Bounty System: 25DBC to ruin someones fun?

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  1. Metalsheep

    Greetings forumside,

    Over the last few weeks since the Bounty System was released, I have had bounties placed on me a number of times. The first few times, it was a bit funny. I thought "Hah, someone is so frustrated with me, they spent money to have me killed." But after being hunted a few times, and hunting a few players myself, I get the feeling that the system as it is now only serves to wreck the fun of a player for a short while at the expense of making a few small DBC transactions.

    For instance, I was playing with a friend who I convinced to play PS2 for the first time the other night, and we were running a Prowler at a decently populated fight on Indar. We weren't doing amazingly well, but we were getting a few kills here and there in a pretty awesome armor battle. All of the sudden, I get a Bounty. And a moment later, the entire NC zerg across from us targeted me and my buddy and melted us in a flash. We stood absolutely no chance. So we pulled another Prowler, and as soon as we arrived at the line, the same fate befell us. Instant death to everyone targeting the special marker over my head. Afterwards, I didn't even want to participate in the battle, due to knowing I would just be instantly targeted again due to my bounty. We decided to move over to Quartz Ridge for a small 12 v 12 infantry skirmish going on there. We broke into Point B, and lo and behold, I was the first to be targeted by focused fire even though I was one of the last to enter the room since I rolled a Medic for support.

    Now whenever I receive a bounty, I almost want to just log off for the night because I don't want to be instantly targeted by everyone and their mother due to the special "Kill Me First!" sign over my head. But then, logging doesn't clear the bounty, so inevitably whenever I log back on, I will be focused at least 3 times before I can get back to playing regularly. So far, the only effective way I have found to play while bountied is to roll an infiltrator and use cloak to avoid being spotted.

    I know personally I am drawn to fire at Bountied Targets or even hunt them down if I see them on the minimap. It no doubt isn't any fun for the enemy players either. Being instantly targeted because someone who got mad paid a measly 25 DBC to ruin their fun for a little while.

    I feel like this system is designed poorly, as the goal of a game is to have fun. Adding a system specifically designed to make a players experience a negative one, even for a short time like 3 deaths, does not contribute to making the game fun at all in my opinion. Especially so if the game company makes money off of making a players experience negative. The bonus for being bountied is not large enough to warrant being everyone's target each life until the allotted bounties are claimed.

    While I don't think removing features from a game is a good idea, I feel like the bounty system needs to be changed or tweaked to make the Targeted players experience far less negative than it does currently. My only ideas currently would be to drastically increase the XP gained by the Target player, due to the difficulty in staying alive being Bountied adds. I could also maybe think of a separate Directive Tree for players who are Targeted, with its own title and weapon reward to mirror the Gallows.

    Now that the system has been out a while, what does Forumside think about the Bounty System? Agree? Disagree? Something else?
  2. Rainproof

    Delete the Bounty System !
  3. Demigan

    I think you are seeing too much in it.

    First off bounties aren't given that much, at least not on Miller and I haven't heard of a lot of bounties anywhere else either. Second off whenever I had a bounty it wasn't as if the entire faction jumped on top of me.
    Second off, seeing how often people tend to not even notice a Vanguard at 2m distance blowing up their friends from behind and not swarming to defend themselves I think you are using a hyperbole, and an untrue one at that.

    If I wanted to get "rid" of a Bounty, all I have to do is play normally, watch how people either react normally in a fight or overextend themselves in an effort to get to me, and I end up dieing a few times after getting a few more kills than normal.
    But I don't want to get rid of Bounties. I try to make them last as long as possible because I like having that status. I hole up somewhere abnormally safe close to friendly lines (for my standards) and start raining fire at enemies (Or I get a nice big tank). Eventually one or two of them might try much harder than others to kill me and I farm them, hopefully earning myself another bounty (although that never happened so far).

    I would in fact much prefer a bounty system that can be bought with resources and certs as well, and the killers can earn the resources and/or certs you put on them.
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  4. Blackbird

    The whole thing is STUPID . Totally agree . I would say its unbelievable that Daybreak would do this but no as most companies do ANYTHING FOR A DOLLAR its believable .

    Whats funny is they put that bull crap directive with it . Do al that killing to get a standard NS15 with a Decal on it . Wait a minute that's what all the TR directives are like LOL
  5. Scr1nRusher

  6. Baracuda

    It is my sworn duty to rack up as many bounties against me since it only brings me more kills and hilarious hate tells.
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  7. FieldMarshall

    I have seen like 2 people with bounties so far on Miller.
    One was friendly. The other guy i barely saw, as he zoomed past me in a ESF.

