Betels numbers are totaly off

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  1. Scorpion97

    people who want the BG nerfed,are you guys really certain about nerfing an AURAXIUM weapon?

    its MEANT to be OP with low skill floor,auraxium weapons in ps2 have the same rule as the signature weapons in farcry,we discuss how to buff the bad ones but its pretty r*tarded to nerf a weapon that should be earned by gaining 1160 kills with 5 weapons
  2. Scorpion97

    Also,"Orion" is a very popular company that's specialized in making super fast motorcycles,that's one of the reasons why the VS orion has a fast RoF
    that said its separated as "bet-elgeuse",its original arabic name was Ibt al-jauza (إبط الجوزاء) but seems like it took so much time to make this word an English one ;)
    The Arabic letter for Y (which has two dots) was misread as B (with one dot) by medieval translators, creating the initial B in Betelgeuse.

    I also fixed a silly mistake you did
  3. Mxiter

    So why are all other aurax weapons sidebacks, and way too often drawbacks?

    BG in the only one that is OP!

    Without mentionning that all weapons are supposed to be sidebacks to don't dig a too bigh hole between vets and beginners. Suit slots and experince should be enouth to keep vets well performing.

    The really sad part of the betel is that is was already over performing when it was changed to heat mechanics, and still get "mag size" upgraded after that while only darkstar and Eclipse needed it.
  4. Naphemil

    I've see videos of decent players destroying full squads with the butcher. It obviously takes a little more skill to use than the VS CQC counterpart.
  5. Mxiter

    Butcher is trash!
    It's a nerfed Carv since the carv have enouth ammos per mag to deal with any threat.

    It serves no purpose at all.
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  6. Ragnarox

    l2p :)
  7. Scorpion97

    you didn't read my post properly

    "we can discuss how to buff the bad ones but its pretty r*tarded to nerf a weapon that should be earned by gaining 1160 kills with 5 weapons "

    it has the license to be OP since its a hard earned directive weapon

    No,directive weapons are supposed to be upgrades of the default ones

    And concerning your logic,if they are supposed to be "sidebacks" then whats the point of even making them? to just have shiny coloured weapons?!

    the old BG was an orion with extra 15 rounds.with the heat mechanic,you get only 40 rounds before you overheat.however,that's not practically true because you don't empty the whole mag on the target unless you are a terrible player.

    that said the BG shouldn't get the 5 additional rounds.becouse there is a certain minimum clip size for all LMGs,with the extra 5 rounds,it entered the LMGs clip size boundary again
  8. Scorpion97

    well if we are going to compare weapons according to Q4 and BR100 kills,you will see that most of them are MLGs xD

    look at the extreme dakka he made in the first 10 secs resulting in a good killstreak which is something that the BG cant do

    however,i honestly think that oracle will put the butcher in line with BG if they buffed its RoF to 800 rpm or turned it into torq style [125 dmg,900 rpm]

    P.S.accuracy is inversely propotional to strafing
  9. CipherNine

  10. Flag

    Betelguse is better fired from the hip (although neither gun is good used from the hip), with the ADS values being the same. Butcher does suffer a bit more in the horizontal tolerance department.

    My comment was made on the basis that just slapping a heat mechanic on it would make it an upgrade because it'd have 150 ammo (assuming nothing else was adjusted). One of the drawbacks of the BG is it's relatively low capacity before you have to ease off the trigger. With 150, waiting for the CoF/Recoil to settle is enough, with 50 you have to wait for longer.
  11. Casterbridge

    Never really intended to insinuate it should have a large capacity with the heat mechanic, guess I should have made that clear.

    In the end it would turn the butcher into more of a MSW-R clone than anything.

    As for the GodSaw if it had the heat mechanic, again assuming it keeps the same capacity of the Betel it may need some additional adjusting.
  12. Ballto21

    you realize with the godsaw the difference in bodyshot TTK in CQC assuming no misses instant travel time etc is only 0.05 seconds longer than the betelgeuse/orion/msw/carv and has a 0.3 second headshot TTK, which is faster TTK than the serpen/gd7fs ttk in body shots.

  13. Scorpion97

    currently,this goddam third generation thing is down

    but I want to make sure you aren't trapped in thinking that i'm making some sort of stupid irony:

    and who said we want to give a grip to the butcher? this statement can also be said to the BG,its less accurate than orion due to lack of forward grip but features the heat mechanic

    fully outclass is NOT equal upgrade
  14. Ballto21

    You should listen to kim jong un, he doesnt have a butthole
  15. Mxiter

    Funny from a guy that choose EZ mode faction.
  16. Mxiter

    It've unlocked 5 on them in quite few time without being a top player.
    You just needs to invest a bit time in the game.

    Do you have any DBG/SOE note that tells it?

    Aside BG, onlt the Trac-shot are somewhat interesting to use and all the others weapons are quite situational or event sh***y

    Prolems for devs to make all those weapons OP or was it intended to don't outperform others weapons.

    There are also different degree of overperfoming.

    3-5% is already nice, but BG is overperformingmore than 25% the 2nd best LMG (without event talking about others ones) wich is way too high atm.

    Look at KPU & KPU. This is insane.

    with some tweaks, like differents attachments and mechanics.

    It was already overperfoming while being at 40 rounds, and overperform way more now.
  17. Hatesphere

    sorry but this is some of the worst balance logic I have ever red. I dont care if you had to mail DBG a blow job for it, it shouldn't be blatantly OP in its category.

    realistically its the current implementation of the heat mechanic coupled with the ammo pool / damage model of a CQC LMG thats the issue.
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  18. Casterbridge

    This is a silly argument and you know it. Yes if you have perfect aim the GodSaw performs fine, but no one in this game performs with perfect aim with the exception of hackers.

    Missed shots count more and more against weapons with the slower RoF, like the GodSaw, They also tend to have higher vertical recoil which counts against them more in CQC weapons than the horizontal tolerance issues of the higher RoF weapons, again in close range combat.

    This is why they generally are not chosen as CQC weapons, especially when playing against competent players with higher RoF weapons.
  19. moriarrr-ceres

    If I could trade Any vanu Lmg for just one good assault rifle........
  20. Lividicus!

    VS are pathetic.

    The ONLY Vanu in this thread that agrees the betel needs nerfed stated that the 120mm and gatekeeper also need nerfed. How pathetic is that?! This clown knows the Betel is performing over 50% better than the other faction equivalents, and he has the balls to say the 120mm and GK need nerfed too?

    "WAAAH, If DBG take my candy, I want them to take the TR's nutrition bars too!!"
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