Biggest WTF moments in your History of PS2.

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  1. Leo Cyrule

    As the title states! Place your biggest WTF moments in PS2!

    First one, and probably my top one... A year and a half a go when MAX's were much weaker. I killed a max in close range with one clip of a PULSAR C. Scared out of my life, and half way dead. He just fell over. No one else shot at him either :/

    Second: Hip firing a Sniper rifle (XM38 VS rifle) at a mountain side miles away three times. Two of them gave me head shot kills. There wasn't a fight, and I was a couple of bases back.

    Imagine being that soldier who happens to get killed by a stray bullet from a sniper that didn't know you were there. One unlucky sonova*****.

    Third: And I am just going to call this feeding frenzy... but while driving in a sunderer Caravan, there just happened to be a huge storm of Galaxies flying around a lot like... well... a school of fish eating what ever a school of fish eats. They weren't circling. They were just doing cartwheels, somersaults, and back-flips over one base.

    So... the platoon I was with just sprayed a crap load of bullets into the air from the sundies and fed off of them.

    Four: NC Zerg Rush with Nothing but one manned armor to a base guarded by only one squad. For no fricken reason all of them exploded promptly after bumping into one another.

    Reactions of the VS guarding that base. "Oh ****... oh ****... OH ****! FRICKEN ZERG RUSH!"
    "wait... why are they exploding..."
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  2. _itg

    Once I saw a MAX at a safe distance, so I took at shot at him with my BASR. I got a headshot...on a cloaked infiltrator right in front of him. 5 minutes later, took a shot at a HA, another headshot on a cloaked infiltrator.

    Also, I managed to kill a flying Liberator with an AV grenade today. Not really WTF (at least on my end), just satisfying.
  3. Leo Cyrule

    I guess Infiltrators make excellent Meat Shields when they aren't being lone wolfs.
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  4. Person7man

    Every time I log into the game I ask myself wtf I am doing.
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  5. Bhudda V1

    i have a bunch of minor wtf moments like my lightning doing a somersault over a cliff into enemy armour and running for my life.

    biggest one would be when i was rolling in a platoon and we all pulled galaxies like 40ish of us pulled them and went over to a vs/tr fight to mess with them we got blown out of the sky but it was awesome got a few rams with my gal before i was murdered.
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  6. Gorbian

    Logging in post-OMFG and seeing how they neutered everything that looked good.

    I've yet to get my game looking as pretty as before.
  7. KnightCole

    The time I was chasing a lone infantry guy outside Freyr and my tank blew up out of the blue....

    Another time on Amerish I drove over a ridge and blew up out of hte blue....

    Yet another time I was in my tank and I slammed into a pillar and my tank blew up yet again......

    I quit driving tanks cuz of that.....

    Then WTF moments? 6/10 encounters over this entire last year in infantry combat where it took me 30 rounds to drop single guys, and the several deaths I got cuz I was preoccupied killing a guy who should be dead 10x over....
  8. Flamberge

    1. Ran over a BR 100 Stalker Infil with meh sundy.
    2. Driving off one of those rock bridges on Indar, doing a flip, and landing right side up, driving away like a boss.
    3. Got killed by a spiker.
  9. Ownasaurusrex

    In a mossie air Zerg being killed by a teammates tomcat a2a missile
  10. Sn0w

    Cloaked on a hillside just minding my own business, galaxy explodes about 200m up, wreckage lands right on my head.

    Oh, and I headshot some guy with a hornet missile today.
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  11. ajma

    GOTR just ran a secondary weapon only event. We managed to defend and attack succesfully.

    Edit: There were Spikers everywhere.
  12. JustifiedJordan

    Planetside 2 - ESF C4 Revenge!:

    My biggest WTF happened yesterday.

    Thank the Lord for shadowplay.
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  13. Demigan

    Bumping into a friendly and insta-exploding, then getting two teamkills because my wreck instakilled another Vanguard... Was this on Miller? I might have been part of the Galaxy Cartwheel as well.

    I stab a MANA AI turret with my knife, as it explodes I die to it's wreckage.

    Long ago it stopped being a WTF moment for me. But whenever I get a 10+ killstreak, the chance of dieing to friendly fire increases exponentially. I wouldn't be surprised if every killstreak above 20 I got killed by a friendly. A rondom shot from a Vanguard hits me, a scatterMAX starts firing, and even after 4 hits he keeps shooting until I'm dead, I turn a corner and a Shrike rocket hits me in the face, my tank blew up in the middle of nowhere in an open field and after one minute of walking a friendly Flash drives over me, etc...

    Shooting a flash from 50+m distance because I know how dangerous they are. It explodes, wreck launches itself into my face. This has happened on multiple occasions. These things have homing devices in them...
  14. Dieter Perras

    omg that was amazing! XD
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  15. barunedpat

    Using the Hornet missile for the first time, hitting myself.
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  16. JustifiedJordan

    Ahaha thanks man - I was pretty happy/confused.

    Logged off for a run around the block 30 seconds later XD
  17. tahn1000

    minding my business in my lightning and a scythe blows up directly above me and it's black and flaming bits fall all over my lightning in first person view.

    yes there was a skirmish, and i clearly wasn't the one that blew it to bits but it was definitely a moment that had me thinking "that should have hurt..."
  18. BobSanders123

    I was providing the good ol grenade launcher artillery support on a mountain, I was facing about 45 degrees towards the sky, I launch one, lose view of it, then suddenly I kill an enemy scythe.

    My friend and I fly off a tall mountain and fly just next to a liberator. My friend uses the marauder and takes it out in mid air.

    The entire server crashes, base timers stop, no one can get killed, NC and TR have a fun party by throwing sticky grenades at eachother and placing infinite amounts of tank mines everywhere. Server catches up and everyone in the entire AMP station dies instantly and also crash to desktop.
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  19. Tuco

    "WTF, no CE and AMS?"
  20. Brahma2

    Best Halberd shot I have recorded. Sadly after my harasser days.