[Suggestion] Big magazine carabine

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Uriel117, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Uriel117

    I´ll be short on this, i was just thinking about adding a new carabine, the main purpose if it would be to have the following traits:

    1. Bad dps
    2. Good acuracy
    3. Near to no recoil
    4. Big magazine
    5. Long reload time
    6. Fast bullet velocity

    In other words, a nerfed heavy LMG, to claryfy, ill put an example.

    Weapon name: LC4 kitty

    Muzzle velocity: 570 m/s
    Fire rate: 500 rpm
    max dmg: 143 @ 10m
    min dmg: 112 @ 65m
    Short reload: 3.9 secs
    Long reload: 4.8 secs
    Magazine zize: 75 rounds
    Ammo pool: 300 rounds
    Acuracy and recoil: Same as T5 amc

    What do you think, ¿too underpowered) (take into acount that with that RPM and the same recoil means amost no recoil in full auto) , Good or OP, ill like to hear your opinion
  2. Ribero

    Coincidental I'm sure, but I think that basically describes the EM1 LMG on NC, except for maybe the long reload.

    Muzzle velocity: 650 m/s
    Fire rate: 652 rpm
    max dmg: 143 @ 10m
    min dmg: 125 @ 65m
    Short reload: 3.5 secs
    Long reload: 4.465 secs
    Magazine zize: 100 rounds (Ext mag optional, for 200)
    Ammo pool: 400 rounds

    Just randomly mentioning that.
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  3. Neo3602

    Reduce the damage and kick of up the fire rate and it would make a pretty good TR carbine
  4. ZeroErrorz

    800 rpm
    167 dmg
    75 round mag
    and horrible acuracy

    i want that.
  5. Iridar51

    T5 AMC is actually pretty far from being "near to no recoil" weapon. 0.3 vertical and 0.2/0.2 horizontal is somewhat average.
    0.15/0.175 horizontal and 0.22 vertical is what I'd call "very low recoil".

    I'm not sure who'd want to use such a weapon, though, 143 damage with RoF 500 is too far from competitive DPS. Most pistols have higher DPS. Ability to consistently hit all the shots would make it a desirable long-range weapon, but at ranges where that would be an advantage over, say, Cougar, you could just as well snipe with your turret.
    Big mag size is irrelevant for engineer, who has infinite ammo, and if you really must fire so much bullets down the range, then again, there is the MANA turret for that.
  6. Uriel117

    Maibe i exagerated with the super low fire rate, but what you people say is true, the ai MANA turret is probably what i was looking for, but anyways, if they add new carabines, there are no big magazine ones, maibe they could add a cqc one (high DPS and horrible acuracy) and what i was thinking of if SOE wants to add some more variety to our arsenal.
  7. UGoBoy

    I just want Extended Mags on the S-variants o_O