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    I have a problem guys, and I hope some of you have an answer to this:

    When I start up my launcher I first get the normal launcher with an loading circle in the middle, and I can't click the minimize or close button. After about 3 seconds the launcher turns completely black but when I hightlight it with my mouse the text "Error: Unknown error occured"

    I have looked up this problem on the internet and a lot of people have had this problem in the past, but that was when the SOE dns servers failed. I can access all the SOE websites, and I have turned my firewall off. Nothing happens. I have completely re-installed the game, nothing happens again. I have restarted my computer without any services running (a thing that has fixed quite some previous problems for me in the past) but still a black launcher. I have played this game for more then a year now, so my computer can run it for sure (battlefield hardline and AC unity also run smooth) my internet connection is good enough and I have checked for virussus that may interfere.

    I am hopeless guys, please help me D:

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    Bump, please help!
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    I've tried it, didn't work :/ Thanks for trying to help though
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    So my fix that worked for ME, tried resetting internet options and whatnot plus changed host file too, all not useful because all i did was log out for 1/2 hour, where my comp sat idle, logged in and black screen so in my head I knew it wasn't anything I did in the first place so checking internet settings and such was a waste of time.

    Anyway left for work, got back and **** still not working, so I deleted the LaunchPad.libs Folder and any file named Launchpad*, I then downloaded the ps2_setup.exe from the ps2 website and ran that which in turn replaced the launchpad files with fresh ones.

    Logged in right away after that boys, good luck!
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