[Suggestion] Biolab Dome shield generator.

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  1. Archiadus

    That is possible to do, but once you get inside you're pretty much a free cert piñata waiting to pop. :p
  2. Peebuddy

    Oh the CoD kiddies won't stop ********

    "The last bastion of pure infantry fighting is gone, wah wah wah" as they wipe their cheetos crusted fingers on their 'Thug life' shirts and wash it all down with Mt Dew.

    Even though a 64+ 50/50 biolab fight is basically this


    Real infantry combat right there baby!!

  3. thingymajigy

    So can I! :D

  4. Ulas

    piñatas are popped blindfolded^^ Only thing is you won't need blindfolds most infantry players come out of the factory blinded:D:D
  5. cbplayer

    There way too much cover for a lib farm
    you know, all those buildings where them decimator heavies hide in?
  6. Wabuilderman

    So true.... One does not simply fight zergs in biolab. You camp ALL the zergs in biolab.

    Biolabs are such camping sites, they might as well be called 'biocamps'
  7. 4wry

    I'm cross referencing a previous post here about additional entrances to Biolabs.

    It would be fun if there was a generator that powered the dome shield, however, I don't think that the bay is a good spot. Why? Because if it were so, then you bet that people would always go for that generator first and then spawncamp/farm all the infantry coming through the teleport to defend the generator. The bay is not a very defendable position as such. If anything, the dome shiled could fall when the SCU gen goes down, but I think that the idea with biolabs is a bit that there is no air that will pound on infantry.

    Relating to the linked post: if the teleport were to be neutral simply and the entrance/exit was located in the small building outside the spawn room: i.e. the smaller corner building (not the one one usually walks through when going directly to the SCU), this would allow flanking campers inside, but also be a defendable position. Secondly, it would make sense to have a sundy at the bottom of Biolabs in order to protect that entrance, or to defend the exit upstairs.
  8. RykerStruvian

    amen to that. **** biolabs.
  9. cbplayer

    It divide the defending pop into both levels along with the attacking pop, that would make the top entrance less of a meatgrinder
  10. Tycoh

    This is relevant to my interests. Mr. Gorbachev, Bring this Dome Down!
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