Betels numbers are totaly off

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  1. Collin

    Why would you take out the 5 % well you don´t do it on other guns as well. All I see its perfomance in GAME and its stats IN GAME. And they Show me something is WRONG!!!!

    If you can´t conclude this out of These numbers pls NEVER EVER post a comment about anything OP or UP, because the numbers of the BETEL are really of the board.

    Most used LMG
    Most KPU
    Most KPH
    Most Kills (i think)
    and its a directive weapon.

    don´t you think TR and NC want a gun that are perfoming on the same Level? and i did not even mention the 0.75 Muli on it.

    You Need to even see that something is wrong with that gun.
  2. Collin


  3. Collin

    PPA KPU worse than the marauders is one of These Planetside myths. I really don´t know where this is coming from
  4. Flag

    Because it takes out anomalies like AC players and the godaful ones who pull the total average one way or the other.

    Tell me Collin, did you have High School mathematics? Did you ever hear about the use of Averages, and Medan values? And why they both have their uses? If you don't, well don't expect people to take you seriously.

    In short, you see numbers, yet fail to understand their meanings and implications.
  5. Flag

    Typo on my part, KPH.
  6. Collin

    then get These numbers otherwise we have to work what we have. And again you don´t do it on the other guns. I mean you really think that the Betel is fine?
  7. Flag

    I don't think it's as broken as you make it out to be, no.
  8. Ghosty11

    I have the Auraxium for it. It is my favorite of all the VS AR's, other than extreme long range fire, it really doesn't have any weaknesses.
  9. Quikloc007

    No LMG should have a .75 ADS. None. It is basically an SMG that has high damage out put far beyond 8 meters. You factor in surver update time, lag and high ping get OP. Sorry it's a fact. When a VS HA does the adada dance, there basically dodging bullets. Make Orion/BG .5 like all other LMG's, and numbers will fall in line. And no, MSW-R is not an Orion. IMO
  10. AlterEgo

    My fellow bombe... err, brethren did some useful.
    DID being the key word.

    Also to OP, you say Gatekeeper gets 3000 kills and the Betelgeuse gets 25,000.
    To that, I say no crap, Sherlock. One is an AV vehicle, and the other is a HA weapon, which belongs to the most frequently used class. It is also used by the VS, who have more high BR people. That tells you something; why the Gatekeeper was mentioned is beyond me.
  11. PasitheeVS

    It's the same again and again.
    VS has 1 weapon that might be OP and all become hysteric, crying for nerfs and forgetting anything else that needs a nerf/buff.
    What about the useless Phaseshift? The Magrider/Harrasser PPA?
    Is anyone crying for buffs? No. Maybe the people gave up already.

    And the Jackhammer, the OProwler Primaries? The Gatekeeper, Raven, Phoenix, Liberator, Hornets, Infantry Farm ESFs, Striker,
    Shotgun MAXes.
    Threads about them don't occur as oftenly and become as hyped as an angry Anti-Betelgeuse thread like this one.

    It is a really BAD LMG with "unlimited" ammo used by expert HAs only. It's no surprise it has good stats.
    A bad LMG? Hell yes! No attachments, and it's glowing in the dark to show your enemies exactly where you are.
  12. Ragnarox

    Engineers are op, they have unlimited ammo too.

    No reload in real fights...what the *** that means. BG have 50 heat mech ammo. Cooling mechanism is their reload. Dude go farm butcher stop trying to headshot someone on the forums.
  13. Ragnarox

    Toxic attitude? You whine all day, Its practically only thing you do. Instead of training to get better skill you complain why BR1 killed you with orion. Man, you sck, I mean someone must tell you, you sck really hard. Maybe you should change game. Or server. Or class.
  14. Collin

    To be fair yes i do think the Betel is op. Is it gamebreaking no.

    This thread i just made after these 1000x Gatekeeper nerfthreads primerly by the VS. Yes i did threads about this matter and yes i will do them in the future as well to show the VS that this game is not to be balanced around them. Other fraction can have nice and good performing things as well. Again like the Gatekeepter.

    If I would buff or nerf anything in the game right now i would rebuild the NC max to give them a long range option. It would not be the betel. But its funny how some VS really jump on this topic and i keep smiling how they cry and yell. Its not OP its not OP but look this is OP.

