Bouncing Betty or Mines

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Never got a chance to use them in beta so I was wondering how good they are. Been saving all my certs but if they are crap I might go somewhere else for now. Also do they last through death?
  2. hostilechild

    Bouncing bettys are amazing. Plant them and leave for free kills, drop them behind you when sniping, or when that LA/HA chases you drop it as run. Game over. Although seen a few LA able to fly over the proximity of the betty without exploding.
  3. anaverageguy

    They're quite effective. Last I tested them was before the patch where they said engineers could now place tank mines and change class while keeping the mines in place. Back then, if you tried to place more than one, the first disappeared. I don't really know the mechanics, but they are very effective. I think it rather funny when I see a group of people run into a newly conquered spawn room just to see one trigger a mine in the corner and a large number fall dead. Sometimes I'm in that group of course. lol The lethal blast radius was pretty big during beta.

    I'm pretty sure they stay when you die. Even C4 stayed through death so you could detonate as soon as you respawned.
  4. Bubblewrap2

    They are pretty good, though you can rack up grief points very quickly with bad placement or kill yourself if enemies are nearby - they seem to have a significantly bigger explosion range than enemy detection range.

    So, they are best suited where you know there will be no friendlies, which makes them one of the few true "infiltration" mechanics in the class. As such, they are the only reason I play Infiltrator any more, outside of an occasional hack, after they removed the shotgun.

    Because of the relatively small enemy detection range, you will eventually feel the need to carry at least 2 which is expensive cert costs.

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