as a mentor without having to download a second client for the PTS (which offers something similar).

    I don't care if noobs get trashed. The game is nearly 4 years old. There's not a huge group of players saying to themselves, "I want to try out this old game!" And those that I cause to quit by being on Koltyr to be honest.. I don't want them to play. I don't like quitters as teammates nor opponents. So in some ways, I see going over there as a means of weeding them out. If anyone doesn't like me doing that.. well feel free to patrol it for people like me and give a good fight.

    And before you retort how such actions can kill the game. Save your breath. I've always believed that a game will survive or die on its own. If my actions are enough to kill a game, then it doesn't deserve to keep on going. It wasn't good enough to begin with. Nothing you say or do will change that fact. You're entitled to your opinion, I'm entitled to mine. That's just how it is. And how it will be.
  9. cyb_

  10. oTec

    Exactly, don't go stomping on new players. As a player with a good amount of hours Koltyr is no fun. Feels like playing against NPC's.
  11. Eternaloptimist

    Yes. It was added fairly recently. I had an account with three low BR avatars. One got to level 16 and was excluded from Koltyr then a week or two later so were the others (BR9 and BR7) when the change came in.

    I also have a subscription account with high BR characters and I opend a F2P account to try out new classes and roles (e.g. I'd never been a stalker infl). I learned the ropes from scratch (stock weapons, no accelerated XP etc., not starting with maxed armour or anything and not being owned all the time by high BRs when trying a new role). After that I stopped using the account.

    While I was in Koltyr I definitely had an advantage regarding situational awareness but I never used (or owned) any account bound weapons or anything like that. Even while I was "taking advantage" of my experience I was vocal in criticising people who played on Koltyr with high spec weapons etc. so I'm glad they banned any account with a BR 16 in it. I witnessed some shocking abuses while I was there.
  12. TheFlamingLemon

    I also made an account just to test out koltyr immediately after its release. I had initially resolved to play medic only, and stay passive, but I had to switch around because, as it happened, I was facing more people with 1200+ directive score than with anything below 50. It was disgusting imo. And all of them were playing Heavy Assault, no surprise there.
  13. oTec

    Better off just dropping the new players in the deep. Worked fine for all of us. PS2 is a cruel teacher ;)
  14. StupidPlayer001

    I'm glad that I have finally received an answer for my Koltyr question that I've asked in game repeatedly. Now that I know that I can no longer enter Koltyr as a BR9, since I also have a BR70 on the account, I'll just dump them all but one. Why do we have more than one character slot anyway? I guess it's so we can jump from one faction to another, find all their cloaked Sunndies and then go back to our "primary" faction, spawn a tank and go blow 'em up. What fun! Yes, I'm just tired of hearing the childishness in game and trying to compete against someone with an internet speed of 1,000,000Mbs. I went to Koltyr to try and learn how to aim better with what I was considering a "throw away" battle rank character-nothing more. In VR the "enemy" doesn't move or shoot back and I thought it would be a good training ground for anyone who still struggles. Guess I'll just stay at a K/D of .0222221 and be done with it. By the way, I do have a BR70 and I have no idea how it got that high, it wasn't from skill.
  15. Foxirus

    Cept thats not what happens. Most of the time its a "Couple of bros" getting together to completely wreck an entire side of new players.

    "Oh yeah, I haven't played in a couple months. I think the only way to resharpen my skills is to go into this cage filled with sheep. Yeaah, Shooting fish in a barrel is what gets me MLG"

    The lockout is needed.
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  16. Taemien

    And how many people play on there now?

    Because I still get as many 'Welcome to Planetside' messages as I did from before Koltyr. New players aren't even starting there. The ones that do are leaving because they think the game is dead.

    Think about it. If the newbies are as clueless, helpless, and fragile as a ginger as you all claim them to be. They login, don't see anyone, and logoff.

    How's that for new player retention? Would have kept those players if you dropped them into the middle of a fight like before. Let them see how active the game is. Instead we send them, by default, to a empty continent. This isn't a MMORPG where we send newbies to a noob area to do some rinky dink kill 10 boars quest. This is a purely PVP driven game. They need players to fight to keep their interest.

    And I think you all (as well as the current system) is overly patronizing to new players. Like I said, you all are treating them like they are some sickly ginger that needs to be put in an adult sized hamster ball to prevent the world from poking them to death.

    They're not as innocent, clueless, harmless, or fragile as you all believe. All they lack is a little skill, and a ton of experience. Koltyr is NEVER access again so it does NOTHING to help the new player 'get into the game'. All it does is setup false pretenses. Cause no one here can tell me someone learns everything they need from other newbies 1-15. Battle Rank 16 is hell for new players. I think 1 should be so that they can get it done and out of the way and they can actually start learning.

    Sure they have the choice to skip. But who's telling them the options? You all? Because the system sure as hell doesn't.

    You all are whining and complaining about vets going there before. At least a vet could squad with them and explain the ropes. Something I've done. Have you all gone there and done it? Nope.

    Daybreak has a 1:10 success rate with new player retention on their own.

    I've got a 4:5. I think I'm doing pretty good in comparison. Yet I'm the evil one. Probably being called such by those who don't even squad, much less help newer players.
  17. Gearlock

    I think i might be a good example of a vet wanting to go to Koltyr.

    Primarily because I'm so out of touch I don't even know what it is. Sounds like newbie island from the way people are referring to it.

    Not that there's a good way to implement it (fairly allowing people who need to get their battle feet back while prohibiting exploitation), but it's not something unreasonable to want.

    I'm reinstalling right now for the first time in a long time... I wouldn't mind being able to play with a buncha noobs for a couple hours just to get back into the swing of things.

    Instead I'll be dropped into a f*#kfest and be totally useless for the first nights play.

    Just saying, it's not like the desire to want to get your feet wet again isn't legit.
  18. Shiaari

    The devs need to select a few long-time players--preferably beta testers and long time PTS players--and enable them to mentor on Koltyr on the proviso that they are there to assist and to train. There should be an equal number of such designated mentors on each faction.