[Suggestion] Bounty Bought With Certs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    This needs to be done. With the new directive with bounty hunting, Its going to be labeled as severe pay2win. Why you ask? Because right now the only way to bounty a target is to pay cash. Kill enough bounties and you will eventually win a weapon called "The Gallows". A modified NS-15M.


    50 certs: 1 Kill Bounty.
    25 DBC: 3 Kill Bounty.

    Done and done. All problems and complaints have been solved. Thumbs up if you support.
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  2. Campagne

    I agree.

    Now, we have two directives that are largely only possible by spending money.

    Two too many, in my opinion.

    Also: In B4 "stopping being such a cheap entitled piece of **** and spend some money," and/or "PS2 is not P2W in the least, stopping being such a cheap entitled piece of **** and spend some money"
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  3. HadesR

    I wonder how many people will " Bounty Swap " secretly on the edge of the map just to finish the Directive ...
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  4. DeadlyPeanutt

    how about losing the bounties altogether?

    it's a little silly to get mad at someone who kills you in a FPS... after all, they aren't there to serve you coffee and a bagel

    (on the other hand, getting mad at a game because the bases are confusing, the populations and classes are unbalanced, tanks spam your spawn with shells, etc... that's perfectly understandable)
  5. RedArmy

    has anyone done the math on how much DBC the bounty directive costs to get? id think atleast $10
  6. Foxirus

    Kill trading is tracked by an automated system I am pretty sure. I think I remember the devs mentioning it about it somewhere, But I don't remember for sure.
  7. johnway

    Out of interest, has anyone seen anyone with a bounty? I've not seen a single person a week after the bounty system was introduced. In the first week i saw 2 people and when i was lucky enough to take out the bounty target it was utterly meaningless.

    100xp didn't add much to the pot and you know what happened? Someone revived him and he was not any worse for having a bounty. It was as if IT DIDN'T MATTER. Asking me to pay money for something that will naturally happen throughout the game? Worthless. No single target is ever going to be such a threat that a bounty is meaningful nor a handful of deaths for the person. If anyone did put a bounty on me, it would be money wasted as i probably be able to kill 1 maybe 2 people before i drop dead myself in a gun fight.

    having a directive line is nice, but the system isn't being used as much as we like and it feels like a grind to get those directives done. If everyone got a bounty, than MAYBE worth trying, but since its money based, i doubt it. if there was a natural method like a domination or a character with a massive kill streak that instantly gave you a bounty on your head it might be doable.
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  8. Eternaloptimist

    Yeah, I've seen two or three of those gunsight doritos over aircraft or vehicles (presumably over the guys inside them) on the EU servers and a few other gunsights on the miimap .

    Personally I think the bounty system is horrible and nasty but I think DBG said it was introduced because a lot of players wanted it (presumably because a lot of players are horrible and nasty).

    But for sure, there are at least a few people willing to pay for it.
  9. FieldMarshall

    So far i have seen 2 people with bounties.
    One of them was a friendly, and the other one was in an ESF zooming past me and i never saw him again.

    Imo its a pretty obvious lazy cashgrab that will probably do more harm than good for them in the long run, money wise.
    People are less willing to spend money in the future if they keep getting screwed over.