BFEA Birds of a Feather recruiting (serious players only)

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  1. SecretAgentJohn

    Hi there folk,

    SecretAgentJohn here. Ever get the feeling you wanna do more with your life? Be part of a good group of people that are dedicated to improving their game. Focusing on being their best self.
    Well look no further BFEA Birds of a Feather is recruiting YOU!
    We are a TR based outfit. Based on a small amount of players with skill and good tactics.
    If you are a person focused on being better at your game, trying to improve all the time? Well you need a good old pot of likeminded people.

    Consider this. Planetside 2, a good game, but lacks potential as I noticed its a headless chicken sort of phenomenon. Everyone running around on their own trying to get the next kill streak, which is fine here and there, but keep in mind you can do more.

    That's what I want to do. Squads squads squads, working not just in an organized fashion. But using some military tactics that we will be discussing and improving.

    For the start we will only have to about 10 players. Not everyone who applies can join.

    Here are just some of the requirements:

    -You have a good PC. 60FPS is the minimum you are welcomed in. If you have a 120hz+ setup that's recommended and preferred.

    -You have good gear. You better have a FPS mouse and large mouse mat. No sissies around here.

    -KD is based on your playstyle. Farm, stayalive and inyourface tactics styles. I don't judge but have at least 1.8KD, mine is 1.3 because I play on a bad PC while on my VS its 2.7. 40FPS battles are not ideal.

    -Your good at communication. Good english. Voice chat. Be bold.

    -18 years +

    -You gotta have a good sense of style. Have good aesthetics on your soilder. Joking. But I recommend it... xD A successful army is one with style.

    -You are kind, we don't need any spiteful mad stuff on our discord. Getting mad for losing and badmouthing others is not welcome. Unless its funny. Then its ok. :)

    -You are an active player that plays everyday. Or at least 3-4 times a week.

    -You have a good geared soldier. BR 60+. At least for the role you want to play. Medic infil heavy etc..

    -You can play any role, but you can specialize.

    What will we be doing?

    -Everyday Aimlab practice for 1h.

    -Discussing on how to be a better player overall. More fun more wins and that's it.

    -Organized squad gameplay. Tactics. Flash bang runs. walking together. Coordinated assaults to take a base. Whatever we come up with that is fun and effective. Someone marking targets and a group of banshees saying hello. Hornets too.

    -Playing other games like Apex Legends

    About me:

    I am a retired army general, coming from Sirius. And I'm looking forward to seeing how tings go on earth here. :) Some RP there xD?

    My characters are as follows:
    SecretAgentJohn TR BR 69
    SaitX VS (Better PC) BR ASP 39

    My playstyle:
    -Air play. Decent at a mossy, lib. But we will be focusing on infinitary.
    -Infil and LA preferred. Medic if we be dying.

    So that's the sum of it. Want to join? Follow this link: