Black Uniforms for the VS? Seriously?!??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WachaDune, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Van Dax

    well the deal is is that I have to pay for day camo individually for each continent where a black camo would only be good at night. So really it actually justs costs the vanu more for camo and thats about it.
  2. Bill Hicks

    Black camo to match their black hearts....
  3. Shockwave44


    This thread isn't about the VS being hard to see at night.

    It's about we have something the NC want and they can't have it.

    It's called jealousy.
  4. NinjaTurtle

    I don't actually mind the VS being black... I do admit though that I would like it. Black with a yellow trim would be ******* awesome
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  5. Czuuk

    I guess only super l337 VS get black. Oh well.
  6. WachaDune

    Thank goodness the day doesn't have spots of night actually in it--little patches of darkness where there is no light, where... oh, wait. Shadows. Forgot about shadows. (< Sarcasm, sorry. But, shadows, yeah.)

    NOTE: You, yourself, just called your base VS uniform "camo". Thank you for revealing the fact that you actually agree with the point.

    It's agreed, then. The new VS colors are Pink and Orange, with glowing sticks protruding from the lower part of their uniforms. ;)
  7. Van Dax

    Its not our fault your corporate overlords chose blue and ***** yellow as camouflage or maybe it is:eek:
  8. Nogrim313

    im all for us being brighter, but if so then remove the negative of all of our rounds being giant *** tracers. currently we get better stealth while not firing in exchange for a total lack of it when we do
  9. Ninjivitis

    Actually I heard a story that the image of the black garb came from japanese plays. Stage hands would wear a black garb while doing things like holding up props, moving curtains, etc, to show they were not part of the play. In one scene, the stage hand was moving a curtain to imitate the wind, and then suddenly pulled out a blade and assassinated a character, a huge plot twist that surprised the audience. They came to associate the black garb with the ninja.

    Real ninja would probably wear normal clothes since they would be in disguise. They could be the person next to you and you would never know. Maybe for a night mission they might choose to wear black, but that is still inferior to just being disguised.

    Vanu colors are fine at night. The black makes them look really cool. If you are really having issues get an IRNV scope. The true VS ninja are wearing Giraffe and are standing behind you while you change your loadout anyways.
  10. PaperPlanes

    Everyone can buy Indar Dry Brush camo, which is the current flavor of the month and turns you basically invisible in all low light conditions, as well as provides pretty good urban day time camo for base fights.

    Besides it won't be long before people will be designing custom camo and decals. Before the end of the year, people will be running around in jet black everything.
  11. WachaDune

    Hey, our market studies showed that blue and ***** yellow branding inspires confidence in male consumers aged 25-35 and all females over 18. What were we supposed to do?
    And what kind of customers are the VS going for? Goths? Hah! A laughable marketing strategy. ;)
  12. Babaganoush

    I wish SOE would "borrow" the idea from Blacklight and give small luminescent strips on armor so no one would have the advantage, but alas, after seeing the Lumifiber, they're going the direction of "pay 2 be visible at night"

  13. WachaDune

    Okay, how about this. We all get a base "uniform" with the black/night "camo" option, in addition to the other camo options.
    If you like the original color (even purple), use that. If you like the black, pick up the black camo. Samples follow for each faction (and thanks Czuuk for the pic--and sorry I'm using the same model for all factions, but I spent too long on this as it was. :D ):

  14. Fenrys

    Which is a sensible option to have, so long as there are also other options.

    Imagine if there was an outfit known for their ace ESF pilots, and they all happened to use lumifiber. Imagine how you might react as a lonewolf ESF when you see a formation of glowing aces on patrol. The ability to broadcast their presence on the battlefield could be a tactical asset.