Blue screen of death

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Moltke, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Moltke

    Lately, its been getting pretty bad and it only seems to happen when I'm playing planetside 2

    I have an i5-3570k,
    2 SLI linked GTX 570s
    16 gigs of ram
    and i reformatted my windows last weekend
    (windows 7 64 bit)
    CPU core temp seems to be all right - all 4 cores run to upwards of 60 or mid to high 60s degrees celsius when running ps2 and gpu temps are around 70 - 80C
    I'm not overclocking anything and haven't overclocked.

    (all components are new since I built this rig in December, so I'm pretty sure its not my computer that is defective and since I can run SC2 all day long on extreme I think it has something possibly to do with planetside, but I am still wondering, since I don't know a whole ton about computers if there was something relating to the blue screen that I received)

    and this is the blue screen that I received, I took a picture of it.
  2. Moltke

    just happened again and i had all graphics on very low :/
  3. Ripshaft

    Blue screens happen only on hardware faults, while the program might put the hardware in a position to do so, it's not the program that is responsible, but the hardware's inability to handle it correctly. You say you built your comp in December, so the problem is most likely that you haven't updated all your drivers yet. Most people remember to update their video drivers, but on a new computer it's extremely important that you also update your motherboard and bios firmware, as the software that ships with it is almost always very out of date, usually using software that's several years older than the hardware itself... something that usually doesn't occur to people as possible =p

    Anyhoo, 99% sure that'll fix you up, probably get you some increased performance too.
  4. Chakat Astarot

    a machine check exception is one of the hardest to diagnose error, without a hole host of information, we can't give you a define solution. Things that we will need, is A, your computer, like your actual computer, B, a dump file, as in showing all the information gathered on that crash. from what I can gather from memory of the most common reasons, I will suggest these solutions

    1 check and or replace your power supply 2 check to see if the fans in your computer are clean and spinning. 3 upgrade your bios, AND drivers. 4 test your hard-drive for any disk reading errors, as these can cause BSODs as well.

    Those are just the most basic solutions, but with so little info your provided, I can't give you any real solution.
  5. Moltke

    Thank you guys, I also bought a new cpu water cooler. So I will make sure to update everything and install the new coolant and then ill see if I continue to get the same errors and blue screens

    0x9C = QPI/VTT most likely, but increasing vcore has helped in some instances.

    For help with BSOD error codes specific to overclocking you are better off over on
  7. Moltke

    Well I installed a cpu water cooling system and my core temps were running around 45C and highest of 50C instead of 70s to high 77C which I had had the night before last. Last night I ran for 3 hours everything on as high as it could go and it stayed steady at 45C and I didn't have any blue screens or game crashes. The only thing I did was install the cooler, I didn't do any updates and that has seemed to solve the problem.

    The weird thing is this game puts about a 30% load on each of the 4 cores and without the water cooler, it was running really hot. I guess I didn't realize that even without overclocking the cpu it can still get really hot. Is this a normal thing?
  8. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    You may want to check to make sure all your drivers, (including your video card) is properly updated as well. This may help fix your issue.

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