BioLabs Are ruining this game

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  1. Keifomofutu

    Biolabs aren't really that defensible. Lots of people go there yes but it really just comes down to straight numbers in the end. Defenders don't seem to have much of an advantage over attackers its pretty much an even urban slaughter for both sides.
  2. Dkamanus


    Jesus ******* christ, people are this ********? I find the bases have 4-6 different entry points, while the defense has one 1 spawning point (mostly because the bases below are capped almost instantly once the attackers come in). OMG, they are actually having 4 platoons inside and are farming the hell out of me. Then wait for the air cavalry to break the stalemate at the aircraft pads then move inside.

    If people are being meatgrinded to boredom in the biolabs, then leave. There are a lot of people who enjoy the place. I like ALL bases, since they all offer different types of infantry gameplay, but as a infantry-exclusive place, biolabs are quite good. MAX Crashing the place is also a valid idea.

    I was looking for this lolsy thread. I figured it would exist after watching GOON farm Allatum for the majority of the past 3 days.

    People are dumb for trying to attack it, and GOON is brilliant for farming the snot out of them. The game has no real metagame so they're doing what's intended and they're doing it very well. I even had AdmiralSnuggles pinned into a house outside the base with my mighty lightning tank and he simply laughed in the face of danger.
  4. Yeo-Yin

    yes, you are right, there is too much people in biolabs.

    You are absolutly right, we need an underground cont where no vehicles are available and where you'll only have infantry fights.

    I agree with you.
  5. siiix

    i really think this game is not for you... thats my honest opinion
    i do not even understand what you see in this game ?! to me it was OBVIOUS just from the size of the maps that is is a vehicle DOMINATED game

    and i VERY VERY VERY highly DISAGREE that vehicles should be only good against other vehicles.. thats exactly how battlefield 2142 is and it was TERRIBLE worst $35 i EVER spent on a game

    just to sum it up for you:
    infantry takes bases and support vehicles, vehicles dominate the battlefield ...
    so planetise2 work AS INTENDED !

    there for you should not play this game, because you dont like this type of game
  6. rlsmooth

    It's not about easy kills or farming xp for me. It's about the fun of a hard fought battle, actually feeling like you have some stake in the outcome. Biolab battles are becoming the only places that are very fun and it's because they are more defendable . Biolabs are quickly becoming the only infantry battles that interest me.
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  7. Flarestar

    Shut the **** up. Seriously. First everyone whined and screamed because OH GOD TECH PLANTS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE unless I use a tiny bit of common sense and tactical planning so they got nerfed into their current terrible state, now people are whining and screaming because OH GOD BIO LABS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE unless you actually, you know, stop camping the teleport rooms for like ten seconds to do a MAX crash and I'm sure after SOE nerfs the unholy hell out of the Biolabs it'll be OH GOD THE CROWN AND THE SCARRED MESA AIRDOCK ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE until eventually literally every base in the game consists of one spawn building and a single cap point that's out in the open.
  8. Clay Pigeon

  9. GoldstarIV

    Pretty stupid when:

    Two factions own 95% of the map and the other faction holds only one Bio Lab, which happens to be the ONLY place with any activity at all..

    Counter-cap the empty bases around it? Pretty boring..

    Before all the attitude and anger bursts through the doors, listen, why can't the WHOLE map operate just like the Bio labs? Why can't we have a decent battle on any other hex on the map?

    Hell, we should of just had a map with 6 hexes; 2 bio labs, 2 tech plants, and 2 amp stations.. At least then, battles would be actually fought within the whole map..

    Still no reason to even bother with the rest of the territory.. People can get as mad as they want, but I still think this territory mechanic needs work.. More bio-labs maybe?
  10. Kiddneey

    Probably because Biolabs offer a satisfying combat environment for Infantry vs Infantry, with almost no interference from Air and/or Armour when compared to the rest of the game.

    As a MAX user, I spend a great deal of time at Biolabs. I can't really shine anywhere else.
  11. Randomguy365

    Biolabs are literally impossible to take when absolutely full of defenders
    it simply can not be done
  12. Randomguy365

    throwing c4 at safe room doors and collecting kills because it is impossible to push out from them is very satisfying, i agree.
  13. Ghoest

    Bio labs are the only place I dont get mowed down by air.
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  14. Chinchy

    Mattherson? :p
  15. SolidSnake

    "But guys how am I supposed to drive my Magrider in there?!?!?" /nerf that!
  16. Sea of Ink

    Well, in hindsight, biolabs are getting annoying. It's either step outside and get spammed to death by ten liberators (including your own, b/c lib pilots don't seem to understand that friendlies have to actually enter the enemy base to capture it and that maybe they need to let up off the spam button before they TK u... oh too late, already TKed again), or run into even more awesome idiots who utilize the C4 exploit at the teleporter spawn room doorway, like this cool dude did multiple times tonight:
  17. Ghoest

  18. Sea of Ink

    it's a bug exploit, smart dude. you might want to read up on it before quipping off.
  19. Brok9000

    When its a small to medium fight at a bio-lab, it is a lot of fun. The really big fights are not as fun but it is still the place to be if you want to play infantry.

    Should be more areas that support infantry fights, not less.
  20. Brok9000

    ^^This. Personally, I think the OP is a fly boy who is upset that so many targets are under a dome. Wait until AA is upgraded, they'll cry so much we'll have a new ocean to swim in.
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