BioLabs Are ruining this game

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  1. Sea of Ink

    Bio labs are the only fun fights left in the game. Everything else is ten minute vehicle spam.
  2. bPostal

    Vehicle combat should not be at the expense of infantry combat. Bases should be vehicle free, the insides of them at least.
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  3. Rothnang

    Biolabs: Where the attackers get spawncamped.

    I hate Biolabs too, if there are a lot of defenders in one it's impossible to take, Even if you control the entire outlying area, there is just no way to get inside. The teleporters lead into shielded rooms that get camped, the landing pad doors are impossible to get through...

    It's only certain BioLabs though that are like that. Some of them have one of their control nodes on the bottom underneath, and those are fine, because if you have enemies who just want to camp the Biolab you can conquer all the territory around it, give yourself a large influence bonus and then cap it with just one point. The ones where you can't do that suck really bad though.
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  4. Dasmasterneko

    Actually... That is pretty funny. I feel stupid for not thinking of it before. Cookies for you mister... All ze cookies!

    Also my new signature ;)
  5. Tigga

    Ok, call it sensible deployment of forces then. If my platoon can't break into a bio-lab because you have all the entrances camped then we will move off and let you camp against nothing. You are welcome to sit around doing nothing if you like. The real reason you'll move off is boredom, the reason you should be moving off is because you have far too many resources allocated to fighting an enemy that isn't there. To camp a bio lab properly takes enough people for it simply not to be a sensible allocation of resources if facing no enemies.

    A lot of the global strategy in this game comes not just from which sectors to fight in, but also how many of you should be fighting in each sector. This is why the zerg is really bad strategically (very very poor economy of force... 50 bodies to roll over and cap each empty point, all waiting for the cap XP. If they were split in two ground would cap nearly 2x faster) and why you sitting in a bio lab with enough strenght to camp it out against a platoon but nobody attacking you is bad strategically - if you're not able to fire your guns you may as well be offline.
  6. Metallideth

    I noticed in most of the camps that the people attacking aren't attacking in force usually it's in small numbers against a larger defensive force. Also people seem to want to get farmed as most of the defenders are sitting at the teleporter rooms and no one is taking the beam lifts or the jump pads. There is strategy to take one, but most of the time the #'s and coordination to do it aren't there. I miss the tech plant fights at least those were entertaining. Right now NC has their stamp on allatum which is fine. We'll just cap all the rest of their territory.
  7. CaptainKirk

    Biolabs are packed because it's the only refuge from Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. As long as Top Gun is the dev's favorite movie, the infantry have got to keep it indoors.
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  8. Erendil

    It should only make people unhappy if they go to too far of an extreme with the changes they make like they did with Tech Plants.

    As you know, they did 3 things to Tech Plants to make them easier to cap:
    • Removed the teleporter from the spawn building to main building
    • Put 2 generators outside the main building that can be overloaded to take down all main building shields
    • Put up barriers to prevent defenders from getting AMSes up onto the safety of the second floor.
    Any one or two of those changes would have been enough IMO to cause Tech plant to cease being the farming fortresses that they were. However, adding in all 3 changes was just too much so now they're just as easily zergable as an Amp Station.

    By the same token, one or two minor changes should be enough to tweak Bio Labs so that they strike a good balance between "impenetrable infantry paradise" and "zergable pushover base."

    Even a simple change like making one of the existing entrances difficult to camp by defenders (most notably defending MAXes) so the attacking force can get a foothold inside would probably be enough.
  9. siiix

    its not on "expense" of the infantry , vehicles have to be durable and cause large damage to be realistic (at they are now) ... there are TONS of places in this game where there is no vehicles at all... so honestly you do not know what you talking about

    in 2142 the vehicles where weak and easy to destroy and that game was boring as hell compared to BF2... EA changed it because of the whining and crying and it caused the game to be a load of cr3p
  10. Tigga



    Clearing the landing pads entrances is already doable if you have air superiority. Max crashes through one teleporter room (and ideally pushing to free up another) can break the camp on it quite easily. It just takes teamwork.
  11. Endlos

    I love Biolabs, and will gladly spend all of my time in them. Attacking or defending, win or lose, I don't care. Want to know why I love biolabs so much? Because it's the only place in the game where all of the ground forces can never be effortlessly farmed by aircraft.

    Every Biolab, every single one, has at least 5 points of access. There will always be two airpads with varying means to get to them, and three teleporter rooms. It would take a staggering number of defenders to properly cover all points of egress; Most failed biolab assaults are because the lemming footzerg only uses one sundy to go to one pad or one teleporter instead of hitting from multiple angles, which makes it easy for the defenders to camp if all the activity is in one spot.
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  12. Tigga

    I can't think of any places outside of biolabs where neither air nor ground vehicles can't have a major influence on the battle. Literally none. Now I might have forgotten one or two, but certainly not TONS.
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  13. Streetrip

    It's fine. Having 4 entry points is fine. Coordinate 2 squads to MAX crash the teleporter and pad and your golden.

    Also bring back the old tech plants. They were fun to break into!
  14. Xae

    There are two teleporter rooms. And they are always by the pads.

    The Third is not accessible until after you have blown the gens. Even then attackers can't use it.
  15. rumblepit

    you know why people go to bio labs?because its the only place infantry can fight in this game without being shot in the back of the head by armor or air. its a infantry fight,something this game is lacking. sounds like the op has a agenda to cut the legs off our lab and burst our bubble so he can get his tank in there to shoot us. lol when they add interlinks to the game then come cry about being farmed at a bio lab. its a easy cap if you have a hand full of people that have half a brain.
  16. Dasmasterneko

    You know what? This conversation is pretty much pointless because Bio labs fall left, right and center every day the entire week. Just because you do not know how to do it does not mean everyone else is as clueless. Apparently some people are very much adept to Bio Lab crushing.
  17. bPostal

    Are we playing the same game? What spots on what continents are unreachable by vehicle fire? What bases? What outposts? What towers? The interior of biolabs are the ONLY base where vehicles can not effect. There is perhaps one, maybe two or three but I will put money down there's no more than half a dozen bases on all three continents where the interior of the base can remain unaffected from vehicle spam.
    **** 2142, we're talking about Planetside 2. 2142 is nowhere near the scale of this game. Nowhere.
    Vehicles should be durable, yes. They should cause large amounts of damage, sure. AGAINST OTHER VEHICLES.
    They have no place affecting the inner workings of a base in any kind of sensible design. None at all.
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  18. Fubbles

    The only problem I really have with biolabs is the C4/explosives exploit on the teleporter room shields. It is insanely easy to farm with impunity while being 100% safe from returned fire. Turns every entry point into a meat grinder assuming the defenders know how to lock down the air pads.
  19. bPostal

    Those teleporter rooms share the same faults that spawn shacks have, only it must be infantry camping them, not vehicles.
  20. AceMF

    don't worry if they didn't want biolab stalemates then they would have put the spawn gens outside the base at a satellite like they did with tech plants