Better than BF4?

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  1. Zenox

    PS2 - Large scale combined arms, higher TTK.
    BF4 - Better animations, graphics and sound, but smaller scale combined arms, lower TTK.

    Both are full of bugs, hacks and shoddy netcode... Welcome to modern tactical shooters!
  2. TheBloodEagle

    Personally I think BF4, even BF3, has much better weapon characteristics, sounds & customization plus animations. They just feel and handle so much more lively. Hell, even the tracers are 10x better than the current fade out delay beams we have currently. PS2 weapons overall feel dated compared to other games. It's the main thing that bugs me.

    I feel like PS2 has a better "macro" and BF4 is has a better "micro" in the context of details (not talking about map size, player "match" size).

    Combat just feel more intense (in the cinematic sense)

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  3. Plunutsud pls

    BF is ok but it's not persistent like PS2, it's round based. I just prefer persistent worlds where you earn XP in realtime.

    I also miss my Infiltrator cloak when I'm running around in BF. Not as fun without cloak.

    Plus BF has that annoying bright sun that blinds you when it's in your face, it's ridiculous.

    I also meet a lot more suspicious players (possible cheaters) in BF.

    So I choose PS2 over BF, even though PS2 has its flaws too.
  4. Cest7

    I'd rather give my money to SOE than EA/Dice...
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  5. Allin

    Fot the price of 0$ you get unfinished product with PS2. For the price of 100$ you get unfinished product with BF4. Not to mention BF series boils down to infantry combat whatever they may say in trailers. I have almost a thousand hours in bf3 and almost 500h in bf4. I had over 2 thousands in BF2. I played them for simmilar calendar time though.
  6. Thesweet

    Gameplay wise:




    However scale:


    Therefore PS2 is just a larger version of BF3.5
  7. Camycamera

    EA put the last nail in the coffin for BF for me when they pulled that "premium" **** for BF3, as well as the release and sameyness BetaDLCifiedfield 3.2 (BF4), and Battlefield Hardline looks like EA slowly lowering the coffin into the grave to me.

    i joined onto the series with BF2142, and then i moved to BFBC2, i then built a proper gaming rig, played Planetside 2 which i had been following for a while, and got to BF3, where i was sorely disappointed; Planetside 2 ruined Battlefield for me. BF is just no match for Planetside 2, because PS2 instantly wins for me because of its scale.

    Planetside 2 has offered me so much fun for free compared to what the modern BF series can offer me now (to get the full experience, you've got to buy premium! hooray!).

    i laugh every time i see an ad for BF advertising "all out war" with just 64 players.
  8. DevDevBooday

    PS2 by a mile.

    People complain that PS2 is too much like a giant team deathmatch.
    BF4 IS just a giant team match (but on a MUCH smaller scale)

    Also graphics? who gives a damn about graphics? Crysis 3 has good graphics but that doesnt mean the game is any good.

    BF4 is just BF3 but with a hoover attachment to your wallet.