Betels numbers are totaly off

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    Is this really your argument? Ahahahahahhahahahahahahahha!

    Let us pretend that A) it wasn't said in jest and B) that the same isn't also true for NC and TR (surprise, it's true for everyone).

    Can't really be done. Something about the way guns work mandates a need for spare ammo of at least the size of the "in weapon" ammo. So that Butcher would have something like 900 bullets just to work, which is complete overkill.
  2. Isokon

    You could probably get the desired effect by using the heat mechanic but make the heat go up to the equivalent of 450 fired rounds with the heat not being dissipated unless you resupply (don't know how that would technically work with ammo packs). Switch the UI for the Heat-meter with a counter that goes down from 450 and you're done.
  3. stalkish

    Farming is only bad when vehicles do it.
    Infantry can (and do) farm and camp spawns 1000 times harder and its called 'fighting' and is accepted.
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  4. stalkish

    or increase clip size to 450?
    and reduce stock ammo to 0?

    Im sure they can change these values at will, they regularly did with scat max ammo back in the day.
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    Based on what the devs have said in the past, it wouldn't work.
    If memory serves, such a weapon wouldn't be able to resupply. That's why weapons with ext.mag (mcg, lasher, Flare etc etc) always have at least as much ammo to spare as they have active in the gun itself. Engine limitation or something.
  6. Isokon

    Do you know why exactly? Using the heat mechanic circumvents the spare ammo issue. The only problem that I see is that it might not be possible to make ammo packs reset the heat-meter.
  7. Liewec123

    TR guy says Nerf vanu, but if you ask for a gatekeeper nerf you'll be called a filthy nerf-herder!
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    Something about how the game can only restock spare ammo, as well as some other details I don't remember (I'm not a dev after all). HEAT mechanic is different, but also has zero interaction with the ammo packs, as you say.
  9. Ghosty11

    It's a programming dilemma, if you have no reserve capacity you will not be able to pick up ammo from an ammo pack, nor reload the weapon. Each weapon much have at least one magazine worth of reserve. The BG has no reserve because it operates like a repair gun or Aepis turret.

    See above.
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  10. Scr1nRusher

    VS never has anything thats OP,shut up - VS players on the forums & reddit.

    Everything is fine, Get good scrub.- VS players on the forums & Reddit.

    Stop victimizing VS, I am being triggered. - VS players on the forums & reddit.
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  11. Casterbridge

    Would be interesting to see what would happen if they gave the heat mechanic to the TR/NC directive guns, specifically GodSaw and Butcher.

    I suspect the Betel would still win, but wonder how much the gap would close?

    Anyone know what the accuracy stats of the butcher versus the Betel are?

    I realize that's the lazy fix, but would be an easy immediate one.
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  12. Flag

    What would the Betelguse have over the Butcher in that case?
  13. Bearlover

    Buff the Godsaw and the Butcher
    VS players: well fine, we want something else in our arsenal buffed too !

    Higby: " vs players don't use anything thats op.."
    VS players: that is an attack on our community, you know nothing HIGBY , STEP DOWN!

    sure he only made the game for all of us, he knew nothing apparently * sarcasm *

    but for damn sure the rest of us know how the hell VS players truly are. =\
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  14. SavageBacon

    Higby... You mean the same person who also wasn't afraid to show his NC bias? I assure you there's more evidence of that than an out-of-context quote.

    Pretty sure few, if any, VS have opposed a GodSAW or Butcher buff. Saying that they're based off the CARV and SAW which are not CQC oriented isn't a "waaa, we need buffs too" as much as stating a fact and showing why it's bad to compare longer ranged LMGs to a CQC variant.

    Most VS acknowledge the BG is overperforming. What we want is an intelligent discussion of what feature(s) are heavily impacting its performance... Because when you know that, it's easier to reason out sensible alterations to bring it more in line with other CQC LMGs. What we don't want is balance by mob rule that has no idea of how to nerf, just wants to nerf, and we end up wasting dev time by having roll out something totally nerf batted to oblivion or hardly nerfed.
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  15. tf2hero

    Didn't they change how the enforcer reloads over time (not played in a while so i don't know ****)
    why not give the nc directive weapons something like that?
  16. Crayv

    Fighting VS in a nutshell...

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  17. Casterbridge

    That's why I asked about the accuracy difference.

    If nothing else the difference would be soft point versus .75.
  18. Elkybam

    Considering that players cannot purchase this weapon directly and DBG gains no profit, I don't see why they haven't done so.
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  19. Jolanar

    Butcher is far too inaccurate to be a top-tier directive weapon. By design it is worse than the default t9 carv
  20. Plastikfrosch

    its always funny how all tr say "our carv is so inaccurat" and same for the butcher. the carv and the orion (and also the butcher and the betelgeuse) have the same accuracy. and the BG is, like the butcher, harder to controll since its not possible to put a grip on it.