Best way to spent Station Credits?

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  1. OrionOps

    I have played the game for a short while now, and while I don't want to spend money on it, I would like to atleast spent $10 for 1000sc.

    I want to know where the best places to spend it are.

    I don't really play light assault, medic, or engineer, only when something calls for it. But I do play infiltrator(sniper) and heavy assault for taking out armor, and I just love having a BFG.

    That in mind, where should I spend the credits? The default sniper rifle is awful, so thats a must and I've decided to go with the XM98, as it's only slightly worse than the Parallax, but 1/3 the cost. Unless anyone thinks it's worth it. If I did go with the XM98, I'd get the 12x scope which brings me down to 700sc.

    For infiltrator, is that good, or should I do it slightly different?

    The next up is heavy assault, is there a good balanced loadout between infantry/armor/air damage? Like an air lockon launcher, that I can fire normally at armor, coupled with a good main weapon?

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. ColonelChingles

    It is recommended to save your SC for cosmetic items that can only be purchased with SC, and to purchase other things with certs.

    If you must get a weapon with SC, keep in mind that NS weapons are a better "bang for the buck" because those can be used on all three factions.
  3. Sagabyte


    Use for cosmetics on sale only. However, you can also buy Nanite Systems weapons for all three factions. I recommend the second option only if you wish to have more variety in your arsenal and you aren't able to generate certs like a monster yet.
  4. OrionOps

    What do you mean second option? You mean for heavy assault or Infiltrator?

    I know it SC should be used for cosmetics, but I'd just like a little head start. And no I don't really generate many certs.
  5. LodeTria

    Don't buy any faction specific weapon with SC unless you really REALLY need.
    You should buy Nanite system weapons with it as they will work on any of the other 2 factions you play.

    Most vehicles weapons are also cross faction, the only ones that are not are the ESF weapons and the MBT weapons. Even if they look Nanite Systems, like the Halberd for MBTs, it will only unlock for Vanu if you buy on Vanu. The same applies to ESF coyote & hornet weapons.
  6. OrionOps

    Which sniper rifle and/or launcher would you recommend?
  7. Sagabyte

    Pardon me, i should clarify.

    If you need to grab weapons, make sure they are Nanite Systems weapons as they can be used by all of your characters regardless of faction. Also, they are pretty well rounded and often suit players learning the game.
  8. The Rogue Wolf

    Let me further clarify. NS weapons are both account-bound and empire-agnostic, which means that all current or future characters on that account will have access to them (within normal restrictions- i.e. only the Medic class will have access to NS assault rifles, etc.) if you purchase them with Daybreak Cash. If you create a new character on your account, they'll be able to use those NS weapons you've unlocked with Daybreak Cash right from the start, regardless of faction.

    Empire-specific weapons, on the other hand, will be available only to characters OF THAT EMPIRE on your account. So if you unlock, say, the RAMS .50 with Daybreak Cash, any TR character you have now or in the future will have access to it- but not any NC or VS character.
  9. ColonelChingles

    Based on what you're asking for, the NS Annihilator seems like a good fit. It can lock on to both air and ground vehicles, and still does the same damage as the faction-specific anti-air and anti-ground lock-on launchers. The only downside is that it cannot dumbfire, meaning that it can't be used against infantry or MAXes.

    Also because it's NS, it will unlock for all your characters, including future ones.

    As for sniper rifles... I'm no dirty sniper so I can't help you out there. :p I think the type of sniper rifle you want depends on your playstyle... if you like sniping from waaaay off or if you like quickscoping close-range headshots.
  10. Plastikfrosch

    but a little sidenote. i dont know if it still exists but there was a package at amazon where you will get 1000DB cash and all 3 ES SMGs (the gold versions) for 7,50-€. So if you want 1000cash thats the best option since those smgs are awsome.
  11. Eternaloptimist

    Each faction has an ES rocket launcher that locks on to air but can dumbfire everything else. TR is called the Grounder, VS is the Nemesis and I forget the name of the NC one (the Hawk maybe?) but if you hover over the pictures it tells you what they can do.

