[Suggestion] Biolabs....and bases on Koltyr

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  1. TRspy007

    So thanks to these INFERNAL pop queues, I was stuck on Koltyr, left to do some exploring. That's when I came across the biolab (i forget what it's called).

    The koltyr biolab is actually pretty well designed. The garage is removed and replaced by a classic vehicle terminal on one of the pads, with a spawnroom located on the pad. This makes it extremely simple to pull air and ground vehicles when the auto spawn isn't working, without having to do that 30 minute hike. It also provide defenders a second route to enter the bio, and reverses the roles. The attackers will want to defend that pad in case anyone tries to teleport and flank the gen room for example.

    I don't see why the bases on koltyr are worked on better than the ones on the normal continents, considering there are no fights on koltyr. Honestly, how much work would it take to carry these well designed bases from koltyr to Indar, or Esamir, or Amerish or even HOSSIN, where we have too many "construction sites" in the first place.

    I don't know if the rest of the community feels this way, but the bases on koltyr seem more worked on then the ones we generally fight in, and I would love to see them implemented in other continents.

    I would also like to see some variety in the vegetation of the biolabs, the number of landing pads, the hieght above the ground and the number of teleporter rooms. MAybe even add a bio where we must overload the generators on each landing pad before being able to access the points. (There would be shields around the rooms of the points). That would add some meaning to sunderers again.

    In general, we really need some rework on the biolabs, and the one on koltyr is a pretty good start.
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