Best way of getting CRT Points?

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  1. DatPug

    Ok so I have been asking around in the game and I have gotten a bunch of mixed answers. Now first off I know the Fastest/Best way of getting CRT Points would be to shell out real life money for the boosters and such. My question is, what if I don't want to pay for a boosters? Some have told me you accumulate CRT over time whether your game is on or off and others say you get it for every 500 xp you acquire within the game. So my question is, how DO we get CRT and what is the best/fastest/most sufficient way of massing/farming them because quietly honest despite I can manage the prices for the class upgrades and such, weapons that cost around 1k just seems like it would be a brutal grind for. So any one mind educating me?
  2. NoDachi

    AI loaded tank.

    Farm zerg and sundie spawns, run from other tanks.
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  3. ThoughtfulBee

    Find a tank column. Rung alongside it as an engineer. Repair vehicles, and more importantly continuously drop ammo packs for all infantry nearby. Stand by every base for the capture points, get kills when needed.

    So long as your column is moving consistently, you will be getting 250, 500 or 1000XP for your base captures. Add the ammo resupply XP on top of that and your cert gain will be nice and steady.
  4. Crator

    Pretty sure passive cert gain while offline is not in the game anymore. They had it in during beta at some points but removed it.

    Certs are tied to experience. Experience is tied to actions you perform in the game that help your empire: Kills/Assists, support actions, capturing locations, etc. Each type of action has a different rate of experience. But you'll acquire XP for each type by performing most actions which you'll use by just playing the game. Of course, having the XP boosters gives you more XP for those actions and is the cheapest option to increase your cert gain.
  5. desktop

    Im told that deploying an ams sundy in a heavily contested base can get you loads of certs. so just drop in the crown and you are set.
    A good run in a tank will get you lots of kills very quickly, so can gunning in a liberator. repairing a squad max can get you 15xp a tick, the guy in the max is sure to get lots of kills as well. if theres heavy fighting in a biodome you defiantly want to be in the middle of it you can get lots of kills very fast that way.
  6. Kasaki

    You get 1 cert per 250xp, and you get 1 cert point for every hour of play.
    Offline cert gain is in but it's quite low, i beleive it's 1 cert every 3 hours for 24 hours after that you will stop getting offline certs and you have to log in to 'collect' them.
    One of the easiest ways to get certs, as mentioned by others, is with an Engineer and a Sunderer (with AMS), deploy sundy, repair everything, drop ammo.
  7. DatPug

    Thank you all very much this has been very helpful.
  8. Gary

    I have made over 1100 certs since the game was released. I play mainly engineer and use Tanks/ Sunderers. average around 12-17 score per hour on a good night :).

    Play the game the way you like to play it. The cert grind then becomes less of an issue since your having fun!
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  9. PGxSazBot

    NoDachi is correct. Grab the lightning, load HE, find a hill over a active tower and rain the death down.
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  10. Bogarth

    Engineer, AMS Sunderer, Liberator runs, and AI tanks are probably the fastest. Explosives in Bio Domes also net a ridiculous amount of assist xp.
  11. ravensol

    what i am reading here is if you want to progress at any kind of reasonable rate you have to be pigeon hold'd into doing a very set game play style. Problem i have is i want to play a sniper so i guess i get to continue with my horibly slow rate of progress or not like the class i have to play ?? seems like a major balance issue to me. Not a very smart idea to not have all classes on even footing for exp /cert values.
  12. Rolfski

    Well, the rather high certs costs for upgrades is a bit of a problem as it forces players into certain play styles in order for them to progress in a satisfactory rate.
    A new average player will have a harder time progressing while dog fighting in an ESF or sniping compared to being a gunner in a liberator for instance. I think SOE should balance this out a bit.
  13. The Beast

    Wow to the guy who has 1100 (gary). I have played as engi for around 6 hours a day, I have 72 cert points.

    I do lots of repairing. I drop a lot of amo packs. I get 20 or so kills a day. Dont know what I am doing wrong?

