Betels numbers are totaly off

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  1. moriarrr-ceres

    My only opinion: i don't like how the game restrict people in one and only class, killing niche playstyle, and even support roles. It's just right now a "I have the kill first" game, removing teamplay,cover use, and cooperation.
  2. Flag

    Here's a thing for all the Betelguse haters to do.

    Go make a new VS toon, take the Orion and use it barebones. No grip, nothing. See how fun that is.
  3. stalkish

    I didnt say no reserve i said 0 reserve.
    Running dry of ammo completely doesnt lock your gun and prevent ammo pack reloads currently in game, the counts just say 0, surely the ammo pack would just reload the 450 round 'magazine' into the reserve, then the gun would load the 'magazine' into the gun, just as a normal magazine is now.
  4. Villanuk

    And your reward is a completely OP gun, completely OP and only a completely biased idiot would say it isnt and lets face facts, the orion is a fantastic gun in its own right that's why is so heavily used.
  5. Ghosty11

  6. Ragnarox

    Nope, Orion is just crap, very high horizontal recoil makes it useles over 30+ meters. Its starter gun thats why lots of ppl use it, but Sva is better. BG is just upgrade to what it should be. Stop crying and do something. Make VS char and farm BG or delete your TR char and go play counter strike.
  7. MikeyGeeMan

    The real issue most people miss is not in the weapon itself. It is how the heat mechanic changes the squad distribution.

    When running a squad of betelsyou don't need anyone to drop ammo. This allows the other members of your squad to either go medic or heavy as well.

    This gameplay altering mechanic gives the people using this in a squad a very very large advantage.

    R removing the heat mechanic is the only option. Or offer it to all other factions ala ns swarm.
  8. Villanuk

    I have VS, hence why i use the Orion, crap it is not, although maybe being TR we are used to dealing with horizontal recoil on ALL out weapons. Maybe you should try TR instead of easy mode??

    An upgrade dose not mean incredible, certainly compared to the TR and VS so called upgrades !!
  9. SwornJupiter

    I hate saying this to people, but...
    You are what is wrong with this community.

    Get off your high horse. Your opinion may or may not be right, but that doesn't mean you have to be a d*** about it.
  10. Ghosty11

    Programming a player to spawn with 0 base reserve ammo is essentially having no reserve ammo. I'm not sure how I can make this any clearer, the game engine requires that a player be able to carry at least one full magazine of their weapon's ammo as reserve, generally speaking it's at least 2 magazines worth if extended magazines are equipped. If a player has a zero base reserve he cannot pick up ammo, nor reload his weapon.

    I'm sure you have watched how ammo is picked up first into your reserve first, then the weapon's reload animation begins after your reserve has at least one magazine's worth of supply, this behavior is coded into the game engine at a low level every weapon that uses ammo and reloads uses this programming code. What you are asking for is that DBG recode the game engine for this weapon change, which I doubt they will want to do, or have the time to do. The BG's heat mechanic was already in the game and didn't require any additional engine programming, hence why they used it.
  11. Ghosty11

    The Orion is a decent gun, almost identical to the TR MSR-W with out all the fancy attachments. The Orion, contrary to most belief is not OP as many VS haters preach it is. The BG is only 'better' than the base Orion because of the heat mechanic, and in the hands of experienced users who know how to properly burst fire it, this mechanic is indeed OP in it's current state.
  12. Flag

    Then by all means tell me, in your own sorry selection of words why the gun is OP.
  13. Isokon

    Except you don't have high horizontal recoil on all your weapons, certainly not on your LMGs. Maybe you should try playing TR outside of Infiltrator and force multipliers to get a better understanding of their arsenal.
  14. Collin

    Pls let me try my angry VS.

    Let me start with ist perfoming in game like crazy because you never have to reload. So you can always and ever Count on your gun. Even with the MCG and 200 mag size you have to reload and you have a Long reload time.

    Second it has an unlimeted ammount of ammo. So you do not have to move out of your farming Position ever. You can sit on buildings and behind cover all day Long. No reason to move.

    That combined that ist based on the best perfoming LMG in game exept it has no Forward grip.

    + unlimted ammo
    + no reload in real fights
    + based on the orion
    - no Forward grip

    Its Hands down the best of the LMG´s and you know VS need to have the best of the best of ALL weapons otherwise the Forums will be flodded with their tears.

    BTW the Striker is really not op
  15. Flag

    It's funny that a whole heap of the people complaining about the Betelguse have never ever used it.
    Not saying the gun isn't great, but simply being great doesn't make something OP.

    You speak if the stream of bullets/shots from the Betelguse is forever unending. HAH! ****ing good one, actually made me laugh.
    What the BG has is a good "short reload", aka you didn't overheat it. If you do **** up and overheat it has a very long cooldown period. Not to mention that you only get at most 50 rounds before some cooldown has to happen, one way or the other.

    Unlimited ammo: It's mostly a convenience. Little more.

    But let's be more direct with your list of bullet points:

    - Unlimited ammo:
    Largely irrelevant for 99% of players with it, and 99% of situations.

    - No reload in real fights:
    If you have to be technical it's not a reload but a cooldown that for most intents and purpouses work much like the pump shotguns getting fed more ammo.

    - Based on the Orion:
    Yeah so? Sans the 0.75 ads (which is more wonky than anything) and having the same RoF as the CARV, the Orion isn't actually an impressive gun, just a CQC one.

    - No grip (rail attachment actually):
    No ammo modifiers either.

    Now what would be interesting is if the top and bottom 5% of Betelguse users were ignored, and then see how this median "average" would turn out. I asked Fisu if that was something he could do without having to make a great effort, but will have to get back to that at a later date.

    Striker? Nor is it UP, but whatever that's a different subject.
  16. Collin

    and why is it perfoming that well above any other LMG. Its the MOST used LMG in Q4 btw. Its more commen than the MSW-R. So its not because its being used by a small elite.

    First i would give it an ammo pool and then reverse it so after 40 shots the heat kicks in. I think thats fair and then we look how its performing on live.
  17. moriarrr-ceres

    Have you ever played with it? Just saying.....
  18. Collin


    You whined all day long about the Gatekeeper which is performing KPU wise on par with the Saron and Enforcer but makes about 500 more kills a day. The Betel makes about the same kills like the Orion and about 12.000 kills more than the Godsaw and Butcher which are more or less on par.

    So whats wrong here you ask? You and your VS friends having such a Toxic atttidute around the other emprires its not even funny no more.

    This week i saw

    Gatekeeper OP
    Striker OP
    Prowler OP

    I mean everytime a VS Comes up with OP this op that i will make a thread about the Betel.
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  19. Flag

    Let's make it into a T1 Cycler with a VS skin, shall we?

    And like most people without a clue you're actually thinking KPU alone is a useful stat.

    It isn't. Or are you saying that the old P.II PPA was perfectly fine? Because guess what, it was worse off in KPU than the Marauder.

    Or should we go further back in time? To the Striker heyday, where some TR even asked for buffs to one of if not the single most broken weapon ever to exist in PS2, and a whole lot more saying the gun was fine? Or the old AP-AP? Old old Vulcan? No? Didn't think so.
    TR have, collectively, a trash tier track record in judging how good or bad a weapon is.

    Just one more thing ..... "Toxic"? Coming from YOU of all people?!?!?!?

  20. Villanuk

    Of course we do, everyone knows that. I prefer VS guns, for me, they give more confidence i certainly play better with them than TR but thats going away from the subject that the goose is by far, by far the most over performing LMG and when its that margin of difference its hardly a debatable topic. What ever the reasons are to why, the fact is simple, its performing way to well compared to any other LMG.