[BUG] BIG EXPLOIT! Needs fixing asap!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mianera, May 4, 2020.

  1. Mianera

    The rocket rifle for the light assault reloads instantly.

    It's not just for me, had others try it and it does it. You can empty all of its ammo in under 20 seconds.

    This is clearly unintended and needs fixing right away!
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  2. ObiVanuKenobi

    Old news, it's been like this for months now.
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  3. FLHuk

    Sadly this is nothing new, there are vids showing 5 months at least.

    Even searching this forum tells you exactly how to do it.... One guy was made famous, still abusing it.

    Another thing, like Bastions killing inside spawns, that has not even been acknowledged as a bug. At least the Bastion thing was quietly fixed eventually :(
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  4. Mianera

    5 months? I have 3k hours in the game just returning and this **** has been here for 5 months??? WHAT??????
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  5. FLHuk

    Yeah, it's like we're at the point where it's a feature. Those ones we've gained over the years that they couldn't patch out....
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  6. Liewec123

    waaaaaay longer than 5 months, some ***** on one of the american servers has been farming tanks for around a year,
    bug still not fixed, dude still not banned.
    DBG are too busy coming up with new ways to ruin the game ;)

    hey i might have to start doing this, its clear that they don't give a crap about people doing it,
    and lets face it i'll be ruining the game way less for everyone than Wrel is.
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  7. TRspy007

    That's why I don't run max rank survivalist on my light assault. I'm pretty disgusted though that some people have been reported and filmed abusing it (high BRs too), yet I still encounter them all the time.

    I'm proud to say that the guy I think you're referring to has been farmed intentionally by me, I made him my priority focus when I catch him in a fight.

    Most of them disable tells too so you can't explain to them how much of a parasite they are.

    I'd like to see this and many other bugs fixed, because it's just not serious and gives a really negative impression of the game, when there's already tons of stereotypes going around like "everyone who kills me is a hacker".

    And I get maybe doing this once or twice unknowingly, but the people who constantly abuse of this should be banned. Not long ago, someone told me they got banned for getting caught farming turrets a week before. It's stupefying to see we've got videos and reports of people doing the same thing for half a year, with no action taken.

    I'm sorry to the dude who came to give the game another chance, and like most people has or will probably leave again soon, but the game is still in a sorry state, and the dev team seems intent on making it worse.
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  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Are you surprised? There are still bugs like infiltrators not lighting up with the darklight properly, and let's not even start on that dead-alive bug where someone slides around dead whilst going about their business. A bug that's been in the game for over 7 years now.

    At this point you may as well take any bug you see as a feature.
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  9. TRspy007

    Don't forget the falling through the map, pulling 30 vehicles at once, reload bug, C4 warp bug, mines....

    Basically the game is just one big bug. I still stick with it, but when you combine that and the endless cheese it's no wonder people who come to check out the game don't stay for more than a few weeks.
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  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Since we're bug-collecting: Sometimes (especially if you spawn a vehicle from the map) it can happen that you get spawned onto the vehicle pad and then your own vehicle that you just pulled kills you by spawning in the same place. Amazing times.
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  11. TRspy007

    A few times my vehicle actually spawned sideways. No big deal for some bases, but at others like Ceres, me spawning my sunderer sideways meant I got killed by the next vehicle spawn as I was trying to get myself unstuck.

    There's also the thing when you try deploying it from the map, and it either doesn't work or tells you the vehicle terminal is hacked, which isn't true when you deploy there.
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  12. FLHuk

    Someone posted a fix to the remote vehicle spawn bug recently. I used it for a few days then the family curse of Alzheimers got the better of me and I forgot....

    Can't find it either :(
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