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  1. Dethonlegs

    So I logged into Briggs last night at 7pm and VS had 3 x 1-12 fights. It got a little crazy an hour later with 2 x 12-24 fights.

    Too bad if you like driving / flying. There was nothing to do in a vehicle.

    At what point does DBG call it a day and merge with Connery, or at least offer those who wish to move the opportunity?

    Yes I have an alt there already (as do most of my friends), but I doubt this game will be around long enough for me to grind out 3 years of certs to get everything again - and to be honest it's something no-one wants to do.

    So how about it DBG?
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  2. CNR4806

    Briggs is completely dead and is in dire need of being merged with Connery. It has deteriorated to the point that "Aussie Internet sucks so badly they need their own server" can no longer justify this ghost town.

    It's almost a no-brainer at this point, more so than a Connery-Emerald merge.
  3. Pelojian

    It's not going to happen, you don't merge servers from different regions especially when one of the servers has crappy net on a national level compared to the rest of the world due to incompetence by govt and a single telecommunications company having such a near complete monopoly for so long.

    trust me players would not be happy being merged into an American server and suffering higher pings as a result and even more net issues.

    I haven't forgotten the issues briggs had due to problems with the server communicating with other server types in America which briggs is dependent on.
  4. Dethonlegs

    How can I explain it any better..... the server is dead. This game simply does not work with a low population. For most of AU that still play this game, it's a matter of play on Connery or not at all.

    We are talking about 150 people at most for all factions. Yes it's that bad. These are the hard core players that in all likelyhood already have Connery alts that are getting more use of late.

    East coast of Australia gets a reliable 200-250 ping. This is quite acceptable for smooth gameplay, especially in a vehicle.
  5. FateJH

    Last time the Briggs people came to this side of the ocean, they liked it on Connery as far as I could tell.
  6. Codex561


    I was literally asking this for years! Server is bloody dead, okay??

    The server is dying even more every day, merge and retain the ~500 players you got there.
  7. Pelojian

    cause briggs was unplayable due to server issues for a long enough time that many migrated. if aussies want to play on Connery they can just don't expect everyone to agree that a merger would be a good idea as a free forced character transfer in all but name.
  8. CovertYank

    I'd be just fine playing alongside the Aussies. Maybe they can teach Connery NC to stop shooting each other.
  9. Carl1879

    FWIW the PS4 EU server Ceres contains every region apart from America and I know a few Aussie players that play on the EU server and they say the connection isnt too bad so I doubt every single aussie player will become a laggy doom slayer.
  10. CNR4806

    Yes, because they'd be happier playing a game which supposedly offers large battles with server populations barely exceeding the limit of a 64-player Battlefield server, right?

    Briggs is dead. Nobody in their right mind would use their Briggs character or worse, actually join Briggs. It's beyond saving.

    Briggs NC shoot each other just as happily, if there are any Briggs NC left that is.
  11. CovertYank

    It's well known that Connery has the highest TK rate in all of Auraxis. And damn, stop ruining folks positivity.
  12. ChUnKiFieR

    I welcome the Aussies. Bring them on. And let them bring their stuff with them. Maybe we could even have an event like a Joey hunt or something once a year. A mad hopper title maybe?
  13. St0mpy

    I think pop this week is down all over, the game is running like a dog since the last patch, stuttering is at an all time high, fps is in the toilet, come back next week.
  14. Pelojian

    if they don't like briggs pop when playing on briggs then why aren't they on the forums complaining? 'briggs is dead' is an oppinon by some people, meanwhile others are actually playing on briggs.

    if you don't like briggs pop then don't play on it, forcing a merger is only a forced character transfer for those unhappy with briggs inflicting it on those that are fine with briggs.

    if people care at all about briggs then they should play their briggs toons to make it more lively instead of playing on another server. the issue isn't just people quitting the game it's people abandoning briggs for other servers.
  15. Dethonlegs

    Like many with Connery alts, I still swap back and forth depending on the time of day, how many friends are on, the continent in play, etc.

    It's just that with the way things are at the moment, checking Briggs 1st ends with disappointment 9 times out of 10. There comes a point where you just don't bother.

    The combined arms side of the game on Briggs IS dead. There is still life on the server for small infantry fights during peak times (if your into that).

    I suppose the question is at what point does a threshold get reached? There is no doubt in my mind that it is rapidly approaching / has already passed it.
  16. Pelojian

    Briggs has fights of all sizes, you just don't get the extra large 96vs96s very often though. logging in and then logging out within 2mins then playing on connery from an hour or more doesn't give you an accurate view for the health of briggs population.

    it's like surveying people's TV habits for 2 hours of a day in one country and comparing it to a 24hr survey from another country.
  17. Codex561

    I haven't seen a single 96v96 in months. Even the largest enemy fights don't reach 96 of pop. IT IS VERY BLOODY BAD!

    How can someone from briggs like you oppose a merge? This game is about massive scale and that does simple not exist on briggs.
  18. Pelojian

    that's PS2 advertising for you only focusing on 'BIG FIGHTS' what other game offers continental gameplay for infantry & vehicles instead of arena style map rotation? people are playing on briggs now so they must enjoy PS2 on it otherwise they would be playing on higher pop servers.

    if you want to leave the server and transfer your toon ask for paid character transfer service not a merger forcing people who enjoy playing on briggs onto a server with a higher ping just because some people on forumside want it so.

    we can express our oppinons as much as we like but in the end the devs make changes based on their internal metrics of the game.
  19. Dethonlegs

    If only there was an option to pay for a character transfer, unfortunately DBG won't take my money!

    Sure, some people are having fun with small fights but how small do the fights have to get before they are too small? I've some great memories playing Quake 2 CTF, 6 on 6 games in the QGL - but this isn't that game. You could even argue that 1 on 1 games can be great but seriously where do we draw the line?

    When I log on and see two or three 1-12 fights and no vehicular traffic then to me that is too small.
  20. ADoSAttack

    I think you are exaggerating a bit, why the pop has dropped there is still fights to be had of all sizes. Also if you want to play on Connery and Emerald just go there. You don't need the whole server to come with you ;)