[BJay] Get Off My Base Peasants are recruiting

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  1. HardCoreHunter

    Greetings to anybody reading this post!

    First of all, I am Aerro, officer in BJay and I would to give you a quick overview of our outfit.

    General Information

    BJay is an outfit active on the European server Cobalt playing for the New Conglomerate. We are most active during the evenings in the timezones GMT to GMT+2.

    Our specialisation is combined arms gameplay based around a strong infantry core and we use Discord for communication (Link at the bottom of the post).

    What we're all about

    Every week we organise outfit ops, joint ops as well as more laid back squads. Next to this we also have an arrangement of useful guides for newer players as well as veterans coupled with regular trainings that will help you sharpen up your gameplay. Within our outfit there is a huge determination to reach our goals and complete whatever objective is thrown at us. Last but not least, it's important to mention we are not always serious, having a good laugh is definitely something we like to do.

    Getting in contact

    If you would like to get in contact with us to join the outfit or participate in one of our ops please use one of the following methods:

    - Apply via the in game outfit browser
    - Join the BJay Discord

    Thanks for reading, we hope to see you with us soon!

  2. HardCoreHunter

    We are still looking for new players and veterans to team up with, check the information in the post and get in contact!
  3. HardCoreHunter

    BJay is now expanding into combined arms gameplay by adding on tight knit air and armor squads to our usual strong and proven infantry squads. Check the info above if you are interested!
  4. HardCoreHunter

    The before mentinoned armour and air squads are now fully integrated into our normal ops! Hence we still more than welcome any infantry, air or armour players that are interested in tactical squadplay.