    We had this week again primerly from the VS following options:

    Nerf TR LMG
    Nerf the Gatekeeper

    and my farvourite Nerf the Striker.

    Everything got discussed numbers got brought up and these threads went more or less up into the clouds. But try to mention only a single VS matter and an army of writers blow into your face and tell you the world is flat because of some statistics they can´t produce.

    It seems like some players play the forums pretty well and since i really don´t give a ***:


  15. Bearded Wall


    If the Vs have it, it's "Different" or "A Faction trait".

    If anyone else has it "OVERPOWERED".

    Now tell me about how the TR have the best guns in the game again.
  16. Mythical1

    Why are you putting it on him to get numbers YOU need to show that the Betelgeuse is "OP"? YOU get the numbers and then YOU can have more info to prove your point to yourself. Anyone with half the working brain cells in a normal person can see your fearmongering for what it is.
  17. PasitheeVS

    As this Statistic from shows:


    The Betelgeuse in UP.

    It is based on the Orion, which is one of the "worst" LMGs in the game. (It's a default LMG, so it's hard to say if it's true)
    Also it has no attachments and glows, so it can't be good.

    I sorted this with the KPH, since it shows how fast you can grind kills with it.

    The example of the SVA-88 and the SVA-GG (SVA in gold) shows:
    Two identical weapons, one, the GG, is only available for 2.000 DBC, so only addicted/enthusiastic (experienced) people use it.
    Thus, the weapon MUST have better statistics than those anyone can buy for certs.

    However, the SVA-GG's statistic is a bit ruined by those who use the 30-minute test....
    without attachments or visers... So it could be even better.

    The best Non-Auraxium, Non-DBC-only and Non-Exceptional LMG in the Game is the LA1 Anchor.
    This one needs a nerf. 167 DMG on 10m, 600 RoF, Soft Point Ammunition.
    Such a weapon must be OP.
  18. stalkish

    Tell me what happens when you run dry of ammo now at this current time in game?
    Do you have to go to a terminal because since you have 0 reserve you can no longer pick up ammo?
    As far as im aware, 0 is still a number, i see no reason why having 0 reserve would stop weapons functioning completely, as i said when you run dry of ammo you have 0 reserve, 0 in clip.

    I never suggested removing the reserve ammo count at all.
    Im not sure how i can make that any clearer.

    Also when i spawn in, my gun is loaded with main ammo, i dont have to reload after pulling, so i see no reason why the game couldnt put 750/0 when you spawn in. Once you shoot it all itl say 0/0, at which point you pick up some ammo and it says 0/750. You then reload and it says 750/0 again like it did when you spawned.
    Seems pretty simple to me, if the game really cant do that then i dont know what to say, seems pretty limited in its abilities.
  19. FateJH

    He means something like this: the TRAC-5 has a 240/240 ammunition pool. If I empty the 40-magazine and reload once, the count goes to 200/240; do it again and it goes to 160/240. If I stand over an ammo pack, slowly the pool replenishes to 240/240 maximum. New ammunition is always added to the pool while there is more room in it. If you go to a Terminal and switch from one weapon to another, the game always initializes that new weapon with a full magazine and N/N - it always starts with a full amunition pool. These are normal behaviors exhibited by all weapons. (There is a glitch where sometimes reloading before or during a resupply causes the new magazine to start empty or the weapon throws away a reload even if the magazine is full. This should not be considered normal.)

    If the ammunition pool for a weapon is 0/0, then it will never resupply from an Ammunition Package. The only ammunition you will have is what is already in the magazine and the only way to refill the magazine is to use a Terminal.

    To go into the code and create a new exception that, sometimes, a weapon resupplies with 0/N in its starting ammunition pool might require adjusting some very fundamental code for either the Terminals or for base weapon classes. At the best, OOP being respected, you have a weapon-local method you can override for initializing just this weapon; however, I don't trust that anything about the way this game is coded to be forward-thinking.

    That's what he's saying. (The part about not trusting the game's code is what I am adding.)
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  20. lothbrook

    Yeah, in fantasy land where no one ever misses, theres 0 lag, client side shenanigans and recoil doesn't exist the Godsaw is ALMOST as good, now bring it into reality and people use the Anchor instead.