Blitz versus Cyclone Review/Comparison - A whirlwind of destruction?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Wrel, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Wrel Developer

    With the Infiltrator update around the corner, trying to get some knowledge out there about the strengths and weaknesses of our current armament.

    Blitz or Cyclone? Let me know what you think!
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  2. 666IsBehindYou

    Another great video Wrel! Keep up the great quality videos!
    (thought bugging you on your TR alt wasn't enough:D)

    I personally have the Biltz auraxiumed and it is a very good weapon for what it does; although I'd recommend soft point ammo, I have never bought it for the Biltz (but have for my new NS PSW). But be careful! If you are against at all but the most oblivious players, you will rarely pick up a ranged flanking kill (just for those who try) and a head on fight outside of the effective range is very sketchy at most! :D

    Happy Hunting!
    666 - The Devil
  3. LordDethir

    I only own the cyclone(love that thing). Amazing at cqc and my mineturtle Hello!!! tactics.
  4. Hoki

    I would pay 5000 sc for the cyclone on my TR chars SOE.

  5. Catch23

    on Infiltrators it's the Blitz imo. better recoil pattern, much better range from the hip (vs. the extend mags Cyclone) little less DPS. Cyclone with Laser is a viable choice too but the smaller mag will get you killed sooner or later despite the better reload

    on HAs I like the Cyclone better. Head to head you tend to strafe less due to your shield and that makes the inate hipfire more viable on that class. you want the extra DPS here because you lack the element of surprise in comparison to the Infiltrator. with the Ext. Mags Cyclone you get almost as good DPM but a much better short reload

    the Armistice, which really needs Ext. Mags, is good too but requires a slightly different playstyle. closer. so it's best suited for using suppressors out of all SMGs. on HAs this gun is lacking DPM imo.

    my personal cross-faction Rating for Infiltrators:

    1st: Blitz
    2nd: Cyclone, Sirius (worse horizontal recoil than blitz), Armistice
  6. Jawarisin

    Might be a good idea to talk about headshot damage. One of the reasons I choose the cyclone is because it's a 3 shot kill in the head. Giving me an EXTREMELY low TTK if I get a good drop on my target.

    Also, consider the 1X scope, they don't ruin your awareness, but make you deadlier as more shots hits. You can start shooting from the hip and switch to an ADS if needed but in general, if you hipfire at my body/head and if I ADS on your head, the probability is more than high that I'll win the encounter.

    I feel like some details were overlooked, and some information I wasn't agreeing with, but overall it was a sweet video for someone to help make their first choice.


    PS: Might want to try using a foward grip with a Cyclone. It's worth the try, I guess you can figure out why in more details than I could. Would be interested in actually hearing your feedback on that.