Biolab changes, Base design, and Implications for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Corezer, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Corezer

    So I was watching Wrel's biolab flow video today....

    It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need sleep now, so I'll just nutshell it:
    It seems like they are trying to use object placement to limit exposure of attackers* in key locations where they will mass (checkpoints if you will) for the requisite manpower to push through lanes from which defenders* will have the cover advantage (chokepoints if you will)

    *attack and defense are used as expressions of meta here, not base ownership (IE base attackers could have captured "B" point and are defending it from the base defenders who are attacking it.)

    I predict that the ability to create crossfires, where their availability will be significantly reduced among ground peasants, will result in improved desirability for the Light Assault class, provided that other bases follow in this direction. This fortification to what I've always called our "crossfire role" may lend to justification, in the minds of developers, of a C4 nerf, which is likely to be called for with increased fervency as many, less carbine proficient LA proceed to go full fairy on every aforementioned checkpoint...

    This is just a prediction of the future of our class. We should probably try to come up with ideas as for how to address it at a later date.
  2. Demigan

    I got the reference I got the reference I'm so proud!

    Anyway, It depends on how the chokepoints are executed. I only had a very short glimps of a biolab entramce after exiting one, and it seemed to be divided more. No longer will the left side be able to shoot players going to the right side in the back. Immensely reducing the amount of forces needed to break theough. It also forces the defenders to spread out more, something you dont want as a C4 fairy.

    And I think that remains true for other area's as well. Looking at Drax's video of how they did TI alloys I expect the rest to be the same. Result: much more cover everywhere for everyone and giving LA's a better role in traversal, but once again meaning much more division of forces and a reduction in targets to take down with C4 per strike, not to mention the likelyhood that in such chaotic environments the chamce that the LA gets accidentally flanked because theres much more room to maneuver from cover to cover without getting riddled by 6 guys is going to offer a lot more risk as well. Whereas current bunch-up setups have people focused much more in one direction, making it easier to get in from behind/flank/above unseen.

    Anyway. If they do remove C4 from LA's, we need something incredibly neat back. I always wanted a rechargeable fuel tank. Recharges while jetpack is full. Can either be used to replenish a part/all of your fuel, or can be dropped and detonated with weapons fire for good damage vs infantry (500 or so in a small inner AOE, but has a large total AOE with low damage degradation) and moderate vs vehicles and MAX's. 2 maximum carrying/deploy capacity at any one time after maxed upgrades. Great for setting up ambushes but without the cheap insta-kill that AI mines offer or the cheap "dont have to be anywhere near" that AI mines also offer.