Blatant hackers on for hours again!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FlyingBurrito, Jan 28, 2023.

  1. FlyingBurrito

    I cancelled my subscription today. Have someone on call to take care of blatant hackers. Not a hard temporary fix.

    This is happening all the time. I won't pay for a game I can't play and Daybreak can't bother to have someone monitoring at least when its busy.

    Learned today that /report does nothing. Why does the launch pad tells you to use it???
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  2. Shatteredstar

    Its sad that with how much XP and kills and HSR and all that the game tracks that they can't literally feed that into battleeye that it SUPPOSEDLY has and tell it to just go "Okay, heres the thresholds for ban." and you could easily set them so that it would curtail so much of the hacking.

    It wouldn't stop the more subtle hackers really but it would at least take the blatant ones out pretty effectively. Since you can often see how they *shoot* to the top of the scoreboard from the rate they kill.
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Meanwhile I remember getting automatically banned one time bc I was engi babysitting a MAX with ammo and repairs. Apparently doing that for 20 minutes is statpadding...
    Had to create a new account, prod support and explain the situation. For doing my job as an engi...
  4. RabidIBM

    Wow, that's dumb. The cheaters are cheating at repairing, they're cheating at head shots, and flying, and shooting through walls.
  5. DarkQuark

    I have always primarily played engineer as well and I too have gotten popped for "stat padding" when working with maxes. I was just repairing and giving ammo to maxes in a dome doing what an engineer is supposed to do.
  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Proves that there *is* a system that keeps an eye on things, but it is supremely skewed and bags normal players while letting cheaters roam.
  7. JibbaJabba

    They can't even be bothered to update the /report command to simply display a message telling you what to do.
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  8. Shatteredstar

    Ya I get they are wanting to prevent people from just like sitting in warpgate and ammo pack spamming to farm XP, but at the same time thats NOT what needs bans to be hit. That doesn't actually harm anyone overall.
  9. CumonStepItUp

    If they wanted to stop people from farming XP, they'd do something about people filling up construction silos and then abandoning them. Both wasting cortium and blocking potential building spots.

    I'm curious when this engineer was banned for stat padding. I could believe if it happened 5 or more years ago, but it seems unlikely when the current hacker plague earns xp hundreds of times faster.
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  10. FlyingBurrito

    Again today..hacker on for hours. This game die faster because Daybreak refuses to have someone monitor for BLATANT HACKERS. This sucks!!!
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  11. Scatterblak

    Thinking about it. SOOO many cheaters this year already. Here's one I reported today:

    That makes 3 (with video) for 2023 so far, and I've seen others, just haven't bothered with them.