[Suggestion] Bounty System Is Flawed...

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  1. Foxirus

    I would sooner waste real money on the Implant Slot Machine before I would pay to have my killer glorified.

    I am not saying remove the cost, But change it and give it two payment options.

    25 Daybreak Cash (DB)
    • Players who pay for a bounty with this method are awarded 1000 EXP when their target is killed.
    • Players who kill a target with a bounty paid for via DB will receive 1000 EXP.
    50 Certs

    • Players who pay for a bounty with this method will receive 100 EXP when their target is killed.
    • Players who kill a target with a bounty paid via Certs will receive 100 EXP.
    Reasons For These Prices

    • Bounties paid for with the DB are given higher incentives because you are asking players to part with real money to basically glorify their killer. Very few are going to do this unless it is on a popular target.
    • Bounties paid for with certs is mainly added to be a cert drain for those players who have excess certs and no longer have any thing to spend them on.

    You must remember that this bounty system is competing with other systems in the game to gain the players money. Before I would give someone a bounty, I would rather waste that money trying to gamble in the implant slots.
    The cert cost could be increased if needed. However, I recommend that the experience reward be increased along side it to keep the offer enticing to use.
    Give everyone a chance to use the Bounty System. Don't just leave it for people who only have money to spend, That takes most of the fun out of the system.
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  2. tijolo

    This would benefit almost no one while breaking the purpose of increasing DBG's income. With the certs, I mean. Also what's with the 1k exp? Players would exploit the living **** out of this system with 1k exp. If you can't see how, too bad, I'm not posting exploits here.
  3. Foxirus

    1000 exp is not actually that much... Do you have trouble earning certs or something? I think 25 cents is a fair trade for 5 certs.....

    As for the certed version breaking their income? How about the people who have so many certs they literally never need to buy another weapon. THAT is whats hurting the bottom line. This would give people with excess certs a use for those certs outside of implant slots.
  4. Taemien

    I think many of you are missing the point of the bounty system. Its meant as some friendly fun and rivalry. You all forget that the person that has a bounty on them gets 25 extra exp per kill past their 3rd kill in a streak.

    Good players who get bounties placed on them can rack up a decent amount of exp as long as they aren't killed.

    Any change I would do to the system is every kill the person gets beyond 3 makes their bounty worth more by the amount they gain. So if they get a bounty on them and get 10 kills in a row, they are worth 275 extra exp to the person who placed it and the person who got the kill. +100 base + (10 kill streak - 3) * 25exp = 275. So if you place a bounty on someone, they get 10 kills and you get the kill. That kill is worth 550.. plus there's 2 more bounties that could be claimed.

    Maybe even tier it.. so kills beyond 3 is worth 25 exp, kills beyond 6 is 50.. beyond 9 is 75 for both the bounty and the person who claims the bounty.

    So with a 13 kill streak someone would be worth 550.

    That would turn this into a small little minigame for the one who placed the bounty and the one who earned the bounty on their head. The other thing I would do is change the color/icon of the bounty the higher their streak goes.

    Another idea is to also reward nanites and the new resource that ANT's use. Just to spice up things a bit.
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  5. tijolo

    This just made me think of how much this will contribute to people not leaving the spawn because they have so much bounty that is simply not worth it... Bet DBG didn't think that through.
  6. ZephyrBurst

    This guy Taemien gets it. While the bounty system is overall pointless for this game, this guy at least understands what it's all about. I just want to give you like 1000 thumbs up in every post you've made on this and other threads regarding this feature. You're at least the most sensible about it when it comes to countering the rather silly hate toward it.

    I have a feeling that the kind of people that get bounties on them aren't the spawn room warrior type, and even if it did happen, the fight must move on and away from the spawn at some point. I can't foresee there being that many bounties on people mixed with people firing from the spawn room, that this becomes a concern.
  7. Taemien

    Except that a spawnroom warrior isn't going to get the kill that causes a paying member to get the chance to place it.
  8. Smokeonfire

    Trading certs for XP is more or less useless in my point of view. In the end, XP translates back to certs. I think bounties could have a cert cost, maybe even higher, but then lead into some sort of directive where you can earn some camo, armor, helmet or other cosmetic stuff. So in the end, there is something to go for, why you would want to sink your certs in, still it has not game relevance like a weapon. But hell why not even add in a new directive weapon, if its balanced ok. Or some other sort of mechanic, some special utility with some limited use, like a one time ammo refill instead of the med packs or whatever.