    The whole thing is really lame, and is just another lazy moneygrab attempt that pisses people off.
    Causing more harm than good in the long run.
    Especially after adding the impossible paygate directive.
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  8. Jake the Dog

    I like the system. I say keep it. If you have a bounty placed on you, realize you're a HVT and play accordingly.
  9. ALN_Isolator

    It's more like this: 25 DBC to boost someone's self esteem and XP gain for the next 3 lives, assuming you put them on the ninja 1337 MLG guys that kill you and not random BR 30s.
  10. RedArmy

  11. Taemien

    I am not understanding how you are coming to this conclusion. I really don't. You're going to tell me that you honestly believe that your gameplay is negatively affected by this? I mean you explain it, but I still don't quite get why its an issue. Let me put it into perspective.

    1. You have a red target instead of a red triangle. If I see you with a red triangle, I'm going to aim for you anyway.
    2. If you have a red target and a buddy has a triangle. Meaning you have a bounty, and he doesn't. I'm going to target you first.. sure.. but I'm going to attempt to take both out if possible. If your buddy is a medic.. I'm taking him out first.. I don't give a damn about the bounty in that case.
    3. If I have a bounty placed on me. I feel like I did something good, if not great.
    4. If I have a bounty continuously placed.. as in its not dropping and I'm about to be sought out for directives. Then I'm keeping the game alive because someone's dropping Daybreak some serious quarters (25 cents, or $0.25, = 25DBC)
    5. In the above case, I can also us it to my advantage by drawing fire away from teammates.

    The only thing I can think of, and please don't take this as an insult. Is that society in general is trying to stamp out competition. Things like Dodgeball and Smear the Q---- are taboo. Trophies are being given even to the losers. Winners are getting awarded for participation and not winning. And so on.

    I grew up in a time when Winners won and Losers lost. When competitive natures were seen as virtues and not arrogance. And this is partially why I believe that I just see the Bounty System in its current implementation as no more than harmless fun. I don't see singling someone out as a taboo thing in PVP. I don't see players gunning for me as a negative experience.

    On the contrary I see it as a great honor. For someone to dump 25 or more DBC on me to see me get chased around for a few minutes. Its sort of like Capture the Flag or playing a receiver/runningback in American Football.

    I do agree with you that the targeted player needs more of a benefit. Right now its.. "meh, I got another bounty." And they can simply go get killed 3 times to get it off. And that defeats the purpose. I think bountied players should be given an incentive to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible. Maybe even a 2x exp boost for the 3 lives (to destructive exp only, not repairs or heals or the like). Or a bonus exp to their kills that goes up as their kill streak gets higher. Something that will put them into the fray.

    Something I want to point out:

    Medics are going to be targeted first. That rez is crazy, and healers in general are always targeted first in MMOs typically. Though.. in this case.. isn't the bounty being used correctly? I mean if I know someone is playing medic, and I have the spare cash to spare.. and REALLY need the medic down. I might put the bounty on them for that purpose. A means of marking a target for my teammates. Sort of like marking the healers in RIFT, WOW, SWTOR in PVP. Doesn't cost anything but a hotkey in those games.
  12. Benton582

    It's pretty needed, extra revenue= better updates from DB. Also FREE EXP!
  13. MajorMalfunction

    My opinion is you're a cloaker.. you kill me silently .. invisibly.. I have someone kill you for money.. it's all even :) :) I only bounty cloakers and pilots.. I've had Liberators chase me around trying to kill me firing idk how many rounds.. I can't defend against aircraft heavys or maxes.. .. I'm an engineer.. flak armor.. my k/d is about .3 I'm not a threat to anyone... I rarely shoot... it's my DEFENSE !! (someone else covering my back) it's worth a quarter.. - member disc. :) adds something to the game that was missing since it seems every fight I'm in we're against 2 to 1 or higher odds.. VS and NC will NOT fight on Connery unless they must or a slap contest for 15 minutes or so.. don't tell me otherwise.. I watch the map; have been playing this game for over 2 years..I waiting for weapons rotation with the warpgates.... get just a bit of balance in this game
  14. Goretzu

    I've seen 2 players with a bounty on them, just two.

    Unsurprisingly really given the monetary cost for alleviating a sore behind, a cushion is definately better value for money.