    All I want is a forward grip for my gun (100 points)

    Feeling rather hopless ATM

    Have been playing since the start of BETA, does anyone have some tips for me?
  14. D0n

    Buy a boost for 50% more, park an AMS in a heavy zerg area.


    Follow a tank zerg.

    Fly like a pro with an ESF and unlock rocket pods.
  15. KorJax

    While I agree that there needs to be more XP flowing around for support roles and support tactics...

    I was very good at sniper in the beta, rolling in the certs.

    The trick is you have to play an active sniper - i.e. medium range is ideal, constantly moving to find the best way to support your team and get the strike on lots of E

    If you play a super long distance sniper, of course your score will be bad. You're kill rate isn't going to be good, you'll likely miss too many shots for it to be a benefit, etc.

    Sniper makes TONS of points when used right, especailly if you mix in some infiltrating with it.

    In any case, best way for me to earn lots of certs is to participate in large battles for main facilities (the large hex's). If you are attacking and you capture a facility, everyone in the zone gets 1000xp, which is 4 cert points. Add on the thousdands of certs you got from killing masses of infantry, healing, reviving, repairing, etc in the battle and you've earned yourself a ton of points.
  16. IshanDeston

    Best way to get Cert points? Get your squad to work together. Organize a Squad to work together. You get exp bonus for Squad action. Bonus exp for heals and revives as well as resupply and repair. Its much easier to get kills and points when you are having people you can rely on you next to you. Preferably some with headset.

    Use the Q button to call out enemies you see. Don't just fire at them, always keep pressing Q. Even if you don't kill them and Die.. chances are you get a Spotting bonus if someone kills them. Also it highlights them briefly on the Minimap. Even if you just nick them with your gun, you get Assist exp. If they are highlighted, people know they are coming or where they hide and can kill them.

    Play your role. Doesn't matter which you play, they are all equally rewarding, if you play them well and to their strengths.

    No. Except for AA the expgain is fine if you do your job. I get the same amount of exp for playing Engineer and Medic as i do as Heavy Assault, Tank driver or Pilot. Yes, there are sometimes sweet spots with Vehicles, but that can happen as Engineer or Medic just as well.
  17. jordanstown

    i say just enjoy the game and the cert points will come...after tryin all the different weapons when given the opportunity durin beta i still stick to the vanilla - they're grand so.

    once you take weapons out of the factorin cert prices are really quite can buy what you need in a few hours of play and maybe havin to buy a couple weapons for your vehicles is not such a big deal. even though i have a bank of station cash i have spent i think 700SC which i got in the triple sale which is like £1.50 or somethin.

    the whole cert thing is cloudin people's fun i believe...

    example...i recently went xboxlivegold again for halo4 (i got 2 weeks free with the game) and went back to battlefield my opinion...again i state MY opinion...the best in the franchise. it has no is great because it is crazy fun. such a shame it never came to me it is perfection in online gamin (though i adored COD3...i know i no longer respect my opinion)

    forget about certs...the vanilla load out is tonnes and the meaningful stuff is an hours worth of certs each.
  18. RoXQi3x

    +1 on BF1943. Works years beceause it does not change..:)
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  19. Lohk

    I have about 950 certs, my girlfriend who plays Engineer has about 400-500 certs. She tosses down ammo for our squad and we run prowlers and liberators as often as we can. She mostly repairs the vehicles so she gets all the xp for them.

    I find that if I play Engineer, playing with people who are organized helps a lot.

    Also, find people who are doing Ground-to-Air, AA maxes and Heavy Assault, and give them ammo. Those guys chew through ammo and love an engineer to resupply.

    I think it's all about picking where you throw down your resupply. Door zergs on bases(where they are pushing A but can't get inside) often net a lot of resupply xp. Also, you can put down two ammo supplies by hitting B after you select your turret, it will switch to a ammo pack. Get double the coverage :D

    Hope this helps!
  20. Garrand

    AMS/Ammo sundy. That is all.