Best way to farm sniper rifle directive?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DCWarHound, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. DCWarHound

    I need some tips on farming the sniper rifles directive,so far the best way seems to be to camp choke points and headshot people that camp a spot or to find a spot in the open with a bit of cover and then sniper people that try and fire at you (easier to hit them if they are facing you,only problem is the strafers) RAMS .50M is done,M77-B is halfway there,99SV,KSR-35 and TSAR-42 are between 100-300 kills each.
  2. Voross

    I got the most kills while sitting on the biolab roof (shortly after the enemy captured it and moved on to the next base with the jump pads), and of course via camping of vehicle/ESF terminals (it's a bit douchey though)
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  3. MarkAntony

    find the biggest infantry fight that is a stalemate. pick a location where you can see the enemy lines (preferably from flank) and watch in awe as you get 60+KPH.
    once you get used to moving targets (especially AD side strafing) the sky is the limit.

    @ Voross: I have to disagree. Sticking around in a recently capped base will get you killed and camping vehicle terminals might get you easy kills but it won't get you a lot of kills in a short time over a period of several hours.
  4. AnuErebus

    I'll echo what Mark Antony said a bit. Find the largest decent fight for your faction, find a location in that fight with a good line of sight on your enemies and go to town. Towers are amazing for this both defending and attacking. Attacking there's usually plenty of people standing around on the tower itself. While defending the air pads provide great views of the surrounding terrain (Just be sure to use your cloak as much as possible and run around erratically towards the back of the pad when you need to recharge your cloak). If you're defending an amp station using jump pads to move around the towers on the wall is a good location, as is the top of the main large structure.
  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

  6. Krinsee

    Aim for the dumb ones
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  7. Korsakov

    Well if intentional farming is your thing, find an base with something like this:
    That got me about 2 kills per minute for half an hour. Lots of people go out by such walls to snipe/shoot vehicles, quite a few like them just keep an eye on the way the fight is going.

    Another is to just watch a vehicle terminal, doesn't even have to be a front line base. Some people don't learn so you can get plenty of those easily, but it really depends on the fight. Howling Pass a few hours ago from the SE roadside ridge was great, new target every 5-10 seconds.

    If you're working on a semi auto or the 1.1sec chamber low magnification bolts, biolabs can be great when defending just find a narrow choke. Shoot MAXs in this situation, plenty of ammo to go around. When I use these I'm fighting right beside everyone else in close quarters, works out well.

    Towers, I've never had much luck with those, too much competition usually.

    Keep an eye on enemy sunderers.

    When fighting NC, watch for Heavy's with phoenixes. For those that don't know, those are remote guided and the shooter is usually defenseless for more than long enough.
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  8. Biddion

    I don't snipe much, but when I do, it's inside a bio lab. I tend to find a line and shoot through doorways into other rooms where there are chokepoints.
  9. _itg

    Indar seems to have the most consistent sniping opportunities. The bases there tend to be the least isolated from the outside terrain, so you're a lot more likely to be able to see the enemy from 200m away. It's full of tower bases, which, as already mentioned, are good for sniping. It also tends to generate relatively a lot of AV nests, which are always full of juicy targets for a sniper.

    As a rule of thumb, don't work too hard trying to find the perfect sniping spot. You can easily waste a lot of time getting into position, which could have just been spent shooting people, and there's no guarantee the fight won't have changed when you get there.
  10. DCWarHound

    Thanks for the tips everyone,got the M77-B auraxium medal yesterday.Unfortunately i had the worst luck in biolabs due to cloak and decloak delay in busy areas.I watched one of Cutebeavers videos on parkour and got to some pretty good spots on Indar.

    Doing the Tsar now but i'm having a hard time getting headshots due to the low zoom.

    BTW i think we should get a collective thread on all the best sniping spots,the infiltrator section is pretty much the best community section on the forum (little whining and no threads for nerfs etc)
  11. _itg

    The Tsar is clearly suited for shorter ranges than any other bolt-action, so it benefits from a different approach. I like using it to shoot over my allies' shoulders when defending a choke point or when battle lines are clearly defined. It works particularly well on Hossin, where you don't often have 200m+ LoS, but there are lots of rocks and trees to use as cover or to provide an elevated perch. If you're really feeling bold, you can take it into CQC. It's one of the hardest play styles in the game, but it's highly effective when you do. Watch some of elusive1's videos to see what I mean.

    For the purpose of finishing your directive, I recommend you don't push this one early, but rather pull it out when you think it will be effective/fun and accumulate kills as you go. Since it's good in different situations than the long-range sniper rifles, but you have more of them to do, finishing the Tsar too early will mean you'll run into situations where you've already Auraxiumed it but you still want to use it.
  12. Leivve

    • Find a stalemate.
    • find a excellent position.
    • Do what you must to get to said position.
    • Snipe.
  13. Navron

    Hossin trees in a major fight that's not yours.
  14. Metalspine

    If I was you OP, I would enjoy auraxing sniper rifles and not try to rush through or farm it. Scout Rifles can be so dreary and there are so many times you wished you had a basr instead.
  15. salembeats

    Woah, the resolution lol.

    Are you by chance playing Planetside 2 at 320x240 resolution on a computer built for playing DOOM? :D
  16. _itg


    On a side note, did you know someone stole your name (as a VS character) and has been blatantly speed hacking on Connery?
  17. salembeats

  18. iMartyr

    OP this is your answer.
  19. DCWarHound

    Thx,i've been using the Tsar on Hossin with a silencer and the "counter intelligence" implant.

    Any reliable way to get into a tree?
  20. _itg

    There are a couple ways. Pulling a Valkyrie for transport is probably simplest. You also could theoretically start as an LA, use the jetpack to place a squad beacon, then redeploy as an infiltrator. I don't know if you can guarantee that you actually land in the tree, though.

    Also, keep in mind that Hossin trees are typically very tall, so you'll be better off with a longer-range sniper rifle than the TSAR. I'm pretty sure minimap ping is based on 3d distance, and if that's true, a suppressor will be superfluous. If you're 40m off the ground, no one will see you on the minimap unless they're actually in the tree with you.