[Vehicle] BIG thanks to DB! i feel free from Planetside2

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  1. 4JlEH30CM


    i play since 2013-14 i've played different styles tanks infiltrator etc but recent years i become a harasser maniac, this is the only thing that still gives me pleasure and fun in game. i have dreams about my harasser i like how look my harasser i play only harasser i've unlocked all weapons for harasser i've upgraded all setups for harasser. sometimes i play as gunner when my girlfriend driving. just example - first two characters is my twinks.


    BUT DB make shiitwarpgate update and i feel thanks for:

    Thanks #1 - 300n for harasser
    Thanks #2 - nanites not grow if your character not move. you get 100n but after than you have to make step for make nanites growing again so i must to do some kind clicker or something that i can use when 0 nanites and set character on afk nanites farm for new harasser
    Thanks #3 - thunderstorm that break zergs and massive battles because of which I played

    recent years i felt addicted by Planetside because there no analogues that can be even close to PS2. PS2 have monopoly on openworld FPS sandbox. But now i am really feel free from Planetside and searching new game for playing to. its not sarcasm or joke i really see that my PS2 addiction start disappearing and i dont wanna to play in that ****** PS2.

    from time to time i'll try to play untill my PS2 addiction will disappear totally. before PS2 i never thought that video game can be so attractive, it was long 7 years but now i feel freedom is close =)))
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  2. JibbaJabba

    I'm feeling this. I know what you mean. I feel I have a lot invested so probably don't quit playing when I should.

    This recent update has really given me a chance to step back. I'm digging some other games on my playlist right now.
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  3. V43xV1CT15

    If the devs intent with shattered Warpgate was to make 80 percent of the remaining vets take a break from the game, then they have succeeded with rainbow colors.

    Most people I play with are playing other games same as me, I have really enjoyed my break from bugs and now the storm is in the game ******* forget it man redeployside in my MBT was getting ridiculous before the storm and I’m not even going to try to deal with it now
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  4. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I must be one of very few people who actually enjoys the new update so far.

    I especially enjoy going to the shattered warpgate zone and fighting things out through different terrain. No indication of how many friendlies/enemies there are. No lattice links to get tied down with. No hard spawns to camp/be camped with. Majority of bases are player made, which means base designs are near unique each time. The atmosphere of the area now it's been revamped is wonderful. It's been such a long since I've had a lot of fun on Esamir. I've really enjoyed playing there now.

    I'm 50-50 on the storm. People have been requesting weather effects for such a long time and now it's finally in, people are complaining. I can see why. Esamir is a vastly open continent that was clearly intended for vehicular combat between bases. The storm destroys any and all vehicles inside, which in turn kills the majority of fights. Putting that aide, I have enjoyed fighting as infantry within the storm. It brings a new challenge to infantry battles. Not only having to fight against an enemy faction, but also trying to protect myself from the storm as well. I like that aspect of it.

    With all of that said, I'd like if the storm was a little more random, rather than making a beeline for the biggest zerg in the area. Or at least make it so vehicles stop working rather than outright blowing them up. People spent a good portion of nanites on those vehicles. The game is meant to be about big battles. The storm takes that aspect away.

    I like that they removed biolabs. I already dislike them as is, and the fact they're gone makes me enjoy Esamir so much more. I dreaded having to fight at that continent and get trapped at Andvari or Mani. It was just not enjoyable at all.

    In terms of the mission system, I can see the vision they have for it. It's certainly better than the half-baked 'phase 1' system that was released years ago. I do feel it needs some tweaks. Maybe make a directive line for it where if you complete X amount of missions at Y rarity you get a bunch of extra Standing or some other reward. I've also had it where I get two of the same mission but their rewards are slightly different. I've had two Supply Line missions, one gave 4000 XP and the other gave 6000 XP. Obviously I'm not going to go for the lesser reward one here unless all the other missions are pretty awful.

    The campaign, I don't really have a massive opinion on it. It's nice to finally do something different. Already I see opportunists lurking in locations where missions must be completed, trying to score cheap easy kills. I like that the campaign utilises the shattered warpgate area... which takes me back to my opinions on that location.
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  5. Twin Suns

    Not gonna lie, it is quite refreshing playing games that don't have the bugs that PS2 has....
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  6. Trigga

    Agreed, i started playing the Star Citizen alpha again, had a more pleasant and less bug induced experience.....
    Says it all....
  7. LoneRanger69

    I logged in last night for the first time in months... in 5 mins got killed twice by storm lightning.. logged off, uninstalled.. **** DB. hard enough time keeping by K/D over 1.. but being 1st shot by weather? on esamir didn't have a place to hide.. ah smell the lost revenue db.. suck it
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