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  1. PoxLUFC

    Unable to equip any boost, according to the bug tracker it's 'trivial'.

    Boosts cost cash, not what I'd call 'TRIVIAL'.

    Will this game ever work correctly?

    Well, i suppose that it could be considered Trivial in light of all the other bugs that are of more importance such as client CTD, desync, stuttering, freezing, lag, high ping, players not rendering....the list goes on.

    It is annoying yes as i want to use my boosts also but cant, kinda sucks really but like i say, theres bigger fish to fry and as you can see that gap is getting bigger on the tracker were by more bugs are being reported than actually fixed so i wouldnt be suprised if Boost fix is a while yet.

    I would rather be able to play without CTD than have boosts able to work but cant play for more than 2 minutes anyway so for myself, being able to play the game is of more importance. I understand that not everyone is suffering CTD though.
  3. PoxLUFC

    Fair point, I consider myself rightfully chastised, I guess in the grander scheme it is 'trivial' in comparison. Luckily the CTD's aren't hitting me yet, just the hitching.

    Intel xeon e5450
    8gb ddr2
    7 pro

    super budget system, works on v low settings just fine!
  4. Noif

    Even I have a lot boosts, but I am unable to use them too. All boost equip are broken.
  5. chevyowner

    I have to agree that something needs to be done because they do cost real cash. Even if the it is a temporary fix by remove the ability to buy them and refunding SC (remove the item of course) for the amount they cost. When a company sells someone something that does not work they are going to lose customers quickly. Even if that player was not trying to buy a boost this, can they now trust that any other item they pay for will work at all?

    You using the pin mod on that Xeon then? Basically like a faster more power efficeint Q9550 right?
    Nice little system, yeah i bet it runs ok on low.

    Actually im getting a ittle sick of this boosts thing, i really wana use a 7day boost as im in the mood for playing. Damn.
  7. PoxLUFC

    Pin mod fitted and mobo sliced, yeah, at low it runs ok!