Best way to kill vehicles?

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  1. oTec

    What is, according to you, the most effective way to kill ground vehicles? Keeping in regard different situations such as infantry supported armor, terrain, etc.
  2. JobiWan

    It very much depends on the circumstances. IMO the most effective way to kill multiple vehicles is with your own tank, or a dual fury sundy if you can get two good gunners. A Liberator with tankbuster is also very effective if you're a good enough pilot.

    For solo players, tank mines or C4 do the job but you'll have to restock every time.

    And if you're NC, pull a Max with Ravens.
  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    When alone, LA C4 and set and forget tank mines. When with my friend, cloaked Flash tank mine Engineer combo for non-shielded Sunderers, Vulcan Harasser for shielded Sunderers/anything else.
  4. then00b

    A prowler tried to sneak up on me building a base, I threw a construct turret down about a foot in front of it I think, both exploded, didn't get kill credit but I was laughing my *** off.
  5. EPIC389

    Luring tanks onto tank mines never gets old
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  6. Demigan

    For every situation? Hard to say.

    If you are a die-hard and want to spend too much time at one thing: ESF with Hornets, or learn to fly a Liberator with a gunner. Either will decimate any vehicle... Unless it's a Skyguard (or those ultra-rare occasions where it's a shield-Sundy with Walkers, but then all it takes is a single AP tank to murder it). 95% of all vehicle loadouts simply have nothing to bring against aircraft. Even some of the "dedicated" options don't do more than tell the aircraft "be gone in a few seconds and give me time to repair some and reposition before you come back", and those only work against the ESF.

    Otherwise it's really up to the situation, your skill and that of your opponent.
    Many tank drivers gain -20 intelligence and -25 wisdom the moment they touch a tank, they can be easily C4red since they won't look more than a few degree's left or right, assuming they'll have time to react after damage comes in. Other infantry weapons that work are AT mines, but otherwise there's not a lot of dedicated infantry AV weapons that work well outside of a few unbalanced one's (IE any weapon that combines accuracy, damage and consistent DPS).
    I usually use an AP tank, either an AP lightning or a full AP MBT with a buddy up top. This is the most reliable form of anti-tank warfare you can have in the game, useful in the most types of combat... So long as you don't attack them head-on and at least try a little to avoid direct confrontation.
  7. Daigons

    Rocks are OP against Magriders. Truly amazing seeing a Magrider losing 1/3 of it's health when bumping into a rock.
  8. Devilllike

    mines,c4,rockets everything is effective as long as you use it in a clever way
  9. 0fly0

    The best way regarding all situation is probably the AV MAX with Auto repair, you have a lot of way to kill with lib, tank... But the AV MAX is really powerfull, hard to shot for vehicule players, can regen with Auto repair, Run under cover with charge, get repair by engi ressuply, rez by medic AND be change for playing against other target...
  10. Kristan

    For me AV MAX is the best option. If enemy floods outpost with tanks I just grab my Pounders and let the whoopassery begin. A lot of them get caught by surprise, watching the HP bar to drop rapidly but no clue where is it coming from.

    For longer ranges I use Fractures, sometimes with lockdown for even further ranges. Works well too. But only if they fired by chain, that's easier to compensate recoil.
  11. Daigons

    Rocks are OP to Magriders. Lure a Mag onto a small rock and watch it lose 1/3 of it's life. (V_V)
  12. MrMinistry30

    Solo: mines for ambushing/preparation, LA+C4 (eventually dropping out of an aircraft) when in battle

    Group/Squad/with Support: any vehicle or aircraft, just jump in a vacant gunner seat :D
  13. Iridar51

    2/2 AP MBT
  14. Lemposs

    I usually just knife and taunt them :p
  15. oTec

    Should have stated this was only infantry wise and also not in group, just one man. Sorry D:
    I have tried the AV turret, did not impress me. Very vunerable while leading the rocket to sniper and enemy tanks.
    Being a c4 fairy works, but it's a high risk, high reward style of play.
    Might be going for AT mines / AA-launcher or the NS Annihilator.
  16. ColonelChingles

    Leading Causes of Death for Selected Vehicles

    1) Prowler AP
    2) Tank Mines
    3) C4
    4) Vanguard AP
    5) Magrider AP

    1) Prowler AP
    2) Vanguard AP
    3) Magrider AP
    4) C4
    5) Tank Mines

    1) Prowler AP
    2) Vanguard AP
    3) C4
    4) Magrider AP
    5) Tank Mines

    Pretty much pull an AP Prowler. Or as infantry C4 seems to kill more than Tank Mines.
  17. FieldMarshall

    What seems to be effective is MBTs with AP, maxed out reload and a long range AV secondary like the Halberd with maxed out reload speed.
    Using Stealth, flanking and getting the drop on enemy vehicles helps alot.
  18. Jawarisin

    if you're not a peasant, a solo-libbing. Otherwise, an AP tank.
  19. Sil4ntChaozz

    Tank mines. C4. AV turret if their stupid.
  20. Kristan