    Much depends on your preference here. For TR the MSW-R is generally reckoned to be the best LMG and is not too expensive. I agree with that although many will say that the default Carv is a good weapon and there is no need to change too quickly. If you are playing VS your default Orion is the one to stick with but if you can't get on with it I'd recommend the Polaris. The Pulsar is basically an Orion with more bullets but the Polaris has more attachments and is more accurate at longer ranges in my experience. Personally I found the NC Gauss SAW too hard to handle and I quickly moved on to the relatively cheap GD22S before reaching the God-state of the expensive Anchor

    I can't remeber the sniper rifle specs well enough to advise but the Parallax you mention is the best bolt action TR sniper. Look at the muzzle velocity on the sniper rifles............the higher it is, the less affected by bullet drop at very long range and the less you have to lead a moving target. Of course, you can compensate for both so it is up to you. Why not go into VR training and try shooting targets at extreme range, which is where the little differences count? Just remember that you get scope sway above 4x sights if you wait too long before taking your shot.

    And yes - certs for guns and rocket launchers, cash for clothes and helmets and voicepacks.
  12. Alan Kalane

    Buy Annihilator.
    Trust me, it's the most versatile long-range AV weapon in the game. It's a must. I rarely even run any other launcher. Aaaand it's NS so if you buy it with SC it will unlock for all your characters. It's the best deal I've ever made in PS2.
  13. WR3CK

    Just one weapon for HA get annihilator.
  14. Terranaxiom

    Cosmetics, if not, xp boosters.
  15. WetPatch

    Has people have said, Cosmetics and XP Boosters to use on Double XP weekends.
  16. Liewec123

    i'd also recommend grabbing commissioner with station cash, if you plan on having several characters it really helps.
  17. Call-Me-Kenneth

    get cosmetics, start with a green/desert/white camo. the white camo is PRICELESS, and will have an actual in game impact.

    on esamir, you are MUCH harder to see, even when spotted. getting the dijin head piece will make you even harder to kill because it hides your head at a distance. but good players aim using the distance and the marker as a reference, so they wont care anyway.

    same with vehicles, but to a lesser degree. vanguards get the most benefit, but you also need to take the sideguard cosmetic that cover the whole side of the tank, hiding your tracks.

    there's another cosmetic for the lightning that has a similar effect, adding a cover to your tracks, but that one works best on amerish/Hossin.

    the cosmetics don't make you invisible as a vehicle, but they make whoever is doing target acquisition pick the other target over you WAY more often. i usually wait for other tanks to peek out before i do, and i can stay exposed with no incoming fire until they are all dead or back in cover. also there's people with sight impairments or low quality monitors/game settings that will find it hard to track you when on the move. and no, its not a bad thing to take advantage of that. there's a reason no self respecting army will take a recruit with bad eyes.

    if you MUST get a gun, because of "reasons". then if you are TR or VS, get the NS smg/lmg. if you are NC, then get the LMG, and only if you are going for directives, as the ES variants are WAY better. just much harder to master.

    another thing to consider if you don't have a subscription is to buy the extra loadout slots.

    they can be very useful to make very specialized setups. i have one grenadier stalker infiltrator... monster cert farmer. :D
  18. placeholder22

    If you spend the next 2 weeks no-lifing and just playing PS2 like crazy, the best thing you could get for 10$ would be 2x 7-day boosts, as each boost will work out to something like 2000-3000 additional certs, depending on playstyle, and certs are what you need more badly as a player starting out. But that's boring. Get a fun camo instead and your country's flag patch.
  19. Jac70

    I would also suggest using SC for cosmetics only. I purchased a few weapons in the early days but only because I got 4000 SC as part of the Alpha Squad package. Any money I have spent since has been on cosmetic items. Other than that maybe a boost if you're a low rank player so you can cert up a bit quicker than otherwise.
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